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Overthrow of the Sea! (OOC)


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Alright TiffanyKorta, Raveled. Intimidate rolls might do good. Even if only to encourage the guys who don't have superpowers not to try their luck.


Also, this has taken so much longer than i thought it would I'm just cutting to the base after the rolls are made.

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YB doesn't have any kind of Intimidate skill at all 1d20+3=21, not bad for an amateur.


It has been kindly pointed out that it would be more useful if I assisted Starlight in Intimidating them rather than strike out on her own. So YB shall assist Starlight, giving her a +3 bonus.

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17 days?! Seriously?


Okay, I am so, so sorry. Now for the order of round one. This should go very quickly. The group is roughly circular, thirty feet away from the group of heroes. The Overthrow soldiers without powers aren't counted for obvious reasons. Feel free to defeat them narratively if you knock out one of those juiced up on Proteus.



Protonik: Unharmed-GM

Gabriel: Unharmed, 6HP

Motley's Crew(x10): Unharmed(x10)-GM

Starlight: Unharmed, 4HP

Young Britannia: Unharmed, 2HP

Asad: Unharmed, 3HP


So Protonik tries to take down one of the Crew(Iron Hand) with a good old nuclear vision blast: 28! Hits, DC30 Toughness save for them: 19! One-lose Minions, so he's down. Protonik sets an Interpose for Gabriel.


Gabriel is up!

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I'll do my IC once yours goes up, but.


Free Action: Switch Array to Sonic Blast.

Move Action: Step aside just enough he's not blocking anyone on his side.

Standard Action: Blast the guy who told them to stop! 32 is also a Crit. So, let's add +5 damage. That's a DC 32 Toughness base, with up to +5 from Autofire. So probably DC 37.

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Okay, now for the remaining eight to make their attack! Frog crosses the space between the two groups and tries to Grapple Gabriel: 30. Critical Hit. Huh. Opposed Grapple roll: 34, 39 with the Critical.  Protonik takes that: 39 And he throws Frog off.


Hollow and Hiss both attack Young Britannia. Hollow with a Blast: 26. Hits, DC23 TOU save. Hiss uses her Visual Dazzle: 25. DC19 Reflex save, DC19 Fortitude if that fails.


Solar shoots sun-powered lasers at Asad, Johan lashes out at Asad with hamer-like arms, Charge charges at him. Solar: 24. Hits. Rank 10 Blast, so you know what that means! Johan: 28. Hits. Rank 10 Strike, Physical/Kinetic 24. Hits.Rank 8 Physical attack, his Defence drops by 1.


And for the last two, Ripple tries for an Area Snare on the team. Two DC20 Reflex saves please! Umbra drops an Obscure over her team.


Starlight is up!

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So first off, the Snare:  

1d20+5=12, 1d20+5=14  So a 12 and a 14.


So unless impervious has me completely confused, since they are rank 10s he still has to roll.


Versus Light Blast:

1d20+15=26  So a 26, which means Asad giggles


Versus the Rank 10 Strike:

Asad is gonna be kind of a jerk and just Ultimate TOU it.


Versus the Rank 8 strike:

Asad just soaks it up.

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