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  1. Reinvigorated by the impressive attack and inspiring words from Edge, Boreas drew his arm back again and prepared to fire another jet of water at Magmar. "On it, boss! I'll turn him to rock if I have to!" He threw another haymaker, which in turn produced another stream directed at the giant lava monster. In his haste, Boreas sent this one flying in the wrong direction again. 'Dammit!' he thought to himself as he watched his attack veer away from its target. 'Get it together, Mickey! He's literally bigger than the broad side of a barn!'
  2. And Boreas goes for a Blast again, rolling an 8. Chalk it up to nerves, I guess?
  3. Mickey walked along at a leisurely pace, whistling to himself as he balanced on the concrete edge of one of the garden beds. He may have been running a little behind, he wasn't certain. But it made it all the easier to make sure he was in the right spot. A few other students about hit age had gathered around in a group closer to the center of the gardens. He figured that meant he was in the right spot. He recognized a couple of them already. He was pretty sure he shared a class with the quiet one with the shaved head, and he'd seen the freckled girl plenty of times around the campus, but they'd never properly met. He didn't recognize the others, but that just meant he got a chance to make some new connections. He sauntered up to the group and found himself a seat. "Hey! Is this where we're meeting up for the extracurricular whatchacallit?"
  4. "I'm on it!" Boreas called back. He'd stopped suspending himself and sent himself into a free fall in an attempt to dodge the spray of lava. He dodged the brunt of the attack but still managed to get singed by the heat. As he righted himself, he shook his limbs and patted himself, panicked that his uniform may have caught fire at a couple of points. "Owowowowow," he muttered as he shook himself focused again. He quickly realized he was positioned directly in front of the monster's torso, assuming it worked anything like a humanoid. 'Nice big target,' he thought to himself. 'I guess I should call myself lucky.' He cocked his fist back as if he were winding up a punch, then shot it forward. As he did, a jet of water coalesced in front of his fist. "Eat this, ya big ugly punk!"
  5. All right, Boreas is just going to back up and use his Blast, with a Water modifier. Will post IC soon.
  6. All right, let's see. 22 exactly on the Reflex save 19 on Toughness And he moves on 20
  7. Mickey was more than ready to come down for a break. Half an hour in conditions like this was a lot more physically stressful than any training he'd gone through before, but he'd made it. He was getting ready to answer Mark when he heard the ground rumble beneath him. The lake of lava suddenly began to shift and roil, much worse than before. The earth shook and Edge disappeared from Boreas's view. Panicking, Boreas brought the Commlink back up and called into it, "Edge, are you there? Can you hear me? Edge, come on, say something!" His thoughts were interrupted by a huge, humanoid... thing rising up from the pit. Boreas stared with his mouth hanging open as he waited for the thing to finish rising. It finally did about a hundred feet above the ground, twice as high as Boreas was currently floating. He flew backwards, the thing's lava-like skin making it difficult to stay close. He stared at it, taking in its full size and monstrous appearance, and all he could mutter was "Crap." His first instinct was to take off then and there, or at least dive back down to the ground and look for help. But then he remembered what he was there for. The people that lived here needed him to handle this. Besides, all he needed to do was keep it contained. Edge would show back up any time, and he could help take this guy down for real. Right? Reassuring himself that he wasn't alone and that this wasn't anything he couldn't handle, he latched on to the one lesson he was taught thoroughly by growing up with all his rough-and-tumble brothers: Never look weak. Never refuse a challenge. You're always the toughest guy in the room, not matter how big the other guy is! Mickey rocketed himself straight upward, until he was eye-to-eye, or body-to-face rather, with the giant being calling itself Magmar. With a deep breath, he shouted, "Hey, you! I don't know what grudge you have with Atlanteans or wizards or anyone, but a guy like you isn't going anywhere on my watch!"
  8. At Mark's cue, Boreas took a deep breath and thrust his arms out to his side. White clouds began to accumulate around him and he was quickly surrounded with a rush of cold, crisp air, a sensation very familiar and calming for him. "Ahhhh, much better," he said quietly to himself as he took a moment to enjoy the feeling. After a brief tick enjoying the change in atmosphere, he focused and thrust his arms straight out again. Clearing his mind and focusing, he sent a strong gust of wind downward, towards the rolling lava beneath him. Clenching his eyes shut, he willed the air around and beneath him even colder and the wind to blow nearly as hard as he could manage. He could only make an educated guess how hot a pit of lava was and he certainly hadn't tested his abilities on anything near this hot before, so he figured that he'd rather give it too much effort than not enough. He opened his eyes again and saw that the movement of the lava slowing slightly and the glow getting a bit duller. "All right, Edge! It's starting to cool. I'm just going to leave it on full blast up here unless you tell me otherwise."
  9. Just formally expressing my interest. Boreas is pretty self-taught, so that's gotta count for something.
  10. The sudden change in scenery was, again, a sudden shock to Boreas. The heat didn't bother him very much, since he discovered some time ago that his abilities gave him a limited resistance to heat and cold. It was the world snapping itself into a completely different form around him that was disorienting. He couldn't help but take a moment to take in his surroundings, which he could only describe as barren. On one side he saw a wide, expansive desert, stretching well beyond the horizon. On another side was a mountain range, the only place where there was a notable amount of plants. But in front of him was the reason he was there. A pair of crater-like holes in the rocky ground, with an obvious crack protruding from one of them. 'Oof,' was all he could think. 'Well, no mistaking what we came here for.' He was entranced enough that he almost didn't notice Edge heading in the direction of the volcano. He took off at a fast run in the same direction, then lifted himself off the ground like a plane off a runway and began flying up the cliff, staying fairly close to Edge's path. He slowed and produced his commlink from a pocket and called to his companion, "Got it right here!" He then picked up speed and flew well above the highest point in the area, taking in the scene from above. Mark had been right about one thing. Erta Ale didn't look like any volcano Mickey had learned about in school. But there was no mistaking what it was from up here. He watched the lava roll and bubble within the pit. He saw Edge come close to the crack in the edge of the crater before slowing to a stop. "Just give me the word, boss, and I'll start cooling it down for ya!"
  11. Hearing the knock at the door, Boreas took out his mask and gloves and put them back on. With a deep breath, he opened up is door and grinned at Edge. "Good to see you again," he said. "We ready to go? Or do you need to take care of anything else first?"
  12. Boreas (2) >When a Tornado Meets a Volcano (1) >Class Gambit (1) GM (1) >The Happiest Place on Earth (1)
  13. For reference's sake, PCs in this thread are Crimson Tiger, Merge Trois, Kit, Errant and Boreas.
  14. Aaaaand >threads are >up! I'm going with Tiger, Merge, Kit and Errant for this one. My apologies, Spicy. Introduce your character into the thread however you like, I won't be picky. Boreas will enter in as well, but I'm generally going to be keeping him out of the spotlight.
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