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Star Crossed Lovers [IC, closed]

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Arrowhawk sits crouched on the roof oposite the office of one Grigori Vaslev, he knows the Russian Mobster has been calling up some heavily armed muscle the parabolic mic he aquired reveals a bit more as the hardend criminal speaks into the phone, "Yes they will be there, you just do your part and make sure to get the girl unharmed, do as you will with the boy he means nothing. The captain of the ship tells us they secured passage and will arrive tonight."

Once he hung up he shouted orders to his thugs, "Get to the waterfront and watch for Natasha and that dog Scarletti. Our outside contractor will contact you with details. Go, Now!"


(Later that night, Edge takes a break while his chaperone Dark Star scans local radio signals for signs of trouble in the waterfront.)

Edge happens to glance down and see a well dressed young man around his own age step out of a tricked out escalade nervously glancing around as he plants something underneath the vehical and runs pell mell down the street away from the vehical. At the same time Dark Star picks up reports of a fire at a nearby construction site with several workers trapped at the top levels.

Arrowhawk silently prowls the roof tops having followed the heavily armed thugs to their ambush point where they have prepared a stolen spike strip to deploy and lie in wait for the target, however there has been no sign of the mysterious 'outside contractor' as of yet.

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Arrowhawk stood, an armoured and cowled figure against the night sky. Ducking behind rooftops and chimney stacks for cover, he silently watched the thugs. They plan to kidnap one of Scarletti's people. Italian undermob. But why? Is this over the smuggling dispute Vaslev's had with him? But they're mobsters. A man gets captured, he's a fool and is left to die. Unless it's someone very important, but I'd've heard of this Natasha...

I need to find out. This sounds big. They'll try to take out whoever's in the car as soon as they spike it, so they can get their mark. I'll thus need to subdue them as soon as the car goes over the trail. Then the car will try to escape, even with wrecked tires. They're target two, and will likewise be sudued. I'll need to interrogate someone from both sides.

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"Hey! Stop!" Edge fired his grappling gun at the street, swinging down from his rooftop perch after the fleeing guy. "Hey, I bet that's a bomb or something. Mr. Dark Star!" he called up after his escort. "You should stop that guy!" Gingerly, he headed over to the car to check out the device planted underneath it, bending down to look at whatever the bad guy had planted there. Huh. I really should pay more attention to Ms. Harcourt...oh hey, a timer! "Crap! It IS a bomb!" 4...3...

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Dark Star didn't mind accompanying Edge around on the young man's sojourns. It was one of the reasons he was at Claremont after all. And the young man's abilities certainly made him effective and safer than most would be. As such, Dark Star didn't feel the need to hover next to him, letting him range as he chose.

At the radio call about the fire, he frowned. There could be someone there in trouble. He was just about to call out to Edge when he heard the young man's voice. Dark Star reacted without thinking. He flashed down and over, passing through the car without slowing, reaching out with his TK as he moved by the bomb. Holding the device with a gravitic tether, he streaked upwards as fast as he could. If it didn't explode in a second, he'd be in the upper atmosphere and beyond, safely away from the anyone.

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The flash of light as the bomb exploded was barely visible from the ground as Dark Star streaks high into the sky the explosion washing over him harmlessly.

On the ground the young man who had set the bomb rushes around the corner cursing and calling out to some one "Hurry up they're right behind me."

From Arrowhawks position he hears some shouting from a block or two away from the ambush sight though the thugs don't seem to notice a thing.

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"I've got this one, Mr. Dark Star," Edge called up to the sky. "Halt in the name of the law," he yelled, firing up his grappling hook and swinging after the fleeing thug. "The only place you're going to be bombing is open mic night in prison!" Fearless and unafraid of what lay ahead, he swung around the corner, fully expecting trouble on the other end of things. When he could see the bomber again, he reached out and concentrated in the air, knocking over a lightpole on the fleeing bad guy on him as he went, and on any of his friends who looked suspicious.

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Rounding the corner and firing off his hex Edge sees that the Young man has jumped into the pasenger seat of a silver Audi convertable which is heading right for him. The lightpole drops clipping the back of the car. The Pretty young Brunette driving loses control of the speeding vehical which barrels past Edge narowly missing him before spinning out in the middle of the street nearly a block away just short of the planned ambush point.

Those in the vicinity can hear the man swearing and shout, "They found us so soon we have to get out of here."

