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  1. Carmen "Puma" When Carmen had been told that she was going to be going to school at Claremont and living in the States, the representative for the school had stated that the money itself would be all from a grant and a small amount from the mission itself to supplement her stay here. She'd listen to him, unresponsive his laughter yet one could tell that she was listening to him rather intently and focused. There was something to his story that rang true to her, oddly enough too like her own. "I don't think we are that unalike," she spoke in a plain voice, eyes drifting over to the pool for a moment before coming back to him, "My life as being normal was short. I got a few years before I became what I am." She places the magazine down, sitting up, "Then again, was it even normal. We have no parents, no family. There is no shared apellido to call for, it's just us. This really is our only chance at being normal and doing something with our lives for the better. If it means being some sort of hero so be it. I'm tired of staying locked up in my room afraid of the world."
  2. Having managed to avoid being spotted or heard from her knowledge, Puma investigated the secret hideout of her mentor, low to ground like the big cat of her namesake. The smell of similar wolfman to the one that they had fought was in the air and she had to find them. Everything felt off, metal walls, all refined to make it look like some sort of government facility out of any sort of movie she had seen. She'd turn the corner, watching from outside a larger room that had plenty of the strangers there, like some sort of space alien from another planet or maybe world. She didn't like this, not one bit, and quickly came back to report her finding to Patriot. "Who was that?" Puma questioned upon her return, overhearing the conversation, "There is more of them, a lot more. Isn't there like defenses or security in these sorts of places. After fighting him I doubt we can take on more than a few at a time?"
  3. Carmen Hand reaching out somewhat shyly towards his, Carmen would finally take his hand to shake in a somewhat awkward greeting. Cold metal steel on her own strange and soft hands. It would be a very short shake, Carmen not wanting to take it for very longer, "I'm sorry... I'm Carmen. I transferred into the school," she says before backing off just a bit to give him room. Being so big, she didn't want to get in his way. Instead, she would focus on the small show that Simon was giving, wondering at the strange power they possessed.
  4. "How would he be able to sneak into a place like this, who the heck even is this perro?" Puma spoke as she watched the knocked out wolfman with a scowl, keeping her claws out and on high alert as she guards her mentor, Patriot cuffing him. It wasn't like she hadn't been in a fight before, and she had already met a near god-like being, but this was nerve wracking. A place that she wholly expected would have been safe and secure from all appearances was now terribly so one that could not be trusted in its security. Puma would nod to Patriot, rushing forward silently and deftly along, scouting ahead for the rest of the facility. Like a large predatory cat, she'd sneak forward, as if on the hunt for whatever sort of intruder had found their way into the place. For all she knew they could be anything from thieves to utter assassins, holding back the fury it was that pervaded her mind to teach these thugs a lesson the moment she saw one, but she recalled Patriots words, keeping to scouting what was up ahead.
  5. Rolling stealth for a 25 As well, a notice roll with all my sense for a 26
  6. Carmen Everything in her body wanted and told her to start hissing at Neko, some sort of territorial instinct that drove her try to do so, only stopped by common sense and the fact that she knew that Neko wasn't that bad. They had their differences, but it was no reason to be overly rude. That was why her smile was one that was of a more pensive kind, clearly planned out as not to be upsetting in some sort of nature. At the moment now, it was more jealousy. She'd watch the transformation into a small cat by Cat-Sith, unamused for the most part as she stood there. More interesting was the fairy like girl that had suddenly appeared in a puff of butterflies. Carmen wasn't sure about the fae thing but she herself was a talking cat herself, beyond the pale of a normal human being. This was what Claremont was all about, the meeting of such special individuals that she had been promised. People just like her. "¡Oye, míralo!" she spoke as she was bumped into. He was bigger than Carmen by a good margin, the tech noticeable by how close they were, "You're fine, just be careful."
  7. Carmen "Are you sure you'd want me to help, I think I'd just get in the way honestly" she spoke in response to his offer. Carmen really didn't know how that she could help him, and while prsenting her case why such would be a bad idea for her to help, she didn't actively refuse it, "I guess try to figure out what to do, if I should just go to my classes or take this orientation. I'm not entirely sure where I should be going." Like an abandoned kitten, she'd follow Luke around, and in her disappointment, it'd lead them towards Owain and Neko. Owain, she didn't have much issue with. A nice guy, though being so out of time was strange in some instances. It was Neko she did have issues with. For some reason, maybe instinctual, the two just didn't seem to get along at all, and while certain events had healed the rift, it only resulted in weirder and silent standoffs. "Hello Owain... Neko," she'd greet. Carmen had little to no social media of any kind.
  8. Carmen She was not further than she was before she got into the line, having been told that while she may be slightly above the age and grade of newer students, she still needed to take the orientation day tour regardless. It was something about fostering community and friends. Carmen wasn't the type for that and looked for any sort of opportunity to leave it and see if she could go one of her classes. If push came to shove, even skip them all together if it meant getting away from the loud crowd of new students. "O' Luke...I didn't see you there," she spoke. All her sense were on overdrive, too many people around, harder to track with inexperience that she had. Puma seemed to lose that more annoyed look to one of a shyer sort, "You seem rather busy today."
