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Found 1 result

  1. Galor System Outer length of the Perseus Arm November 2, 2015 (Terran Calender) The Praetorian spacecraft Kavaca dropped out of lightspeed near the third planet in the Galor system. A large planet slightly bigger than Terra, Galor III sat along a much closer orbit around its bright yellow sun. As a result, the planet was brown and tan in color, covered in desert and rocky mountains. But despite that hostile environment, the sentient reptilian species that was native to Galor III had evolved to develop at least minimal space travel, eventually making contact with scouts from the Lor Republic and established trade relations. The system had managed to avoid the onslaught of the Communion during the Incursion, but only just barely, as Communion forces had been moving toward the system when they had finally been stopped. But while that conflict had been avoided, Galor now found itself faced with a new threat, one that had cast a shadow over several neighboring systems as well. During the Incursion long standing differences had been set aside as the various powers of the galaxy worked together against the common thread of the Communion. During that struggle, numerous pirate groups had voluntarily joined with the Coalition, providing additional space power to the fleets. Among the pirate leaders to join the battle against the Communion was a renegade Broan prince called Dovox, who stylized himself as "Sovereign." Bringing together a number of pirate groups under his command during the Incursion, Sovereign had taken advantage of the chaos that existed when the Communion was defeated, using his forces to take control of a parsec along the outer edge of the Stellar Khanate and establishing himself as the rule of his own empire. After spending some time consolidating his position, Sovereign had begun to show signs of his intention to seek to expand his new domain, sending out forces to nearby systems to scout out potential targets for conquest. The Praetorians aboard the Kavaca had been sent to the sector to investigate and see what could be done to dissuade the would-be-conqueror. On the Kavaca's bridge, Seresk, a larger reptilian Praetorian, was at the sensors station and looked up from the displays before him. "Sri Steward, sensors are detecting a freighter sized vessel in orbit around Galor III. Its configuration is similar to vessels know to be employed by the pirate groups controlled by Dovox. It appears to be exchanging fire with several orbital defense satellites."
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