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So, if you've been, y'know, on the internet at all the past month or so, you've probably seen those "I am an Avenger" posters Marvel has been using to promote their new line-ups. Well, since Sorus managed to bring back the Hero Factory (three cheers, amirite?) I just couldn't leave well enough alone. Hence:


Now, at that point I really should have just left well enough alone, but...


It wouldn't be fair for the Interceptors to have all the fun, of course...





(No, Midnight II isn't actually on Young Freedom, I just needed someone to slot in to test the template, and I wasn't 100% on the others' costumes.)

Then again, not everybody is on a team, so...




Aaand... now I can't stop.

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Here's a trio of requests. Feel free to kick them to the bottom of your "things-to-do" list.

http://i482.photobucket.com/albums/rr18 ... ckHand.jpg

"The predators are my prey." (Freedom City Hero)

http://i482.photobucket.com/albums/rr18 ... UStyle.jpg

"Evil can run, but it cannot hide." (Freedom City Hero)

http://i482.photobucket.com/albums/rr18 ... UStyle.jpg

"This time, I'll save them all." (Young Freedom*)

*Yeah, yeah, I know she's not officially on the team. But her parents and her boyfriend are, so it's not like she can't get in on their adventures.

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Can I get a copy of that pic of Doc without the background?

Come to think of it, it might be good to have pics of all those chars without the background uploaded to the Wiki.

I'm working on a pic for Dead Head. And a quote. The quote used in Thor's image -- "I defend those that cannot defend themselves" -- isn't a bad fit. Or maybe "I speak for those that cannot be heard."

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Ooh, I like the second one, Doc. I'll see what I can do about getting those pics up, sans background. Might take a little while to sort through the files.

EDIT: Alright, alphabetically:

Ace Danger - wiki/File:AceDangerHF.jpg

All-Star - wiki/File:All-StarHF.jpg

Atlas - wiki/File:AtlasHF.png

Avenger - wiki/File:AvengerHF.png

The Black Hand - wiki/File:TheBlackHandHF.jpg

Blink - wiki/File:BlinkHF.jpg

Breakdown - wiki/File:BreakdownHF.jpg

Colt - wiki/File:ColtHF.jpg

Dark Star - wiki/File:DarkStar.png

Dead Head - wiki/File:DeadHeadHF.png

Doktor Archeville - wiki/File:DoktorArchevilleHF.jpg

Dynamo - wiki/File:Dynamo.jpg

Edge - wiki/File:EdgeHF.jpg

Fleur de Joie - wiki/File:FleurCostumeHF.png

Freedom Angel - wiki/File:FreedomAngelHF.jpg

Fulcrum - wiki/File:FulcrumHF.jpg

Geckoman - wiki/File:GeckomanHF.jpg

Grimalkin - wiki/File:GrimalkinHF.jpg

Hellion - wiki/File:HellionHF.png

Jack of all Blades - wiki/File:JackofallBladesHF.jpg

Midnight II - wiki/File:MidnightIIHF.jpg

Phalanx - wiki/File:PhalanxHF.jpg

Phantom - wiki/File:PhantomHF.png

Psyche - wiki/File:PsycheHF.jpg

Razorwing - wiki/File:RazorwingHF.jpg

Rouge - wiki/File:Rouge.jpg

The Scarab - wiki/File:TheScarabHF.jpg

Velocity - wiki/File:VelocityHF.jpg

VINCE - wiki/File:VinceHF.jpg

Wander - wiki/File:WanderHF.jpg

Zephyr - wiki/File:ZephyrHF.jpg

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If I'd been spreading them out more, I would have gone that way, too, probably. Trying to keep them in tight like that, though, I had to deal with some practical concerns, like who shows up better in front of whom. When I kept them further apart, the white space and standing next to each other facing the same way really emphasized the 'paper doll' aspect and felt like a lot of empty, white space.

Besides, except for Edge, who obviously can't look straight ahead, they are symmetrical!

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Amalgam Special! Meet... The League of Interceptors!

Jack of all Blades + Midnight II = Nick o' Time

A throwback to an earlier time, this hero is instantly recognizable by the "24/7" emblazoned on his costume. Absorbing energy rather than sleeping, Nick o' Time is always on the clock!

Breakdown + Colt + Lukos = Hoedown

Rumour has it this mountain man was raised by wolves, but it's a fact that there ain't nobody better with a hatchet nor a six string from here to the Rockies!

Grimalkin + Gossamer = Rapunzel

When Lynn de Havilland was a baby, she was switched with a changeling and brought to live in the fearie realms. Returning as an adult woman, her animated blonde locks are only the first of the powers she has learned!

Doktor Archeville + Dead Head = Doktor Totenkopf

An unfortunate accident in the lab ended the life of Doktor Archeville, but gave rise to the ghostly apparition known as Doktor Totenkopf! He still doesn't believe in magic, though.

Atlas + Dynamo = Quickchange

A lightning bolt supercharged Samael South's physiology, giving him hyper-speed and amazing endurance. When he becomes overcharged, however, an even more startling transformation takes place!

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The Young Mid-Knights!


Avenger + Edge + Freedom Angel = Longinus

Bat-winged fallen angel cast out for manipulating fate to help mortals. Now living on Earth, he continues to help the helpless, combining the strength of the righteous with the devil's own luck!

Wander + Fleur de Joie = Walkabout

On a parallel Earth, a nanotech virus turned all organic life into mindless automatons save for one girl, who used her powers over plant life to survive and fight back against the technological terrors!

Phantom + Psyche = Pasithea

Charged with protecting the collective unconsciousness of all humanity, this mysterious cloaked figure patrols the dreamscape, ensuring that it remains separate from the waking world.

Phalanx + Ace Danger = Dangerproof

Ancient mystic secrets gifted charismatic adventurer Ace Harris with invulnerability to all harm. The Man Who Cannot Be Killed travels the world foiling the schemes of SHADOW and other villainous organizations!

Arrowhawk + Geckoman = The Hawk

Chris MacKenzie was an average Scottish youth until an accident granted him superhuman eyesight and aim, retractable talons he could use to scale walls and a lightweight skeleton aiding amazing acrobatics!

The Scarab + Zephyr + The Black Hand = Scarab Infinity

Decades in the future, the superpowerless teenage daughter of the very last incarnation of the Scarab dons a reflex-enhancing suit to carry on the name and prove that justice is truly eternal.

Dark Star + Hellion = Darkfire

Young and arrogant, Derrik Prophet sought to remove the demonic half of his nature with an occult ritual. Instead, he was transformed into a being of pure, pitch black hellfire possessing immeasurable power!

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Heh, thanks guys! Had to get those out of my system last night; they were knocking around my head all day at work, and I couldn't sleep once I got home.

I could probably be persuaded, Doc! I actually just got a neat idea for 'Head, so I'll play around a bit and see if it pans out.

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