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Time and Chance (OOC)

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These are tough baddies, so let's use this, riding motorcycles with Speed 5.

Initiative for the six of them

1d20+8 → [19,8] = (27)

1d20+8 → [14,8] = (22)

1d20+8 → [20,8] = (28)

1d20+8 → [9,8] = (17)

1d20+8 → [19,8] = (27)

1d20+8 → [14,8] = (22)


So that's

Velocity: 64

Jubatus: 45

Biker 1: 28

Silver Spider: 27

Biker 2: 27

Biker 3: 27

Biker 4: 22

Biker 5: 22

Biker 6: 17

Bee-Keeper III: 17, boo

Velocity is up!

Velocity, those guns look _deadly_. They're definitely energy weapons, and high-tech ones at that. The writing on them isn't in English or any other Earthly language. They certainly look like deadly ray guns from space!

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Jube's going to nuke the leader's motorcycle. The 'fluff' is, he grabs the cycle's read fork in one hand; grabs the rear tire in his other hand; and wrenches the rear wheel to turn backwards. the intended result is, he fries the chain and/or at least one sprocket. The 'crunch' is, Jube unleashes his Mighty Strike(1d20+12=26) upon the unsuspecting vehicle… and we shall see how much good it does.

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Sure no worries.

I make the situation as this :

64 Velocity, unharmed, 3hp

45 Jubatus, unharmed, 2hp

28 Biker 1, down

27 Silver Spider, unharmed, 3hp

27 Biker 2, down

27 Biker 3, unharmed (minion)

22 Biker 4, unharmed (minion)

22 Biker 5, unharmed (minion)

17 Biker 6, down

17 Bee-Keeper III, unharmed, 2hp

And I make it we're back to the top of the round so it's Velcoity's go.

EDIT : My bad, biker are up. If everything looks fine I'll get there actions up.

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Oh, you Bikers! Why you actin' so cray cray?

Bee-Keeper III Toughness +14 vs. DC25: 1d20+14 → [3,14] = (17); Dazed & Bruised x1!; gonna go ahead and spend a Hero Point to reroll, thus negating the Daze since he can only get a minimum of 10. Still bruised though :(

And now comes the reckoning!

Taking advantage of the PL Bump, Bee-Keeper'll Extra Effort to pick up an Alternate Power, then spend his last remaining Hero Point to thwart the Fatigue. He has now let loose the Bees of War!

Gigantic Mechanical Bee Swarm of DOOM!: Blast 10 (Extras: Area [General Cloud], Duration [sustained]; Flaws: Action [Full]; PFs: Linked to Obscure & Immunity, Progression 2 [x2; 100']) + Immunity 1 (Own Powers) + Obscure 2 (Total Visual Concealment; PFs: Progression 4 [x10; 100'], Selective) {51ep/51ep}.

Each target in the 100' Blast Cloud centered around the Bee-Keeper gets a Reflex Save (DC20: 10 + Blast 10). A failed save means they make a Toughness Save at DC25, while a successful save means they make a Toughness Save at DC20 (15 + (Blast 10/2). Evasion, of course, applies to the Reflex Save. If they continue to linger in the cloud, these affects repeat the following round, and can do so each round as long as the Bee-Keeper maintains his Sustained Blast as a Free Action. Lethal Damage for the goons, of course!

In addition, as long as Bee-Keeper is in the midst of his 100' Cloud Obscure (of which he's at the center and has immunity), he has Total Concealment against Normal Visual Senses. This is his sole action for this round :3

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