  9. It looked like intimidation wouldn't be the only way to try and deal with the intruder. Instead, it would just have to be a good old-fashioned beat down. She'd leap out from behind Patriot, moving with a speed far above that of any normal Human and with the reflexes to boot. La Puma took to such with ease, looking like she was trying to sweep him right off his feet, but then she came up, smashing a clawed foot right into the wolf man's chin with a flip kick. She may still be new, but Claremont was certainly catching her up to speed as she landed back on her feet, knocking the intruder out in swift style. "Serves you right!" she shouts at him.
  10. La Puma will do an Acrobatic Feint for a 23. I'll then got for an Extra Effort to Surge and attack with a Crit rolling 20 for a 28.
  11. There was no escaping the fight now as she moved out of the way of an attack towards her mentor, protected by the more experienced hero. Blood was on her claws after striking the wolf man, still unsure why he was there or whom he actually was at it seemed like focus was on Patriot. She watched the flash of her weapons strike into the gut of the intruder, scorching him. The smell of scorched fur was in the air, sickening to her inexperienced senses. She tried to attack again, going in from behind to attack, but with her mentor there it made things harder for her to hit in the close quarter melee. "Watch it!" she spoke as she tried to hit him, unexperienced still daunting in trying to fight.
  12. Rolled for a 16 against him, a likely miss.
  13. Spending a HP to add a rank of Improved Crit for the Bruise.
  14. The young Carmen was gone, replaced with her persona of the La Puma Negra, anger and aggression full frontal as she came out to strike. In rather typical fashion of such aggression combined with a natural speed and reflexes, she was out first for the attack. Maybe she could have stopped a few moments to talk with this strange intruder but being called a catgirl wasn't something she rather liked to hear describe her, even if it was technically true. Time at Claremont had homed in some of her skills and ability, bringing direction into how she fought, but the raw animal ferocity was still there as she pounced forward at the wolfman, coming around for a daring spin kick that'd land its mark. However, it was likely blocked, her claws being the only fully damaging, enough to draw blood if they were unfortunate. Puma would bounce off of him in a partial crotch, growling like a small animal.
  15. Ok, so Puma is gonna rush up with a Claw Attack, hitting for a 27.
  16. Carmen Arrache The first day of actual classes was something she was partially dreading. Having had to run the quickest set of remedial classes in order to catch up with other students her age, Carmen was hoping that she could have at least a somewhat easier time of things. What friends, or could she say acquaintances more or less she did have were likely far too busy themselves to help her if she needed anything. She was essentially on her own in the crowd after leaving her dorm, trying to look above everything from her more average stature. With such a mix of individuals, especially those with such varying appearance, even some stranger than her own, it could be hard to see yet partially relaxed. "No puedo ver a dónde ir," (I can't see where to go) she spoke to herself, using her sense to the best of her ability to be able to hear voices and sense the movement of the crowd through the walkway. It appeared than many of the students were gathered, unmoving, to be standing there in front of several trainers, assuming it was the freshman group. At the least, people that could tell her where to go for whatever program she needed to go to. She'd fiddle with her canvas satchel bag of books. Even in the late summer heat she was still wearing the warmer varsity jacket.
  17. "¿Qué dijiste perro bastardo?" (What did you say bastard dog?) Carmen growled. It was more like a hiss if anything as anger began to well up inside her, slowly building as it looked like she was about to pounce at him wild and dangerously. At Claremont she was already in some counseling to deal with the more feral side of her mind, the one that could lash out with ferocity. Being called a catgirl began to rile her up more than one would have thought, maybe due to the natural rivalry ingrained in cat and dogs. She pushed forward, tail focused straight and her claws out, "Say it again!" Carmen spoke. Gone was Puerto Rican young woman and returned was La Puma Negra, out now on the prowl and ready to defend herself.
  18. 29 for Initiative and then I got a 16 for Sense Motive.
  19. Carmen smiled, "In my dorm I do the same thing. It makes me feel comfortable," she spoke before her senses picked something up. A dog. Did Patriot own some sort of dog? She didn't have issues with dogs, far from afraid of them as one would expect of the typical cats and dog style relationship. Something was wrong here however as things went into high gear rather quickly in the blink of an eye. She was pushed back by her mentor, bringing her pistol to bare at the elevator door, revealing what looked like some sort of wolfman, standing before both of them much to their surprise. It immediately drove her senses into overdrive, growling with her claws out as she looked like she was about ready to pounce at this strange creature not too unlike herself. It still put her highly on guard, staying behind Patriot, hissing at this stranger. Smelling him was like a bad candle store, near making her sick initially as she wasn't used to the strong scent. "Wa?" she spoke confused as she let down her guard, not sure what to do suddenly as this wolf creature back down, cursing his luck and backing off, "Who is this?!"
