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Back to the Present [AoO] [OOC]


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And there's the big reveal. You now know what AoO stands for. It's Age of Omega, as bad as the Age of Apocalypse was for Marvel.

On that note, any sanctioned characters who are interested in re-interpreting themselves within this alternate universe should PM me. My goal is to keep things as soft-roleplay (no combat) for those characters so we don't have to worry about how the sheets might have changed. However, if you're interested in serving as a villain on the side of Centurion, then we might be able to work something out. :twisted:

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Sorry, I was kind of spacing on this game the last few days; my bad! :oops:

Anyone here can make a Knowledge (arcane lore) or Knowledge (history) check. If you don't have the skill, the check can still be made untrained, which should give you an idea of what the DC is.

Holy crap, Grim is on a roll these last two days! Check out this Untrained Arcane Lore check! Am I correct in assuming I shouldn't post IC just yet?

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That's fine by me as well. I'd like clarification now whether you're using the AoO version of the character, or whether you'd like to somehow bring this villain back into the regular universe (similar to how Bishop, Shard, Sugarman, Dark Beast, etc. came back to the Marvel 616 universe).

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I'll post the result of the check here, since both of you easily hit the DC 15.

Between Foreshadow's missing eye and the mention of runes, both Nanowire and Grimalkin note a strong resemblance between Foreshadow and Odin, the leader of the Norse gods. Odin was (and in the Freedomverse, is) a god of many things, one of which is prophecy. He sacrificed his eye to drink from the Well of Mimir to gain wisdom and the ability to prophecy. Odin hanged himself on Yggdrasil, the World Tree, for nine days and nine nights to gain the power of the runes, which are said to aid in prophecy, as well as being powerful on their own.

If Foreshadow, who could already see the future, did the same thing, there's no telling what could have happened. (See, now you know why being trained in skills is handy. :) )

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No worries. I'd be glad to have more AoO folks, and we're still not up to the fight (though I'm getting us closer with the last post).

Also, I just triggered two of Icarus' complications. Icarus has reverted to Daedalus' son, and his claustrophobia is going off. Nanowire and Grimalkin have one round to try to do something to calm him before he begins major freakout.

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No problem at all. It was a good check, but I don't think it's enough to calm him down. It is enough that he won't start striking out at you, though.

The power stunt I'm using is as follows:

Replace the Blast 13 (Accurate) (after allocation of the Power Reserve for a total of 27 pp) with Disintegration 9 (Extras: Area (Line); Flaws: (Range: Touch), Distracting, Side Effect (Drain 9 (gravitic powers)).

He fires straight up, and just barely makes the DC 10 to hit a given square (that Drain would have stunk). Then the Disintegration goes off and he punches a hole to the surface. He'll also spend one of the two hero points that he just got to get over the fatigue from having done that.

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