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Here There Be Dragons [OOC]

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The Freedom League Auxiliary is called out to Kaiju Island to handle a seismic emergency that could spell disaster for a good chunk of the Pacific. 


At the start of thread, assume that your PC is en route to the USS George Washington, likely in the same mode of conveyance as the rest of the League (unless you've got a better means of getting there).

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Normally I would say Gabriel would be slightly impatient and fly ahead.


-He doesn't know exactly where he's going.

-"Kaiju Island" sounds like a "take your friends along" place, and he can't drag them all.

-He always wanting to ride around in an Aircraft carrier!


So, yeah, he's on the ship.  :-D

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All right, then! Let's see if I've got the order correct: 


-Velocity will be using her Super Speed to blaze around the island, searching for the missing team. In which case, I'll need a Notice check, take 20 allowed.

-Gabriel will be using his Communication to try and contact the missing team.

-Fleur and Gaian Knight will be inspecting Kagu-Tsuchi. In which case, I'd like Notice and Knowledge (earth sciences) checks from both of them.

-And Comrade Frost will be using the Ritualist Feat to put together some Super-Senses. So, once they're whipped up properly, that'll be another Notice check. 

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All right, here's what we've got: 


-Velocity and Comrade Frost manage to find the scientists are about seven kilometers west-by-northwest of the designated search area. They seem to be in all the numbers they set out in. For synergy's sake, we can say Comrade Frost relays this info to the others a second after Velocity finds them.

-Gabriel can pick up the scientists. They seem rather scared, and are conversing about "what happened back there."

-Fleur and Gaian Knight...


spend some time studying Kagu-tsuchi. Fleur manages to notice that for a seismically-active area, the disturbances around the area seem to be affecting mainly the soil, not the mountain. Gaian Knight notices the same things; as well, for a supposed Hawaiian-styled volcano, there's no swelling on the slopes, and the makeup of gases emerging from Kagu-tsuchi doesn't seem to be that different from usual. So while there's seismic activity on the island, and it's strong, it's

not coming from Kagu-tsuchi. So where's it coming from?

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GK turns his +Analytical super-sense to the earth, trying to get a better idea of what's going on down there.

Tiamat, unless otherwise noted, can be assumed to be taking a readied action to go full-on dragon if a sufficiently big enough threat pops up.

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Gaian Knight can feel that there's a distinct trembling under the earth, as if something is shifting around and sending the torque across the fault lines under the island. It's coming from somewhere less than a kilometer out from the group, in the territory they'd been exploring at the time they lost contact. And the radius of the tremors is... fairly large. About three miles at least...

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Comrade Frost readies an action - an attack on the big fat monster! 


He goes insubstantial

Let's call this an attack with his Thermovorous Touch - inflicting non-lethal. 




Well! Teach me not to have more HP/applicable complications. I'll hold off on posting IC until the monster actually enters melee with the crew on the rock. 

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