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  1. This is the version from before I got much help here, it's mainly focused on using the actual blood as a weapon as opposed to affecting the blood of others http://www.atomicthinktank.com/viewtopi ... s&start=15 I believe somewhere above in this forum is the section I used for the version of her that made use of her blood powers to manipulate others blood as opposed to just her own.
  2. Kizzy ate her dog in silence and thought about this. The last fight she had been in had ended pretty messily and she was still confused as to what had really happened with her own powers. But at the same time, she felt as if she had a responsibility to at least attempt to decrease crime in the area. Her parents would sure support the endeavor, but was it the right thing to do? Kizzy had often thought about whether superheroes were real heroes who fought crime or did they just bring more crime about? A patrol was just street level though, right? And that was combating crime when you saw it, kind of like a citizen's watch. So that was okay. At least, it should be. After a moment's hesitation Kizzy spoke, "That sounds like a good idea! I've had some pretty rough experiences with fighting real super villains. But I hate criminal activity and doing a patrol is sort of like going on a citizen's watch, but we actually have the ability to do something about it. We won't actually interfere with an authority's operations or anything...it's just helping people out. Bleh! Now I'm babbling. Okay, yes. I'd like to go sometime.
  3. We could try and nab a Gm and throw about a couple of mooks? Or try posting on the main hero board. I don't want to lose Velocity either!
  4. Congratulations on graduation! I have one more year of undergrad before going to law school...if I can get in that is
  5. After Lynn puts her shades back on Kiera smiles and lets out a sigh. "That's awesome! I really do suck at lying when I'm not ready for it. Thanks for not pushing the matter, I'm not really sure what I'm allowed to say when it comes to stuff. But it's nothing important, honest. So, how do you do that? You're a shapechanger then? Like a changeling or..something. My shadows have always been with me, at least since I was a pretty young kid. I think I'm technically a metahuman or whatever it is the scientists call it nowadays. Is it the same way with you by chance? It takes a few seconds for the idea to rise up, but Kizzy's eyes widen slightly as she has a sort of mini-revelation. "Any chance you and Velocity know each other in the field? I hadn't thought about it before but if you have powers than it's kind of obvious..."
  6. Hmm now to figure out if I should press the fight or not. It's pretty apparent that Kizzy can't touch Icarus!
  7. Dear god. I think you all just broke my character's brain for the moment. Too much bright light, big words and scary nuns in holy armor.
  8. Kizzy stands around in complete shock. She looks around and mutters incoherently as the roman kills unconscious foes, a holy woman in some form of battlesuit annihilates a fourth and the Doctor talks to the woman about future, technology and a load of words that she has no idea what they could even possibly mean. Out of all that is said she has only five words that can make their way to her mouth. "My name isn't Kitty."
  9. Yea I did. I made multiple PL builds for her too..lol I think one of them is posted over on ATT. Do you still want the link? It looks like bloodseeker is fully approved and completed
  10. http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1607169/ Grapple: 26 which is the highest I can actually get. suppose it was kind of useless to roll against your 30+!
  11. No idea. I came along to beat on stuff >.>
  12. The girl looks a little shocked to hear this and grins at the hotdog vendor. Really? I always thought ketchup was so...well, American." Kiera looks shocked for a moment and seems to fumble for the right words. Shit I had to go and say Claremont didn't I. I'd managed to make it this far without even saying where I went to school and I go and mess up with a little comment. "Er...yea. It's a good school. I uh...am pretty isolated there....not many erm...superhumans. At all. Well, none really. Yea. Uh....I don't actually pay tuition. It's a..scholarship! Yea, a scholarship. My parents are pretty poor right now but they wanted me to go to a good school. It's a private school, best in the area really. My grades aren't the best but they like having foreign students." Go Kizzy! Good save...now I just hope that sounded convincing enough.
  13. I'm cool with that...how do we know if he succeeds? Do I roll something? >
  14. The AoO thread made me think about where Kiera's dark powers came from. Not sure on where yet but its all dark, cold and lifeless making her a bit more...cruel if the right switch is hit. She's not going to try and run or anything, most likely just go along with anything. I mean its not as if she wasn't just defending herself! It also shows that she 1) doesn't know much about her own powers and 2) can't yet control them fully.
  15. Yea I wish I had realized when I made her that having anything outside the array means it's going to suck that damn Deflect power is sitting there soaking up points I could use in the array! So is the drain since I don't think I made it right. I wanted soemthing to simulate that the tentacles slowly drain away life but I think as they are they only affect the first hit with snare. Anyway: Shadow 1: Move...and does nothing? Shadow 2: Aid action to Kiera Kiera: Strike: 17...and miss http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1606315/
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