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it might be a bit convenient perhaps, but I was thinking... Since they are both teens and are friends, I imagine that there are big chances for Luke to have some recent picture, or even video of him and Matt on social media to show him. Do you think it'd be fine?

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Luke is gonna use his emotion control power on Matt to give him hope and hopefully make resisting whatever influence on his mind easier. That said he will also try to hold him if it looks like he is about to hurt himself.

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Did Watchdog's intervention break Nightscale's grapple?


I'm not sure that Luke would let that happen and just step away, after all he is trying to prevent his friend from hurting himself and the snare is not going to do it, if it's just an handcuff tying his ankle.


Btw Luke will interpose in Matt favor if he is attacked with something that looks like it could harm him (so not another restraint, a stun or something of the like), similarly he will try to tank the shot himself, if Matt fires at someone.

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Any chance that Luke knows Archer? By reputation maybe? Hehe btw I was thinking that it could be fun as vigilante who actually operates in soutshide and isn't much older than Luke it could be fun if maybe he and Archer had clashed a bit during the short time when Luke used his powers to play gangster.

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Between the racist pig, the need to protect Judy, Luke, the cyborg, and the invocation of her mission, Ashley should probably have a lot of HP active right now beyond the 5 on her sheet. I will let you adjudicate the specifics 


I'll actually roll her Intimidate here: 

17, definitely worth an HP to reroll

30 with the HP, now that's more like it.


She is attempting to Intimidate him into lowering his weapon. If a message is being conveyed, it is "whatever you want to happen in a fight is not going to happen." 


She readies an action to shoot this guy in the face with her pistol if he doesn't lower his weapon. 

https://orokos.com/roll/887850 = 30

Okay, with her Improved Crit, the subsequent Toughness DC for the attack is 29. 

She'll be Interposing for Judy if any combat breaks out. 



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