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Tiffany Korta

Young Britannia PL7

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Hey All,

I've being trying to come up with a backup character for a little while and i've finially think I've come up with something that works. It stems from the fact that I have a soft spot for the idea of Britannia, but I didn't really want to touch the original and didn't have the points for the full size version.

The cruch should be solid, it's just a slightly altered version of Ecalsneerg's PL7 Paragon, so I curious what people think of all the fluff. At the moment each of the different Aspects have exactly the same build, when I get points I'm hoping to give each one there own unique power.

And finally being a British based character it's packed full of, well, British references. Hopeful it should be to much for everyone else to handle.

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Player Name: Tiffany Korta

Character Name: Young Britannia

Power Level: 7 (105/105PP)

Trade-Offs: -3 Attack / +3 Damage (melee), +2 Attack / -2 Damage (ranged), -3 Defense / +3 Toughness

Unspent PP: 0

Progress To Bronze Status: 0/30

In Brief: The spirit of rebellion in the body of a conformist.

Alternate Identity: Annice “Agnus†Avebury

Identity: (Secret)

Birthplace: Glastonbury, Somerset, England,UK

Occupation: Student

Affiliations: None

Family: Geri Avebury (Mother), Edina Stone (Grandmother)

Age: 16 (DoB: July 24th 1995)

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Caucasian / Afro-Caribbean

Height: 5’3†(6’0†as YB)

Weight: 150 lbs. (165 lbs. as YB)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Description: A nice personality and good hair is how Agnes likes to think of herself. She tends to downplay her looks by wearing baggy dark clothes and wearing little or no make-up. The little Lennon glasses tend to reinforce the slightly nervous geeky / nerdy look.

Her true beauty only show when she’s in the form of Young Britannia, she hold herself with a confident and regal bearing that inspires confidence in others. Whilst her friendly and open face suggests that she understand and appreciates all that you’ve done and wants to thank your personally. Even her voice has a charming and yet commanding tone and an almost musical tone. In fact even without the face mask she wears few would realize that they were dealing with the same person. These qualities are shared among al her forms, though it impact is sometime blunted a little by their personality quirks.

Her Britannia costume is similar to the adult one, a form fitting bodysuit with open facemask. Her curly hair spills out of the back of the facemask forming a kind of crown or halo around her face. The whole costume is formed and coloured in the shape of the Union Jack, with no other decoration.

Each of her alternative form caries itself with its own style and wear a variant on the costume. All however wear an open face mask:

Mod Britannia

Mod Britannia emanates effortless cool. Her hair is short, straight and cut in Sassoon style bob, her eyes covered with a pair oversized Bubble Glasses. Her costume is a Mary Quant inspired mini skirt, in white with the simple symbol of the RAF Roundel. On her legs she wears a pair of long white “Kinky Bootsâ€. Occasionally when the mood takes her she also wears a Parka over the dress.

Punk Britannia

Punk Britannia on the other hand has a in your face confidence that isn’t going to take any crap off of anyone. Her hair is pile up into a Mohawk, with just a twist of hair at the front. Her costume consists of torn Union Jack style top and a tartan Mini Skirt, both held together by safety pins. On her feet is a pair of Union Jack Doc martin boots over a pair of fishnet stockings. As with Mod she sometimes dons a jacket, this time in leather.

Goth Britannia

Goth Britannia projects a cheerful demeanour and a dark countenance. Her hair spills out like a dandelion clock and her costume is a long tight fitting lacy dress patterned with half the Union jack in Black and Grey. On her feet she wears a pair of heeled knee high boots.

Cool Britannia

Cool Britannia just beam with active energetic confidence, never afraid to express their view on whatever subject. Her hair is worn long curly and flowing lose. Her costume, if you could call it that is a very short Union Jack Mini Skirt (much to the joy of the paparazzi and Agnes embarrassment) and a pair of bright red platform boots.

Power Descriptions: When using her powers Young Britannia is surrounded by a glowing magical nimbus of light. All her forms are the same, except for Goth Britannia whose glow is actually a black light (that is actual light that glows black not the Ultra Violet purple).

History: Each of the Genius Loci, like Lady Liberty and Britannia are strange and powerful spirit, but each can and occasion are shaped and altered by the will of the people of their land. Such it has been with Britannia who has since the 1950 occasionally felt the pull of the rebellious youth to fight against the injustice of the older generation. So occasionally she has allowed a portion of her power to be gifted to those few who wished to fight against the system, but to upkeep the integrity and security of the country. Few have last more than a decade before the spirit of rebellion faded and they lost the mantle of Young Britannia , though all went on to achieve great thing for the country at large.

