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Steam Manor, 3rd August 2012


Once the Avian’s had been dropped off on the Canadian mainland the dirigible Cressida made good time back towards Freedom City. Whilst the ship made its way back to it’s “home†the more technically minded of the group quickly found the information they needed


The Freedom City Historical Museum is proud to announce that has the honor of displaying, for a limited time only, the Lockwood collection. This collection of historical Victorian artifacts includes the so named Lockwood Diamond the third largest uncut diamond in the world.


On arriving at the manor Lord Steam’s staff, as efficient as ever, had arrange for a light luncheon for them to enjoy whilst they planned there next move.

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"It's a little collection I sponsored" explained Lord Steam over a cucumber sandwich and a cup of Earl Grey. 


"Remarkable really, over a hundred years old, and plenty of genius on display - even for this dimension! of course, you never real quite got the hang of steam power and the infinite possibilities of copper and brass alloys in this dimension. But even so, some promising work before you got all excited and distracted about this electricity and nuclear nonsense!" he said, flippantly, as he adjusted the gaslight by the dining room. 


"The diamond then. Madame Vapeur's target. And yet, by Vishnu, I have no clue why. Why in damnation? I don't think its for the money, or indeed for the show, although neither are beyond the realms of possibility. I suspect her motivation is more complex. And I worry it is more ominous!"


He chomped down on the last of his sandwich with vexation. 


"So, if you have any insight to share, I would be all ears. If not, I think we need to visit this diamond..."

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"I've got no idea what she wants that thing for" Subito replied flatly to Lord Steam, powerful arms crossed against his chest as he sat bolt-upright in his seat. He wasn't too sure what someone like Vapeur got out of a stunt like this, and knew he didn't know enough about how she thought to make guesses.


Glancing over at Blodeuwedd he said "Any clues Blodeu? Uh," he looked apologetically at the girl, adding hesitantly "you don't mind if I call ya that, do you? I mean..." The confident teen was rarely nervous, but being so familiar around Cerys was starting to seem almost disrespectful after seeing her in action. Taking a quick bite of his cucumber sandwich he chewed it quietly, sipping appreciatively at the Earl Grey.


"Anyway, why's it matter what she wants it for right now? We've gotta stop her first. Why not just do that, an' then work out what goes on in that crazy sénora's brain?"


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Blodeuwedd sat there and politely nibbled at one of the sandwiches and sipped at a glass of milk, she had never liked the taste of Earl Grey and for a change didn’t have to pretend.


“I’m not expert but it seems she’s decided she wants to pit wits against her equal. And she’s decided that Lord Steam here is that person. She must be confident if she allowed the two of us joined in on her little challenge. I would guess the gem has no value other than it belong’s to the Lord here. She may even give it back once she’s finished…â€


As a matter of personal pride she wanted to stop this Madame Vapeur and foil her plans, but it was Lord Steams call as to whether to rise to the bait.

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"Well I certainly like a challenge" answered Lord Steam, putting down his tea. 


"Blast it to hell and back! I won't let that snide laugh of her's get the better of me! She wont be stealing that diamond tonight, or any night!" he said, galvanised into action. 


He sprung up, pressing his hands to his forehead. 


"She is ingenious, I'll give her that!" he conceded. "Now, how would she approach this? Force isn't her style, I think, despite the little pyrotechnic show we just saw. No, no, she wants to humiliate me. And that takes a subtle knife. She will do it by stealth and trickery, that's for sure. Probably replace the real diamond with a fake, have us standing around guarding a piece of plastic half the night. What's her plan? What's her plan? An invisibility field? A teleporter? No..no...she want's to do this with trickery I imagine..."


He stopped and looked at Heraldo and Blod. 


"What are you doing just standing there! Lets go! Lets go! To Bessie!" he shouted, wheeling them off to his car and the faithful Singh. 

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Blodeuwedd had a quick look at a rather grand looking clocks sitting in one corner of the room, nodding as she confirmed her suspicions.


“There is one detail you’ve missed Lord Lockwood. By the time we arrive at the Museum the reception to celebrate the exhibition opening will have begun. So some of us may be a little underdressed for the gathering.â€


With a simple thought her costume again shifted until it took the form of a rather nice off the shoulder cocktail dress in its normal dark blue.


“I’ll need somewhere to fix my hair into something suitable…†she looked towards Subito “That just leave the one of us…â€

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"I am sure I can rustle up something for our colourful friend here!" smiled Lord Steam. "Excellent party trick, by the way, that costume thing. Done with mirrors and spring's, I shouldn't wonder!" he commented, as he rang a bell for Blakely. 


"Ah their you are, Blakely" he said as the man arrived a mere second or two after the bell had been rung. 