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Blink shook her head in frustration, of course this op was not going to go as planned. When did anything in this accursed city ever just go as planned? They hadn't even nabbed the girl and already there were heroes swarming the place. She frowned hearing the faint report of a distant explosion wondering who authorized that. The girl was supposed to be delivered unharmed and a bomb was hardly the right tool for that job. For a moment she wondered if this was some kind of odd double cross; it would be very like her countrymen to pull something like that. She didn't ponder long as years of training pushed her into action.

"We're too slow. Looks like someone's trying to grab the girl before us. Move in, give resistance and fall back. Make sure to scatter when you do, I don't want one stinking do gooder to grab every one of you. Meet back at the destination after initial contact and try not to be aprehended. Move out," she whispered in the small radio that the Russian's had provided her and the team. "Oh and if I see anyone shooting at the girl, or trying another stunt like the bomb, I'll have your hide and leave the rest for the mob to play with."

With a sigh, she stepped out of the alley and moved with a purposeful trot towards the car. Her officer's uniform and gear jangled and bobbed without the reassuring heavy presence of an AK or her standard gear. How did the police in this city ever get anything done?

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As the car comes to a stop the young girls scream slowly fades though she continues to Maintain a white knuckle grip on the steering wheel while hyperventalating. The young man in the car with her pulls his seatbelt off and tries to get her attention, "Tasha baby, we gotta get moving. I don't know where they found these freaks but we gotta get to the boat, come on snap out of it baby." He pleads shaking her slightly.

From his hidden vantage Arrowhawk takes note of the thugs he had tracked here steadying their weapons on the newly arrived heroes from their places of hiding, as does Dark Stars expanded senses.

However before any of them can act a SCPD officer on foot hurries out to the side of the car.

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Dark Star sped over to between the thugs and the car. "Edge, 'ware the alley!" He didn't know who the thugs were, but they were carrying some kind of weapons that was definitely not from around here. Looked so familiar....but he just couldn't place it.

He gestured, expanding a large antigravity field, reaching out to cover both the thugs as well as the car, sending them floating up to the top of his field where they could bob around for a few moments. Of course, he made sure Edge and the police officer were excluded from the effect. "Now, everyone remain calm and surrender peacefully. Let's not have any more violence, shall we?" He looked over at the police officer. "Good evening officer. These gentlemen here and one in the car seemed to be having some trouble regarding the ban on weapons and explosives. I did not wish anyone to be hurt."

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The Armed men struggle against the sudden shift of the gravity field one managing to squirm free of its grasp. Several curse in russian as they try and bring their weapons to bear on the offending hero.

The keen eyed scottish archer notes from his vantage point several inconsistancies in the 'police officers' outfit, it is surely some kind of ploy could this be the mysterious 'outside contractor'?

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Arrowhawk fired his grappling gun, swinging down to the street and landing with a deliberate thud. "Hello, 'officer'," came the smirk from behind the cowl. "So glad you could join us, but perhaps next time you should pay more attention to your outfit so it's not so obvious a disguise?"

He drew his bow in a flash and stood letting his cape obscure his shape, red lenses in the cowl visible as a dim glow. "Surrender and I'll go easy on you," he snarled.

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The lone thug flips a switch on his rifle and fires a stream of crackling red energy at the insubstantial hero pinning his companions. As the beam arcs towards Dark Star he remembers where he has seen these weapons before, they have been heavily modified but are definately based on Star Khan Pain Guns, the wracking agony throughout his body is an unwelcome reminder of the brutality of those far off interstallar conquerors.

As the Energy coruscates over Dark Stars form the Thug turns and runs ducking around a corner.

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"Gah....grr..." Dark Star grimaced, doing his best to focus and not lose his concentration. Holding them all 50 feet or so in the air, he couldn't afford to drop them. It was all he could do to maintain the field after being hit with that pain inducer. He was more than a little curious how it got here but was a little preoccupied to do anything about it just now...

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"I've got this one, Mr. Dark Star!" Edge jumped on top of a car, fired his grappling gun, and swung up behind the fleeing thug. "You won't get away that easily, Mr. Spark Plug!" Edge pointed as he came in for a landing and dropped a widening eruption on the fleeing thug, targeting the energy weapon the man was holding as much as he targeted the man himself. "Fall by your own fiendish machine!" He'd seen his grandpa say that once.

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Blink jumped back, obviously startled. However, her wits were still about her. It was pattently obvious that the diversion had failed miserably. Otherwise why would every hero in a ten block radius be camping at the very place she needed to work. Even more obvious was that her squad was not kitted out nor prepared to handle three of the cities defenders without a better plan.

