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They're obviously members of the Takazumi-gumi, a Yakuza clan with ties to the Katanarchists that serve as the hidden rulers of Jadetown. 

You can't recognize the woman, but the man is Takazumi Ryu, heir apparent to the leadership of the Takazumi-gumi.

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Okay! Let's go. The Carnifex is going to All-Out-Attack +2/-2 and take a 10 to hit for a +6 to hit and then take a 10 (16 total) to smack over the dude with the gun. DC 25 Toughness for the poor fella.

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@Spacefurry: Don't kickstart combat after I've asked for initiative, please. Let me set up an order first and we'll see who goes when, since the Carnifex ruined surprise for all others.


Rebellion initiative: 18

Guards: 6


20 - Blackstaff - 4HP - Unharmed

20 - The Dreamer - 1HP - Unharmed

19 - The Carnifex - Unharmed

18 - Rebellion - 4HP - Unharmed

6 - Takazumi-gumi - ?


Since @Spacefurry gets to go first anyway, he'll be using that Move Object grapple on the second guard, and its a hit.

@Spacefurry: You need to give me a grapple check. I see its not listed on your profile, but it'll be Ranged Attack + Move Object rank. As I told you on discord, I'll allow you to use the Attack Specialization from the Blasting Rod for Move Object, so the total bonus would be +18.

You'll have to beat the defenders grapple resist at: 22

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