"We need some decent clothes for our friend here. And time is of the essence. Make sure Singh has Bessie fired up, and get some appropriate formal wear for Mr. Heraldo here. Some of Boltski's clothes, perhaps - a similar build if my eye does not deceive me. Not perfect, but needs must. As long as he has a good tie and a top hat, that should suffice!"


He sprang to his feet. 


"Not a moment to lose, we must save the diamond!"

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Subito shrugged and downed his sandwich and tea carelessly "I was just gonna fly back to Claremont n' get my suit. It's midnight-black and looks great on me. I'll wear it for ya sometime!" he said to Cerys with a happy smile "Wish my costume could do that" he added with an admiring look at the fine blue dress, and the admirable girl wearing it.


Following Blakely with a calm whistle, he was led to the dressing room for a man with distinctly Russian tastes, and excitedly picked a rich red set of velvet evening dress with a trim matching hat and complementary tie. Getting it to fit his shorter and slighter build was a struggle, but in just a few minutes he was scarcely recognizable!


Emerging from the room resplendent in Boltski's favorite formal wear, twirling a cane and nearly bouncing down the hall, Subito ran up to Cerys and nearly hugged her in excitement. "Blodeu! This thing is amaaazing! How do I look, like a prince guy? Thanks for lettin' me have it sir" the muscular Puerto Rican added to Lucien. Making elegantly for the door he offered his arm to his schoolmate "If I may show you to Bessie, Princess," he turned to Lucien "Ready to go Mr. Lockwood. To the diamond!"

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Freedom City Historical Museum, Midtown


Whilst the museum wasn’t as famous or prodigious as some of the others in the city it still had a number of rich patrons, many of whom were attending the gathering itself. So as the ever reliable Bessie pulled up outside the museum a number of expensive cars, and bored looking chauffeurs, were already parked near the museum. Even among the apparently jaded rich of the city Bessie drew a couple of points and stares. One of the staff recognized Lord Lockwood and without fuss or ceremony they were allowed entry in the museum proper.


Most of the main hall had been cleared to allow this night’s ceremony; the room of the Lockwood Collection was separated by a curtain held up by some very impressive Art Deco styled statues. The only item remaining in the room was the museums famous massive scale model of 19th Century Freedom City.

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All but jumping out of the steam-powered horseless carriage, Subito politely offered Blodeuwedd his hand as she disembarked, beaming with excitement at both what they were going to do and the feeling of being at a formal event dressed to the nines.


Following close to Lucien, he kept up a constant stream of eager talk, waving cheerfully to people if they happened to glance over "This is great! We're gonna blend in perfectly, our quarry will not suspect a single darn thing! I bet we'll meet lots of great folks here! Hey Cerys, you recognize anybody here? Ooh!" he spied the model of Freedom City "Now I betcha that's not somethin' you do over a weekend. Wonder who made it?" he asked aloud as he bent closer to examine the thing, suddenly spinning back to Blodeuwedd and adding "You look awesome, by the way, like, stunning. Hey, any ideas? 'Bout how that dastardly woman's gonna try and make her move? What do you think Mr. Lockwood?" he asked eagerly, hazel eyes shining behind the domino mask he had somehow found in the closet.

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"It strikes me, Sir, that I..I mean we, should attend to motive..." he said, tipping the doorman handsomely and adjusting his bow tie in a polished brass column. His own suit was top hat and tails, even more preposterous than the normal black tie dress mingling around. Somehow, his complete ignorance and confidence managed to carry it off. 


"The diamond is too large and unique to sell as it is. She could possibly cut it down, but its nature makes it a veritable hot potato. Either she wants it for the pure delight in humiliating us, or she has some other use, possibly industrial, for it. Perhaps indeed, both motivations are paramount..."


He lead his two companions onwards through the display, towards the diamonds itself. 


"So, if we could just refocus our minds from our fair maidens aphroditean charms, which surely are not to be denied, and attend to the matter of our imminent humiliation, then let us proceed onwards and turn mind to task!"

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Blodeuwedd was thoughtful for a few minutes, a glass of champagne cupped in her hand mostly for effect. She’d had similar doubts about this whole diamond heist, it was a shame she hadn’t had enough time to read Madame Vapeur’s body language. Before she could decide what exactly was going on there was one thing she needed to see.

“It’s hard to tell what going on without seeing the diamond itself. I can get back there no problems, but we could just as easily get a legit invite.â€

She looked towards Lord Steam as she made her statement.

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"But of course!" replied Lord Steam. "I am sure the funder of this marvellous display could call in a few favours!" he smiled. 


Without further ado, he marched up to the reception area and introduced himself. 


"Good afternoon, Sir" he started on the attendant. "May I introduce myself, Lord Lucien Lockwood, funder of this exposition of anticipated antiquities and delicious delights!" he said in an almost sing song voice. 