Agnes (she hates her birth name Annice) should have been a natural rebel being born into minor pop royalty. Her mum was the singer in the pop group Fabulous who had a sting of top 40 hits during the early 90’s. From an early age Agnes fought against the excesses of her mother, as soon as she could she insisted on going to state school. Despite her mother’s best efforts she managed to grow into a sensible well-adjusted young woman.

The only think she really shared with her mother was a love of all thing musical, a fact that would change her life in ways she couldn’t imagine. Whilst she love and enjoyed music she never dreamed of being part of the musical world, she’d seen enough of it’s pitfalls from living with her mum. No she was going to help people by volunteering, at first working with the needy on the ground, then by maybe go into politics. But it seems fate had a different path for her.

For about a year ago when doing her regular pilgrimage to The Cavern Club in Liverpool, she spotted a bunch of youth attacking an old woman. Without thinking of her own safety she ran over to try and help the old lady, seriously outnumbered she would have suffered the same fate as the old lady or worse, luckily The Cavern Club is one of the sights where Britannia’s Sprit of Rebellion resides.

Fascinated by this little rebel who rebels not against the system as many before, but against the act of rebellion itself the spirit offered Agnes a chance to join together and aid not just aid this woman but help the people of Britain. Without hesitation she accepted and with a flash of Golden light a new “Britannia†was born. The youths didn’t stand a chance.

It didn’t take long for Agnes to realise that something special had happened beyond becoming a Superhero. Without a strong rebellious movement of her own the older aspects of pervious Spirit of Rebellion began to emerge. The first was within a day, Mod Britannia who it seemed to share her fascination with Liverpool’s finest, if the not the city itself. She also discovered that whilst they were mostly relegated to “helpful†voices, occasionally they would take over or at least become prominent enough to affect her mode of dress and her approach to the problem in hand. Ultimately Agnes is the one in control and the driving force behind this new “Britanniaâ€, though smart enough to listen to the other Aspects and accept there help when needed.

She has spent the last year helping people out and generally just being a superhero. The British media just the loving this national themed hero(s) with the Tabloid’s dubbing them, as most people think there a team of similarly themed hero’s, Young Britannia(s). It’s not a term that Agnes is particularly fond of but she responds to the name, and carefully collects press cuttings of all her exploits.

The Ministry of Powers hasn’t yet worked out that there dealing with one hero, and a young one at that, and whilst there officially approve of these Young Britannia’s they are trying to find ways to encourage them to join the ministry in an official capacity.

Whilst the “real†Britannia knows exactly what’s going on, both of them being part of the same whole and all. Like Pennington before her she has taken to try to mentor this young woman to the perils and pitfalls of being a Superhero. Margaret is aware of her limitations in this field, being only slightly older than her new ward. So has suggested to Agnes that should go to a special Academy over the Pond in Freedom City…

Personality & Motivation:

People mistake her quiet personality for shyness; instead it’s a reaction of spending years dealing with flaky and flighty people. She just quietly gets one with things, waiting for others to be ready to hear what she has to say. Of cause if she has to she’ll interrupt, but always in a calm and controlled manner. Which she finds always infuriates her mother.

Things have changes slightly with her becoming Young Britannia, she’s aware that whilst they’re part of the spirit of rebellion, there also in some way parts of herself, after all they all. Mod is calm collected side, Punk is her violent side, Goth is her sensible, rational side and Cool is her gregarious friend side. She’ slowly, and slightly hesitantly, allowing these aspects of herself to surface when she need there “specialities†to deal with the world at large.

Despite the occasional grumble however all of her is after the same thing, and all want to help and protect people, including herself. There is no blazing inner conflict or hidden demon waiting to take control…

Powers & Tactics: Infused with the Spirit of Britannia Young Britannia is a mini powerhouse, though Agnes is still a little inexperienced and tend to hold back before getting to conflict.


Voices in my Head: The various pervious aspects of Young Britannia have a strange quasi existence within Agnes. Occasionally, especially with their field of expertise, they were pipe in with their own helpful suggestions. Though they can’t and wouldn’t directly take control.

Let me have a go: About half the time that Agnes take on the form of Young Britannia instead of adopting her usual form she will instead randomly take on that of one of the pervious Aspects. She’s still in full control of all her actions; the pervious Aspects never possess her, though she’s more inclined to their personality and tactics than in her normal form. She can also if she chooses take on one of the Aspect at will.

