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Got it. What I get for just reading the ooc.


Looking at Ashley, shouldn't she be limited to Luck 3 at PL10? Gonna put her at that for the moment, with the 3 extra HP for all the button pushing.


Intimidate resist: 23

You got him scared and he will


Can I get some preemptive initiative rolls despite combat not starting right away, because honestly, just a matter of time?


Watchdog - 6HP - Unharmed

Nightscale - 3HP - Unharmed

Matt - Unharmed?

U.S.Archer - Unharmed

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The bow near Ashley triggers and send an area Stun out.


@Avenger Assembled give me a DC20 Reflex Save for the Area effect, then a DC20/15 Fort save for the Stun effect.

Do you want that to trigger your readied action to shoot U.S.Archer with your attack roll at 30 and a crit for DC29 TOU save?

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TOU save vs. crit: 23

Bruise and Daze


U.S.Archer initiative: 27


Alright, U.S.Archer spends his turn clearing the daze. Since I just made a post @Avenger Assembled is up with Ashley doing her readied action and then taking her turn.


27 - U.S.Archer - Bruise (x1), Dazed

16 - Watchdog - 5HP - Unharmed

10 - Nightscale - 3HP - Unharmed

9 - Matt - Unharmed?


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Move: Fast Feint with Skill Mastery to keep him flat-footed, so that's DC 25, Bluff or Sense Motive 

Standard: She is going to keep using her guns on him, since they are non-lethal rounds. Since he is hopefully flat-footed, she will Power Attack for +5 

https://orokos.com/roll/894336 = 20 

Let me know if that hits him (I'll surge and do it again if it doesn't); if it does, that's a DC 29 Tou save again. 





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