"I would be most indebted to you, my good man, if you could see to it that we have a look at that big diamond you have here. Splendid peice of gem, I hear. Most keen to see it with my good chums here!" he concluded, indicating El Heraldo and Blod. 

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Blushing slightly at Lord Steam's chiding, Subito muttered "Sorry sir. I'll stop." and remained much more subdued as the two detectives quickly worked out their next move. He brightened noticeably as Lord Steam effortlessly began charming their way over to the diamond, waving at the reception attendant with a cheery grin. "Hi! Could you, please?" he asked with an eager look "We've heard all sorts of stuff about it, if half of it's true we'd love to see it!"


He glanced over at Cerys' glass, wondering if there was a chance to grab some red wine.


'Ahem. Herald, eyes front Bulgh, right sorry' His bright hazel eyes whipped back to the grand high warden of the exhibit.

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The intendant was an seasoned professional and without fuss and effort, and a simple Of cause, lead the three of them to behind the curtain.

The area behind the curtain was laid out in the manner of a Victorian drawing room, much like those that Lord Steam owned himself. On the desk sat the Differential engine next to a mechanical telegraph, it was almost the Victorian equivalent of today’s Internet.

Mounted on the wall, and subtly alarmed, was what look like an old Brown Bess rifle. Inlaid into the handle and barrel were the fine line’s of some form of electrical circuit’s. The plaque declared it was a Ether Rifle and described how it projected bursts of energized Ether.

On a small workbench in the corner was a series of small devices of various function and completion, all of which showed it’s previous owner had a ingenious invented mind.

Finally in a pedestal in the center of the room was the pride of the collection the so called Lockwood Diamond. A magnificent example of an uncut diamond and to most eye’s it was almost priceless.

To Lord Steam’s trained eye all of these mechanical wonder were still in perfect working order, though the weapon was made safe.

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"Well, well, its still here at least!" said Lord Steam, stopping his brisk stride and changing it for a slow circumnavigation around the Diamond. He did not neglect careful examination of the other strange and wonderful artifacts in the room. 


An Ether Gun? he wondered. The technology here was far more akin to that in his own dimension than Earth Prime. Of course, this was a mysterious dimension, full of marvels of science and..other curiosities. No firm conclusion could be drawn. 


Just suspicions raised. 


"But for how long?" he asked his companions, staring around the room. He had urge to be proactive here, rather than reactive. 


"Well, if you were a thief, how would you steal it?" he asked himself and his companions. Looking up to the ceiling and tapping the floor below them with his cane...

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Blodeuwedd was a little out of practice but she had been trained to do exactly this kind of job, and even with everything her keen out had been picking out details.

“Find a corner and keep hidden till night, shut down the security from the inside and just take the diamond. If not I’d come up from the basement or the main entrances skylight. The security tight but not cutting edge, wouldn’t be difficult to beat.†looking up she realized exactly how all that sounded and added

“I studied security systems back home, we have somethings that need to be kept safe for all kind of people and things.â€

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"And tell me, why would anyone rig up this telegraph?" he said, pointing with his cane. The tip followed a wire from the telegraph to a junction box. 


"A telephonic transmission, perhaps? now why would someone want to do that? transmit through the ether?" he said, an open question to both himself and his fellow detectives. 


His eyes flicked momentarily towards the ethergun. 


It is possible this is all elaborate hoax. Madame Vapeur has it in her to be the most cunning blade! A remarkable woman!


He felt him push down his admiration and his...attraction to the woman. 


She is a criminal!


"And how does the Madame transmit herself eh? That trick with the cloud? What exactly does she do? What exactly is she???" he asked. 


He went to inspect the Ethergun once more, this time reaching into his pocket and slapping a micro-transmitter on to it. It was a small thing, not easily noticed unless one was carefully examining the weapon, and knew it would be out of place...

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"Whoa..." Subito stared around the room, fascinated at the simultaneously familiar and alien artifacts hanging from the walls before his gaze was drawn to the diamond in the room's center.


At Lord Steam's question he shrugged. He was pretty sure he wouldn't think up any idea the two detectives wouldn't "Crash in through the ceiling?" he joked, inspecting the Difference Engine with great curiosity. Glancing over in amusement at Blodeuwedd's explanation he commented "You should have a talk with whoever's in charge of security Blodeu, bet you'd teach them a lot!" resisting the urge to tap at the odd machine he wandered over to the Diamond, examining the object of Vapeur's interest carefully. 'Could she want this for her ship? Could be some kinda focusing thingy, or-'


Lord Steam's sudden stream of questions jolted him out of the mini-reverie. Swiveling around he looked in surprise at Lucien Lockwood. "Mr. Lockwood, you know more 'bout this kind of tech than I ever will." leaning against the wall nearby the elegant detective, he weighed what the older man had said "I...dunno what that lady is, besides some kinda thrill-seeker from another dimension with a lot of weirdo toys..or something? Anyway, could that kinda Star Wars hologram thing be used to grab the diamond? Can 'ether' transmissions even do that, send people?" he shrugged awkwardly, remembering just how out of his depth he was "Or else she's gonna send a whole bunch of stuff at us, then snag the Diamond while we're not looking..."