  20. Puma took the copy of the autobiography of one of the founding fathers of the United States in her hands when offered before watching as the secret shelf revealed it to be a hidden door on top of serving itself as a bookshelf. She'd inspect it, reading off the English on the back cover. Now she was getting into the meat and potatoes of what she assumed the heroic lifestyle and career of what Patriot did. So, when offered to see more than just the typical government office building, the young heroine almost leapt at the idea of something that seemed rather exciting, making her way with the book in hand. "¡Vamos!" she spoke, holding the book to her chest as she was first into the secret elevator, "I can't wait to see Patriot."
  21. Carmen listened to the older heroine as she slowly paced around the room, looking around it to investigate more. There had to be something of the current Patriot's stuff here, but there wasn't much at all in this. All the elusiveness that the Patriot was giving off was confusing her but being a government agent likely meant that there was a good reason for this to be. From what she had seen, having to deal with such grave near godly threats was enough to a secret for anybody. Carmen also suspected that the previous Patriot must have had his own secrets as well, listening about the time with Simmons when he was under the mask. La Puma's head quickly turned on a swivel rather quickly, her senses kicking in quickly as she looks over to the flashing light, catching the light as it shown on both of desks, "Assuming that just means someone is calling... or is it time for you to go to work?" she spoke, watching Daisy run out to likely answer the call of whatever it was, putting a hand to her hip, "So you got a secret room, all to yourself or something?"
  22. "Well... I don't really know. My guess would be that you don't really get to use it much or well... maybe you want to be your own person. I get the whole legacy thing, but I'm not sure really if that's what you're asking," Puma responds back to her after inspecting the room. Daisy's perfume was obviously screwing with her senses, but now slightly away from her, it was far easier to concentrate on what she actually needed to look around for. To her, it was just another boring office, this time with far fewer personal affects littered around, not to mention none of the interesting photographs of heroes that came before them. She'd respond with a question, noticing the best she could see the look that Patriot seemed to give, "How was the Patriot before you, what were they like?"
  23. 2020 wasn't that long ago in terms of how long ago that was. At that time, she was still sulking around back home in Puerto Rico, watching the heroic world from the periphery. Now she was in it, dead center in the superhero world, and far from her native home, "Sounds like it was pretty rough setting back up I bet before he found you," she'd respond, following her straight to her office. It was a hunch that it was the former Patriot's own office, given the names, wondering if that ever got confusing for people to remember. Having been rushed through a few of her classes to be caught up with other students, Carmen's hero history was still a bit rough, and while she couldn't get the names of most of those pictures, the young heroine could still identify the heroic identities of each one. Even looking down at the desk, filled with a strong smell of Patriot's preferred perfume that invaded her senses, she could identify Psyche and Phalax, famous heroes of Freedom City. She assumed they were close friends, as every other photo seemed to be of major heroes and heroines, especially those that were of the predominantly patriotic kind. So, hearing a question asking about what she thought of the decor wasn't too much of a challenge for her. Then again, Carmen wasn't much for artistic, her own artistic pursuits being rather tame and or drab in comparison. "I guess it's fine. Makes you think a lot about your history, who you are."
  24. "Is that so huh?" Carmen spoke as she for the most part quietly followed Patriot and Daisy around the office from the parking garage to the building proper. Unlike the ride out to the woods, here it was more like a typical school field trip and the young catwoman was quickly growing bored. She'd only speak briefly to Felipe, giving only a small greeting, turned off from speaking further due to the strong smell of cigarettes, another smell she seemed to dislike. At this point in her life, she didn't really mind the odd looks. Carmen had slowly grown used to them over time, but it was the crowds that was of distaste to her, where she felt out of place, "I guess we can see your office if you don't mind?" fidgeting a little before looking around the empty office building. Since it was clear that it was a Gov't building, she could only assume that the mention of the Vice-President only showed how high Patriot was, but she didn't really recognize them name of Sovereign Citizen or this AEGIS. In the back of her mind, it felt more like what she had heard was more like an employment pitch. "How long have you been working here?"
  25. La Puma Negra Carmen didn't really like the humid heat of the Summer night as the two rode through the rather quiet streets of Freedom City. Even for such a busy city, the Federal Building seemed to not have too much activity as they pulled into the parking garage. Having been told to dress up in costume, or for her at least, something that meant she could do work in at least, which meant the use of a modified school gymnastics, sporting the blue and yellow of Claremont. The only difference was a dark greyish belt at her waist. It may not have had anything in it at the moment besides her cellphone and a little bit of money, but she had plans to add far more uses for it in the future. Like a lost kitten, the young heroine would follow Patriot into the Gov't building, stretching out a little bit from the ride. It was only her second time on one and she still wasn't rather used to it. In fact, she wasn't used to Freedom City at all, especially as she cringed at the smell of strong perfume, enough to daze her if not just for a second, shaking her head in a nod to greet Daisy. Daisy's youth was somewhat of a surprise, but with how strong it was, it was as if she was compensating for something. "So, you like, work for the government or something?" Carmen asked, inspecting around herself, "Like a secret agent type?"
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