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Dakar Rally OOC


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Okay, I have been giving some thought into how to handle the racing aspect of the thread that would allow for all of us to contribute (not just those making driving rolls). And I think I have come up with abstract method which could work.


Those involved in the vehicle maintenance (ie Micah) will be making rolls (either Kn: tech, Craft: Mech or Craft: Elec) at various points. Depending on the outcome of the rolls, he can either provide a bonus or penalty (the amount dependent on how good the roll is) which will be added to drive checks by Veronica or Liz.


Similarly, the navigators (Davyd and Lulu) can make either Kn: Tech or Survival checks to similarly provide a bonus or penalty to the drive checks.


I will be making similar checks for some key other rally teams to determine how each stage comes out.


If people want to go and request a character edit to add or increase any of these skills to represent the training over the last few months, we can start using those checks.


I also have ideas for other plot points and twists which will give people things to do during the race as well!


Let me know if there are any questions.

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So THIS is a good representation of the DI rally team jumpsuit we all have (only without white where there is the bit of pink and blue instead of black). The helmet would be blue and white as well (helmets are warn as it is pretty darn bumpy  during these races and of course there is always the risk of rollovers, especially on the dunes). There would also be blue and white baseball caps with the DI logo for those that want them when not in the vehicles racing.


Also, going to ask for a first set of rolls from everyone as outline above, so if anyone wants to make some edit requests for skills your PCs have been working on, now is the time :D 

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So, will be working on IC posts today to reflect some of the results. Just so you all know, those rolls were all pretty good (Micah and Lulu did REALLY good for the car). Liz's initial drive roll was rather low, which would have translated into a lower time for the leg.


For the first leg of Stage 1, Veronica gets a 34! This was boosted greatly by Micah and Lulu's amazing rolls.

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