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(OMTB) Once More To The Boards (OOC)

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https://orokos.com/roll/900086 And my first roll is a 3. So...13. So...no. HP Reroll time.


https://orokos.com/roll/900087 And then I rolled lower. a 2. But HP means that's a 12, so 22 on the dot. Now time for the halved TOU save, as I should really give her Evasion. Vs. DC 21.


https://orokos.com/roll/900088 Rolled a 19. for 29 overall. Tanked it. Could've kept the HP. Oh, well.

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Archer will shoot arrows at the caped figure above.


First: Fast Acrobatic Feint to try and catch them flat-footed: 38

Standard arrows with piercing damage type and rapid fire arrows to give them Autofire: 19



Well, good on the feint, not so much on the shot, but oh well.

DC21 TOU, up to +3DC from Autofire, if it hits.

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EP, you recognize what this used to be as a heavily modified Centuritron, though evidently one rigged to explode. You've heard of a few of those active in Rurland (aka the Robot Nation), but you've never fought one directly. Getting access to one and reprogramming it must have been quite the feat. On the other hand, it occurs to you that this was not actually a very big boom for a robot with that much power; you probably could have killed both of you with access to the inner workings of one of these things.


You do have a suspicion that this was probably not Talos or his people, since they genuinely do not use robots for suicide missions. 


It's a mystery! 


Let me know if Terrifica has other questions you want answered, I'll be happy to do that after this roll. 


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