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Clean Up On Lake Mckenzie (OOC)

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Hmmm interesting.

Those who succeed the first throw

You see a flash of light glaring at your face from across the lake.  Like a mirror reflecting light, and then it is gone.  Five second window, bright enough to notice.


You may react to this stimulus in a post at your choosing.  



And since no one succeeded on the second... REDACTED

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So, due to Wisp being dazzled she is going to lose initiative, and gain an HP for it.


1d20+8=17, 1d20+5=6, 1d20+3=17


So baddies go on 


17 and 17 and 5.



Mali               22 3HP

Tsunami        19 2HP

Baddie Uno  17

Baddie Tres 17

Temperance 14 3HP

Baddie Dos    6

Wisp               1   4 + 1HP


Mali is up!

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