We are family: Whilst her mother irritates her immensely she loves her to bits. She tries to talks to her daily and visit as often as is possible. If anything happened to her mum she would drop everything to rush to her aid.

Amost Famous: Whilst Fabulous were never as big in the US as they were in the UK anyone who followed the band would have heard of their lead singer Geri Avebury. And Avebury’s not that common a surname, and she did have a daughter…

Secret identity: Whilst Agnes enjoys being a hero, as much as possible all she really want is an ordinary quiet life.

Abilities: 6 + 0 + 6 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 18PP

Strength: 16/30 (+3/+10)

Dexterity: 10 (+0)

Constitution: 16/30 (+3/+10)

Intelligence: 10 (+0)

Wisdom: 12 (+1)

Charisma: 14 (+2)

Combat: 6 + 4 = 10PP

Initiative: +4

Attack: +3, +4 melee, +9 light blast

Grapple: +7, +14 with powers, up to +18 with full Super-Strength

Defense: +4 (+2 Base, +2 Dodge Focus), +1 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -1/-8 with powers

Saving Throws: 0 + 2 + 3 = 5PP

Toughness: +3/+10 (+3/+10 Con), Impervious 7

Fortitude: +3/+10 (+3/+10 Con, +0)

Reflex: +2 (+0 Dex, +2)

Will: +4 (+1 Wis, +3)

Skills: 16R = 4PP

Diplomacy 2 (+4)

Notice 8 (+9)

Perform (Singing) 3 (+5)

Sense Motive 3 (+4)

Feats: 0PP

Attack Focus (melee) 1


Luck 1

Power Attack

Powers: 14 + 14 + 2 + 11 + 7 + 7 + 10 +5 = 70PP

Enhanced Strength 14 [14PP]

Enhanced Constitution 14 [14PP]

Flight 1 (10MPH / 100' per round) [2pp]

Base power: Flight 4 (total of 5, 250 MPH / 2,500' per round, Feats: Dynamic, 1 Dynamic Alternate Power) [11PP]

Dynamic Alternate Power: Super-Strength 4 (heavy load 12 tons) [8PP]

Impervious Extra on Toughness 7 [7PP]

Immunity 7 (suffocation, all environmental effects) [7PP]

Base Power: Light Control 5 ( Flaws: Distracting, Feats: Accurate 3, 1 Alternate Power, Precise) [10PP]

Alternate Power: Healing 4 (Feats: Regrowth[9PP]

Morph 1 (Feats: Metamorph 4) [5PP]

Drawbacks: (-3) + (-3) = -6PP

Normal Identity Free Action, moments concentration, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Major [-3PP]

One-Way Transformation, Frequency: Minor, Intensity: Very Common [-3PP]

DC Block:

 ATTACK                    RANGE     SAVE                         EFFECT

Unarmed [no powers]       Touch     DC 18 Toughness (Staged)     Damage

Unarmed [with powers]     Touch     DC 25 Toughness (Staged)     Damage

Laser vision              Range     DC 20 Toughness (Staged)     Damage


Abilities (18) + Combat (10) + Saving Throws (5) + Skills (4) + Feats (4) + Powers (70) - Drawbacks (6) = 105/105 Power Points

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Besides a few spelling errors I sure can't find any fault with this! Nicely done, love the idea of a sort of "Youth Rebellion" national spirit.

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I can see a few possible problems with the backstory, though.

1) She's Britain's Spirit of Rebellion. Which means the core idea of being possessed by the Spirit of Youth Rebellion (which could be awesome) is pared down by having her represent British culture. And the ways she represents British culture - mod, punk, etc. - are elements that feel stereotypical when applied to British characters. It risks coming off like "the Japanese hero who gains powers from the Spirit of Manga."

2) She's Britain's Spirit of Rebellion. Which raises a very important question - what is she doing in Freedom City? What is a hero with powers that tie them to the spiritual and cultural backbone of Britannia doing in America?

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I can see a few possible problems with the backstory, though.

1) She's Britain's Spirit of Rebellion. Which means the core idea of being possessed by the Spirit of Youth Rebellion (which could be awesome) is pared down by having her represent British culture. And the ways she represents British culture - mod, punk, etc. - are elements that feel stereotypical when applied to British characters. It risks coming off like "the Japanese hero who gains powers from the Spirit of Manga."

Hell, it's also very dated stereotypes, when it comes down to it. It's more like a Japanese hero gaining powers from the Spirit of Dancing Robots. That was ten years ago. It's not even a current stereotype.

