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(thread recruitment) Superpowers and Swords and Sorcery


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Okay, I know it's April/May and we're hitting the slowdown we usually do, but I'd like to get this up and out now just to get a move on developing it.

The notion: Your character wakes up from a night's sleep, turns a street corner, or even just blinks.. and suddenly the world's gone all wrong.

The city looks like it's turned into some mass Ren Fair, redone as a high medieval settlement, everyone walking around like it's perfectly normal, chattering about the day's business in archaic and stilted sounding English.

The place isn't even called Freedom City anymore, everyone around you talking about "Freedom's Reach" or something.

Just when you think you've gone completely crazy.. hey, there's Captain Thunder flying overhead! Okay, that's still normal, maybe you can ask him for... and he's wearing chainmail. And his hair is long enough that he could be on the cover of a romance novel. And he's shouting "I say thee nay!" at.. yup, that's a dragon he's flying off to fight. A dragon.

I'm looking for a group of pl 10 or higher heroes to deal with being in a place that seems to have overdosed on too many issues of the Mighty Thor and Conan the Barbarian.

The basic notions will be trying to sort out what the heck happened, ocassional fight based misunderstandings, and dealing with being modern superheroes in a medieval fantasy world.

Oh, and no, you don't need Warriors and Warlocks for this at all, I'm just using a few things from it from a GM perspective.

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Darn... first attempt at replying died in transmission. Let's hope this time it makes it through.

Count Hellbound in on this one. Will there be any changes in the PC costumes or powers? I'm thinking that his wings-and-scalemail Device would play well in such a scenario.

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Dr. Archeville would hate that day. He would hate it so much.

Count him in ;)

Belphegor, who could be back in his PL 10 form by then, would find it... interesting. (In fact, the world-warping could be a handy explanation for how he managed to break out of Hell in the first place!)

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I can work with Dark Star being in it Cyroa, but that's entirely your call.

I can handle I'm thinking a group of up to 6, so if other players are interested, it's not completely full up or anything at the moment. Just recall, PL 10 or higher, and heroes.

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Okay, there was some slowdown while some of the characters that wanted in were getting their characters approved, but we're otherwise good to go now, Quark having traded his spot to Thunderstanding.

Threads being set up presently in the lands beyond forum.

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