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  1. Im not sure I want to be blown away with one strike when fighting Jack or Divine. Unless I actually start the fight already transformed, that is.
  2. playah

    TV Tropes Requests

    I just cant find any rationale why we should abandon this. Care to explain it in a non-dickish way?
  3. Carbon's Pancakes - with almost 100 different sauces to try out, ranging from sweet, salty, hot, vegeterian and all kinds of flavors you can imagine. "Carbon's Pancakes- one dish, countless flavours"
  4. Seeing as its taking some time with them three combined, Carbon realized that he needs something heavier to injure that thing. Something like that truck full of gas that stands right next to him. Bingo. He smiled to himself and easily lifted the thing above his head, as if it wasnt weighting several tons. And since this is Freedom City, they probably have "thrown at a giant monster by a superhero" somewhere on theire insurance anyway. Hey, big and ugly- CATCH! It didnt catch it. Tough for him.
  5. I dont think either Wesley or Arrowhawk (or anyone else for that matter) is even close enough to be caught in explosion anyway.
  6. I guess it wont hurt to get Carbon in as well. Probably will be squashed in first round anyway.
  7. Randy pointed at Doctor Archeville, sitting on the chair. Hey, dont look at me, I just brought you a client. Not that I could afford you with my salary anyway. That is, unless we count the latest tip, but he doesnt need to know that.
  8. I know it will explode on impact alone, but then we wont have an awesome team-attack with extra damage from sheer coolness... no, wait, that was Exalted Anyway, here's my action: Throwing a semi-truck with explosives- Result: 16+6=22 DC: 29 (unless I missed something, it says its equal to my strenght bonus). Also, the explosion, which Im not sure how big the DC for that is (or are they treated as one big attack altogether?)
  9. Will effective strenght 53 be able to lift and throw a gas tanker at it? Here's an idea- maybe I could throw it at him and Arrowhawk will make it explode with one of his arrows- sweet teamwork action anyone?
  10. Im afraid I dont understand this question. Can you explain it to me?
  11. If I wanted to find something heavy near me to throw at the monster- what options do I have?
  12. Carbon Unearthing the past: Part One (1) Games Afoot (8) Monsters in the Street- Southside (2) Good, Bad and... Carbon? (5) Gloria's Mystery (1)
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