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The Year of the Snake (OOC)


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Okay, need notice checks for Hound and Mess. If either of them want to take their time scanning sections of the crowd (ie take 20), let me know.

Also one for Myr (this one is not one where he can take his time).

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Okay, so, Myr is not exactly suprised (but also was not exactly sure what was going on until Giang gave her warning), and neither are Harry and Freddy.


While we are not in combat time (yet ;) ), initial reactions to all of this should not be too long. 

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Aaaand the trap is now sprung.


Mess and Myr are going to be getting a hero point for being dragged into Tsunami’s complication re: her father.  As well as another for being somewhat fiated into this situation (though Myr’s distraction did change how it unfolded somewhat).


Just so it is clear, there are 25 of the guys in the golden snake armor, 12 with staves, 12 with butterfly swords (those 24 are all minions), then the leader, who doesn’t have a hand held weapon.  And then of course there is the guy in the grey suit.


I will be getting the initiatives up tomorrow sometime (handling the minions in groups of 4).

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The guy in the grey suit is seizing initiative, so all the heroes get a hero point.


Round One:


Grey suit: 38 (unharmed)

Myrmidon: 37 (Unharmed, 6 HP)

Tsunami: 28 (Unharmed, 3 HP)

FoS group 2 (swords): 25 (4 active)

Bloody Mess: 24 (Unharmed, 4 HP)

Fangs group 6 (swords): 23 (4 active)

Fangs group 5 (staves): 22 (4 active)

Fang leader: 21 (unharmed)

Hound: 16 (Unharmed)

Fangs group 3 (staves): 10 (4 active)

Fangs group 1 (staves): 8 (4 active)

Fangs group 4 (swords): 7 (4 active)

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Okay, the grey suited man has unleashed an area effect Emotion Control: Fear effect.  Everyone needs to make a DC 20 Reflex save.  If successful, they avoid the effect altogether.  If not, then it is a DC 20 Will save against the fear effect (Myr of course can use Second Chance: Emotion Effects, if needed).

Mess is Fearless, so no need for any saves for him.


Tsunami gets a 17 for her Reflex save, so she makes her Will save and gets a 27, so she is fine.


After his save(s), Myr is up.

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Myrmidon is actually immune to fear effects as well. Might of missed it in his build, but it's in his super-soldier container under the immunities listing.


Anyways, HP to gain Take-down Attack again, giving him 2 ranks total.


He moves over to the group of mooks and starts getting his hands dirty. He all-out power attacks the them using his unarmed damage, +5 to DC, -5 Def (His total def for this round is a +5 now.)


Taking 10 on them due to their mook nature, that's +20 attack to hit them and a  DC 28 Tough save they need to make if it does hit. With Take-down attack 2, and his enhanced foot speed, he should be able to do a fair impression of a human threshing machine. (Mook chivalry! Thanks for standing close together!) I'll put up an IC post once you tell me the results of his attack.

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Ahh, I did miss it (was kinda suprised there wasn't one, but then, I was wrong ;) )


Semi, I would save the Hero Point.  Takedown Attack 2 still does not let you move more than 5' between each attack (though you can take as many 5' moves as you can up to your movement speed).  However, these guys are much more spaced out than that (they have formed a big circle around the intersection.  Currently, there are a couple of pairs that are within 5' of each other (ones that were in the lion suits together), but none of those pairs are that close to each other.

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Ack. Sorry. Rogue winter storm managed to knock my power out.


I thought from your description they were doing the whole 'ring of mooks' thing and they'd be within that distance, so my mistake there. Okay, then Myr will go after big fancy armor. He'll leap over the mooks to engage him, which will also put him close by to Giang.


So, He will extra effort to gain an additional move action. And use a HP to eliminate the onset of fatigue from surging.


Move Action (Surge): Move to melee distance of the armored leader.

Move Action (Tactical Feint): Myr will use skill mastery on his Know (tactics) to feint the leader, which gives a 31 to beat. Which hopefully sets him up for...

Standard Action (Unarmed Attack): All-out Power Attack. +5 to DC, -5 Def (His total def for this round is a +5 now.)


Attack Roll - 1d20+10=13. Bleh. HP to re-roll that.

HP Re-Roll - 1d20+10=17, which changes to 27.


Edit note (forgot to add this): If that hits, total DC 28 TOU save.

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What are those winter storms doing in Spring?  :argh:   (hehe)


Anyway, sorry if my description mislead you.


So, the big armor guy actual is not fooled, getting a 32 on his Sense Motive check.  But, you hit him anyway with that reroll.


And he gets another really lucky roll with a 30 on his toughness check.

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Well, in Giang's defense, the other attackers had not quite reveled themselves when she started moving.  And, she was going to end up in the middle of them anyway, just the how was always an open question.


So, her action, she uses defensive attack -5 atk, +5 defense (for +15), blasts at one of the men with swords, taking 10 to hit him.  He only gets a 10 vs DC 25 toughness save and is out.

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FoS group 2 moves towards Myr.  The first two make aid other actions, getting a 19 and 21 and providing a +3 each to the other two members of the group.


The next two come in to power attack, -2 atk (down to +7 after aid other), +2 dam.  They get a: 14 and 9, lol, so much for great teamwork.


Bloody Mess is up after my IC post.

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FoS group 5 moves in to attack Tsunami.  As with Myr, two are using aid other action, other two are attackers.  Aid other pair get a 21 and 10, so they will each provide +3 to the next two.


Attackers get a 14 and 26.  So the second hits.  DC 19 toughness save and Tsunami gets a 21, so she is fine.


The leader is going to power attack Bloody Mess, -5 atk, +5 dam.  His attack roll is a 27.  So, with Mess’ immunity, that is a DC 21 toughness save.

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On to, Round Two:


Grey Suit: 38 (unharmed)

Myrmidon: 37 (Unharmed, 4 HP)

Tsunami: 28 (Unharmed, 3 HP)

FoS group 2 (swords): 25  (4 active)

Bloody Mess: 24 (bruised, 4 HP)

FoS group 6 (swords): 23 (3 active)

FoS group 5 (staves): 22 (4 active)

Fang Leader: 21 (Unharmed)

Hound: 16 (Unharmed)

FoS group 2 (staves): 10 (4 active)

FoS group 1 (staves): 8 (4 active)

FoS group 4 (swords): 7 (4 active)


The man in the grey suit sends a Stun attack against Tsunami, getting a 27 on his attack roll.


Tsunami’s first Fort save is a 10, so using a hero point to reroll, getting a 17, which is bumped to 27, so she resists the stun.

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