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Gotta make some Christmas lists...

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So, seeing as I've kind of read all my owned books 1, 2, 3, or even more times, and I've read just about all the books that were already on my "stack", I was hoping to get some suggestions.

Here's stuff I've read and enjoyed, to some degree or another:

Basically everything by David Weber, especially Honor Harrington, Safehold, and Bazhell

All of Jim Butcher's work

Lord of the Rings

Many Star Wars and Star Trek books

Many Battletech books

Some Warhammer 40,000 books, mainly Space Wolves, Salamanders, Ciaphas Cain, and a lot of Dan Abnett's work (I do still need a couple of his books I suppose)

Plenty of graphic novels (mostly DC and Marvel, especially Batman stuff)

Hunger Games

Percy Jackson

So, that's a sampling, but not every single book necessarily. Stuff that works out similar to one or more of the above is good. :)

I'm sticking to books because paperbacks aren't too expensive, and that way gift-givers can "mix and match" to a degree.

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Anything by Sienkiewicz. He writes long, and he writes well. Especially his major works like his Trilogy, detailing a rather..tumultuous period in Polish history.

If you don't have most or all of the Astro City collections already, those are of course tremendously good reads.

Dry, but engrossing, the Titus books by Mervyn Peake are astounding. The man was a master of the English language. They're definitely not fast-paced though.

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I'd look up the first trilogy in the Horus Heresy. It starts out with Dan Abnett and, well, it's pretty damn good. Flight of the Eisenhorn ties into it and it also pretty well done.

If you like Star Wars, it's hard to go wrong with Zahn's Heir to the Empire trilogy. A lot of folks think of it as an unofficial Eps. VII, VIII, and IX.

If you like urban fantasy, take a look at Perdido Street Station and Bloodsucking Fiends.

Pretty much anything by Steven Brust is pretty enjoyable. Dragera is a look at a fantasy world from the point of view of an assassin, and Phoenix Guards is a fantasy version of the Three Musketeers.

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I know your list has more Sci-fi than fantasy, but ... but.. oh I can't help myself.

Brandon Sanderson. Specifically the Mistborn trilogy. Fantastic story, creative system(s) of magic and a great cast. The first two are better than the last one, but the whole thing from start to finish is brilliant.

For something similar to the Hunger games maybe try the Tomorrow series by John Marsden. Unnamed foreign power invades Australia while nobody is looking, small group of teenagers get thrust into the role of guerrilla style resistance. Seems to be written journal-style from the perspective of one of the girls called Ellie. I've only just started the first one but I knocked over about half of it in one sitting and lots of reviews say the whole series is good.

I'm hunting for books for my Christmas list too, but I'm only halfway through the Honor Harrington series so I think I'm covered! :D

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Depending on your enjoyment of zombie survival stuff, Day By Day Armageddon (as well as the sequel Beyond Exile) by J. L. Bourne is a solid choice. Helps that the books are written by an actual Naval officer.

Again on the subject of the undead, check out Peter Clines' "Ex-" series. It's what Marvel Zombies should have been, superheroes acting heroically while fighting the undead.

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You want Matt Stover. Matt Stover's books are tailor-made for your sensibilities. Shatterpoint is the Mace Windu novel, basically the Vietnam War in the Star Wars 'verse. It's probably the only Expanded Universe novel I've ever liked. Heroes Die is one of the greatest deconstructions of heroic fantasy as a genre ever made. It's the start of a trilogy, but it more than stands on its own.

Anything by Christopher Moore hits the spot if you want to laugh.

Anything by Chuck Palahniuk is good if you want to shudder and flinch.

Grab Warren Ellis's first prose novel, Crooked Little Vein. Read it now, thank me later.

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