He suddenly glanced around at Blodeuwedd, the stocky boy frowning slightly and tipping back his austere hat "Your thoughts, my lady?"

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Blodeuwedd looked around the room and took in all the bit’s a piece’s, speaking her idea’s as she went along.

“Well the Differential Engine is just a simple computer...â€

She didn’t get a chance to finish as she was interrupted by one of the stewards.

“Excuse me but Lord Lockwood one of our other patron’s had asked if you’d like to join her?â€

He indicated out of to one corner of the room, wearing a stunning dress just shy of scandalous, was the very woman they’d been chasing Madame Vapeur herself!

As she saw them she gave a little smile and raised a champagne glass in there direction.

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"Another patron?" replied Lord Steam, his mind spinning, before turning to see Mdm Vapeur. 


"Excellent champagne, is it not?" he continued without missing a beat, although his mind was - if not shocked, surprised. 


Nothing should surprise me about her...


"Not quite as rich as the vineyards of Dover, in...well...I am sure you are familiar with many dimensions, Madame. And perhaps more familiar with some than others..." he continued, throwing her rope in which he hoped he might drag some truth from her. 


"Splendid gown, by the way. It augments your beauty still further, if one could concede such a contradiction in terms" he added, giving her a bow which did not let his eyes of her. 


"I can understand you presence here, Madame. One always likes to view the prize, does one not? I am sure you came here to marvel at the object of your desire...but perhaps you would like to spend a moment on the diamond too?"

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"Those guys have computers?" Subito looked at the copper machine with a lot more respect. Turning to Blodeuwedd as she began to go on, he started at one of the museum employees when they suddenly appeared out of nowhere to tell Lord Steam that 'one of the patrons' wanted to see him. Following the man's gesture to the dazzling figure of Madame Vapeur, the sturdy boy stared for a few seconds, blushed furiously and looked away as Lord Steam went to meet her. "So she's right there, cool" he muttered, tugging awkwardly at the sleeves of his vermillion outfit. Glancing at Cerys he asked "Y'think she's just gonna try to grab our attention and snag the gem while we're not lookin'? 'Cause if so she's wearing the right outfit" he grumbled, putting a hand on his hip and unconsciously striking an elegant pose.


'"Not looking", you say? You know what I mean! Yes, of course. Let us keep a close ear on those two...'

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“In their day Computers were people who calculated figures and tables. It was Babbage who figure it was a good idea to do it mechanically.â€

When Blodeuwedd saw Madame Vapeur she crossed her arms and gave her quite a black look.

“Well look who it is! I can’t say it’s a pleasure.â€

Vapeur for her part gave them all a large smile, totally unconcerned with the feeling of some of the group.

“I just here as a humble patron of the art’s here to enjoy your great exhibition. I promise you that I am not here to steal the diamond.†she hovered her hand over her heart.

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"Words well spoken, and I don't doubt their truthfulness" said Lord Steam, bowing to the Madame. 


"But of course, truth can be so deceiving, can't it? one might say a true word can deceive more than the lie!" he said, an air of Oscar Wilde about him. The vintage clothes and the pompous confident movements added to that analogy. 


"So if you aren't here to steal the diamond, a deception well played, incidentally, then I can only ask you what magnificent contraption you are here to steal and hence humiliate us all!" he asked, hoping the Madame would take his bait. 


"You do not smell of innocence, my dear. But something far more enticing!"

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Subito wasn't normally the best judge of character, and a lot of things could go right over his head, but Madame Vapeur's performance had a critical hole in it. Looking over sharply at her words, he realized it. The way she spoke, putting subtle emphasis on 'promise' and 'diamond' the grand way she moved as she put her hand to her heart...she was trying to deceive them! Getting them to focus on the Lockwood Diamond so she could get her hands on what she really wanted!


'Also, wow, how does that thing even stay on her? Shouldn't it like fall off? Why not ask? I am sure she will enjoy answering- Okay okay! I get the picture. Let's see what Blodeu thinks about this' Turning to Cerys, the crimson-clad boy murmured "It's not the Diamond she wants. I can't prove it but I'm sure she's after somethin' else here! What could she want..." he suddenly realized how the Welsh agent was looking at Madame Vapeur, and glanced for a second at their enigmatic opponent before coming back to Cerys. "Um...you okay Blodeu? Don't start beating her up without me, we owe her after she tried to blow us up."

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