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You know good points as always.

I think I put a little to much attention on the aspects, dressing them up and all at the expense of the character. I'm quite happy to sideline them into just voice in her head or maybe a Garden of Memory.

The best reason for her being here is some form of obligation, either school or business. I like the idea of her as a 20 something serious business woman dealing with this little voice of rebellion in her head.

Let me know what you think before I make any changes, if the character just isn't going to work them I'm happy(ish) to walk away and try something else. Though I really would like it to work.

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Ok, well in priniciple I like this.

The real meat of the problem I think is this: A spirit of rebellion acting as hero.

It's not that it can't be done, but you are, I think, going to have to refine and think about that. To take a topical example, how is your hero going to respond to rioters in the city? That's an act of rebellion, but as a hero here she is going to be opposed to it (in some shape or form).

"20th Century" Britain might encapsulate what you are looking for, off the top of my head. As it was a period of vast social change (from 1900 to 2000!) The spirit of freedom, change, emancipation, eccentricity. Lots of stuff you could put in. As you know, Britain is a tricky country to sum up in a few words (as are most countries when you drill down to it).

Onto the mechanics:

The morph / metamorph power: Unless you are going to go for the different costumes giving you different powers / statistics (not something the refs here particularly like, as it gets messy), I would just scrap that. Perhaps give it a Feature 1 (Can change into related costumes as a free action). Its a bit like a modified Quick Change 1 feat (or highly highly limited Quick Change 2 feat).

Morph and metamorph could be used for something like changing into a british bulldog

Morph 4 (1 Form, British Bulldog, +20 to Disguise, Feats: Metamorph 1) 5 PP

And then you would have to build a new character, British Bulldog, from scratch, the only requirement being that character also has Morph 4 too.

Although you could but something like

Morph 4 (Broad Forms; British Icons; +20 to Disguise, Feats Metamorph X) 8 + X PP

And then have up to X new characters (British Bulldog, St. George's Dragon, Regal Knight, Winston Churchill, Princess Di...) all of whom again would be built up from scratch and have to have Morph 4.

You could do the above for Cool Brittania, Goth Brittania, etc. If in all the forms you wouldn't necessarily be recognised as just "Young Brittania in a different costume". However, to me it sounds like just different costumes?

As a warning however, I would keep Metamorph feats down to a bare minimum as they get messy. And make sure you aren't breaking the game by having a "team in a bag" approach to metamorph (in a blink of an eye you become a speedster, a superstrong, a psionic, a magician, etc... i.e. a "do anything" character).

Metamorph works best, I think, for a character who can for instance change into one form (like a dragon, or british bulldog) and use that form.

(I am just giving Morph 4 as an example, giving +20 to disguise - which is enough to fool most people most of the time).

EDIT: Just one random idea: Spirit of the "Magna Carta"? freedom from oppression and tranny? Britain was in many ways the birth place of this, when the first death of absolute power died a little. All your punk rock etc can be seen as this spirit living on. Ironically this spirit is about justice (tying the King down to law rather than "I do what I want to the little folk") as well as "rebellion". So its very british, and might help marry up the concepts. Just an Idea anyway.

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Yeah I meant rebellion as "This is wrong it needs to be changed" rather than "This sucks tear it all down."

And I think quick change is a better than morph and less of a pain.

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Yeah I meant rebellion as "This is wrong it needs to be changed" rather than "This sucks tear it all down."

That has Magna Carta written all over it! the original Punk rockers.

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After some thought I've decided to go in a direction that just happens to be in line with Supercapes idea's. I'm going to cut it down for simplicity but here's the background bit of the history.

Each of the Genius Loci, like Lady Liberty and Britannia are strange and powerful spirit, but each can and occasion are shaped and altered by the will of the people of their land. When the rules are unjust and he people cry out for justice for all the spirit of Britannia feels the pull of both sides.

But since 1214 and the Magna Carta Britannia has another aspect, justice for all regardless of rank or privilege, and the rules if they be unjust and unfair. For 600 years those that fought and crusaded for a better and fairer land, the nobles who felt the desire to improve the lot of those who are below them, had the aid of Britannia’s aspect of Justice for All.

Then after the Two World Wars those who ruled no longer cared for change and improvement, instead the youth of the land cried out against the injustices of the land and so the Aspect of Justice began to walk among them bringing them aid when needed, more and more by physically embodying her spirit in one of their finest much as Britannia did herself.

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