With a flitting glance at her floating team she knew it was time to cut losses and get some intel back to the man who had hired her. The goons would be sprung in a matter of hours, of that she was sure.

As startled as she was, she kept the presence of mind to wave at Dark Star in a congenial manner. She longed to go on the offensive, but if she did, the opportunity would be lost. Even so, there was a certain appeal in a one on three battle. Of course there was less appeal in getting on the bad side of the Russian mafia.

She didn't have to work hard to make her eyes go wide, although the startled innocent look took a bit of doing, "Dis.. disguise? Surrender? What... no, this is a costume. There's a costume party at the bar on the wharf. I heard the explosion and came running. I mean... what if someone was hurt? I wanted to help..."

Then, allowing the faintest hint of a smile, "do you really think the costume is that good?"

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The girl began to calm to her boyfriends prodding right before the car hurtled up into the air sending her into all new levels of hysteria. Her boyfriend shouts, "We won't go back you bastards." and pulls out a handgun firing several shots through Dark Stars insubstantial form.

As the two young people in the car panic the seeming leader of the group of armed thugs regains his equalibrium and fires a stream of sickly red energy from his rifle scoring a direct hit on Dark Star. He then begins shouting orders, "Blue team take down these so called heroes. Red Team pop smoke, Kowalski ignore the kid and get clear."

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Dark Star briefly addressed the two in car, "Oh stop that and be still!" A second beam from one of the floating thugs slammed into his chest. He glanced down at the impact, which did little to him. "You do realize I'm holding you over fifty feet up, right," he asked in a annoyed voice.

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Arrowhawk pivoted on one foot. "Then get out of here! It's too dangerous! Run!" he shouted at the girl in the costume, before nocking his bow and aiming a shot at the thug attempting a fighting stance. The shot to the temple left the man unconscious on the floor.

"Can't we all just surrender and accept we're taking you into custody?" he called up to the car.

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At their leaders command the Thugs open fire with their high tech weapons beams of red energy lancing towards the heroes. Several shots rip through Arrowhawks billowing cloak but none manage to hit home. The shots aimed at Edge fly wide as the shooter tries to spin to face the lucky young man. Dark Star is not so lucky and several shots from the pain inducing beams strike the ephmeral hero dead on.

As soon as the salvo is fired the remaining thugs blanket the region in smoke with well placed smoke grenades.

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This is really annoying! Edge was glad for his goggles, knowing they at least kept his eyes from hurting from all the smoke. "Mr. Dark Star!" he called, "Try and get the car out of the way! I'm going to try messing up the bad guys. Hey all you bad guys! You're fighting a powerful energy being and the Edge of reason! Show some sense here and drop your guns!"

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Trying to look as contrite as she could Blink shouted, "Whoa! They're shooting at us!"

She backed quickly away from the heroes towards the alley she had just come out of. The smell of stale beer mingled with the pungent odor from the wharfs themselves. Trash littered the ground as she ducked in as quickly as she could. She had to move fast while the element of surprise was not completely lost.

'Three heroes! Really? Is this girl that important...'

The officers outfit shimmered briefly as she morphed into a younger looking blonde haired girl. Her clothes matched the style and quality of the couple in the car and she reminded herself to play the role. Taking a deep breath, she focused her thoughts concentrating on the car. With a practiced ease she reappeared in the back seat, surrounded by the thick smoke from the grenades. For the moment, she was quiet as the blasts from the gun in the front concealed her as much as the obscuring white clouds.

'I need to remember to get that guy a bonus...' she thought to herself as did her best to look suitably confused.

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Several more bullits fromt eh panicing youths gun fly throught the smoke ricochetting off the street and shooting out at least one street lamp the young woman seems to have her head on a little more straight and is screaming, "Stop it you idiot they'll kill you."

Other than that there is earily little noise coming from the cloud.

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Dark Star scowled. "Fine." He ended his gravity control and watched the lot of them land. "I am becoming annoyed with you folks and this foolishness. I do not understand what is going on but all the violence will end. Now. Surrender please. And explain the meaning of this. Starting with what's going on and where you folks got your hands on modified energy weapons from a section of space that is many hundreds of light years from here. Speaking of which..." He gestured and sent a wave of radiation outward, intent on targeting only non-organics (he didn't want to hurt anyone after all), specifically all of those annoying weapons. He made sure to leave Edge out as well since he didn't know what gear the boy had. The same held true for Arrowhawk and the plethora of devices the man carried.

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