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Quirk Kart (OOC)


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For my next post, I was thinking of having Consuelo attempt to temporarily reconfigure her unconscious ability to draw miniscule amounts of matter and energy from billions of alternate dimension to power her ability to fly into, well, empowering her ability to drive instead. Not having used a hero point to gain an alternate power before, I thought I would float it out there first. My idea would be:


Base Power: Flight 3 [6PP]

Temporary Alternate Power: Enhanced Trait 3 (Skill: Drive, +12 ranks) [3PP] linked to Enhanced Trait 1 (Feat: Second Chance (Drive)) [1PP] and linked to Enhanced Trait 2 (Feat: Favored Environment (2) (Race Track) [2PP] = [6PP Grand Total]


Legit, or pure cheese?

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Hey Huck, always a good idea to run by an unusual stunted power with the GM running a thread. Here, I would say I am not certain how what you are describing as the source of her ability to fly would translate into that stunted power?


But in any event, when I get home tonight I will be making another post (which I have started working on) which will have Quirk address Consuelo's problem. 


Also, for this thread, will be letting everyone use Reflex checks for things as we race, and will be looking to add opportunities for people to try to use their powers in creative ways to get advantages in the race, so, save HP for that. 

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@The Sailor @Huckleberry Okay, going to try something here that and we will see if it works.

If everyone can give me a Drive or Reflex check, along with a brief description of what they are trying to do at this point in the race (ie: just try to go as fast as possible (ie get the lead); try to get one of the power ups; try to knock a car off course so it falls behind, etc). Also, if you want to try to use a power in a way that might help with the race, let me know and give me an attack roll (if your using some sort of attack, along with any intended target(s)) or a power check (straight 1d20 + the ranks in the power your using) and again, description of what you are trying to do.

Once everyone does, I will try to get up a brief summary of how things work out and everyone can start posting IC, adding dramatic flair as appropriate for the post.

BitCook anticipated this already :D


Lawrence is going to try to sideswipe K1 and get them to go out of control (to not get a power up or get a lead). He gets a 27 on his Reflex check!


K1 is going to go for a power up, only getting a 15 on his drive/reflex check


K2 is going to try to sideswipe Lawrence, getting a 20, Normally would hit, but has to roll the miss chance for Lawrence's concealment 20 which is a miss.


K3 is going to go for the other power up, getting a 17


Finally, K4 will try to sideswipe TL2, getting a 22 (Sailor, this will hit, but will also compare this to your drive/reflex check).


EDIT: Forgot to add, if you want to just try to go as fast as possible, add +3 to your roll (drive/Reflex) for the speed of the racers).

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@BitCook @Huckleberry @The Sailor 

Okay, here is a quick summary: 

K1 was heading toward the power up Consuelo was going to, but Lawrence knocked it off course to allow Rot to easily get the power up (she gets a temporary aura of turtle shells that will harm opposing team racers that come into contact with her racer).


K3 was heading toward the other power up, but Vicki gets to it first, getting a speed up for the next set of rolls (+5 on reflex check)


K4 manages to sideswipe Mizuki as she tried to anticipate the turn, knocking her a bit off course and causing her to slow down and fall a bit behind the rest of the group.


I posted IC last, so others can start making IC posts, adding some appropriate details.

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Okay, again, give me Reflex/drive checks and brief description of what you might want to try to do (such as if Consuelo wants to try to ram one of the Koopas).


@Huckleberry the aura Consuelo is defensive, but could be offensive as well, if she were to ram a Koopa, in addition to possibly knocking it off course, she gets to do damage to it as well, which creates another chance for it to get off course and fall behind.


At the moment, Consuelo and Lawrence are pretty much up in front, with K2 and K4 a bit behind.


Vicki is a bit behind K2 and K4, but starting to rocket forward (+5 on her next check for the increase speed for this bit).


Mizuki is a bit behind Vicki, with K3 just behind her and K1 further behind.


Lawrence is going to try his Speed 6, giving him +6 on his check, as he tries to match Vicki's speed and move up along side to help her stay on course, giving her another +2 on her check. Not a great roll, only a 18 for this check.


K1 is just going to try to get caught up (so +3 for focusing on speed), an 11, not very good.


K2 is going to try to go after Lawrence, 20, which will hit, but, again miss chance roll: 11 so it again kicks in and he misses Lawrence.


K3 is going to try to come up behind Mizuki to ram her, getting a 23, will have to see Mizuki's roll.

K4 is going also going to go for Lawrence (seeing the turtles around Consuelo), 25! Miss chance: 15, so again it kicks in.


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Thanks Sailor.

Okay, general summary:


K1 is still trailing behind everyone, trying to catch up and not having much luck.


Mizuki and K3 are mutually ramming into each other, and generally a bit behind the rest of the group.


K2 and K4 both tried to ram Lawrence, but failed do to his time tricks, so while they are generally in the area where the others are, they are not quite in the lead.


Consuelo and Vicki are pretty much up in the lead together, Lawrence and K2 and K4 a bit behind.


Still no sign of Quirk.


@BitCook @The Sailor @Huckleberry Go ahead and make IC posts (or edit yours Huck). Also, Huck, I will say the turtle aura will hang around for the next bit of the scene, which I will describe when I make an IC post.

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