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Got it. What I get for just reading the ooc.


Looking at Ashley, shouldn't she be limited to Luck 3 at PL10? Gonna put her at that for the moment, with the 3 extra HP for all the button pushing.


Intimidate resist: 23

You got him scared and he will


Can I get some preemptive initiative rolls despite combat not starting right away, because honestly, just a matter of time?


Watchdog - 6HP - Unharmed

Nightscale - 3HP - Unharmed

Matt - Unharmed?

U.S.Archer - Unharmed

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The bow near Ashley triggers and send an area Stun out.


@Avenger Assembled give me a DC20 Reflex Save for the Area effect, then a DC20/15 Fort save for the Stun effect.

Do you want that to trigger your readied action to shoot U.S.Archer with your attack roll at 30 and a crit for DC29 TOU save?

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TOU save vs. crit: 23

Bruise and Daze


U.S.Archer initiative: 27


Alright, U.S.Archer spends his turn clearing the daze. Since I just made a post @Avenger Assembled is up with Ashley doing her readied action and then taking her turn.


27 - U.S.Archer - Bruise (x1), Dazed

16 - Watchdog - 5HP - Unharmed

10 - Nightscale - 3HP - Unharmed

9 - Matt - Unharmed?


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Move: Fast Feint with Skill Mastery to keep him flat-footed, so that's DC 25, Bluff or Sense Motive 

Standard: She is going to keep using her guns on him, since they are non-lethal rounds. Since he is hopefully flat-footed, she will Power Attack for +5 

https://orokos.com/roll/894336 = 20 

Let me know if that hits him (I'll surge and do it again if it doesn't); if it does, that's a DC 29 Tou save again. 





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Hehe it might be a bit rude, but I think that Nightscale is gonna punch Archer to try and knock him down with a 24 to hit, taking -2 to defense until his next turn.


Edit: btw is there a way to contact the school for the students? (I mean apart from 'by phone' I imagine).

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Alright, so, the online cloud thing where I save my notes so I can access them anywhere? Its been acting up lately and its very annoying, and it has, for some reason, decided to delete my notes for this thread. So, if the NPCs' stats turn out to be inconsistent, I apologize.


TOU from U.S.Archer: 12

He's down


And with that, Matt gets up and punches Nightscale: 22

That's a hit. Give me a DC29 TOU save.


Then @Avenger Assembled is up!


27 - U.S.Archer - Bruise (x1), Staggered, Dazed

16 - Watchdog - 5HP - Unharmed

10 - Nightscale - 3HP - Unharmed, -2 Def

9 - Matt - Unharmed

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Watchdog will Interpose for Matt: 

I'll have her spend an HP on Ultimate Toughness, so she's bruised but otherwise unhurt. 


Watchdog Bluffs this joker too - DC 25 check vs being flat-footed. 

Then she shoots him! I'm just going to use her new sheet for ease of reference if I can. 

https://orokos.com/roll/898153 = 11 

Gonna re roll that! 

https://orokos.com/roll/898154 = 25! 


Okay, that's a DC 27 Tou save for him if she got her Sneak Attack Bonus. 






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Nightscale will try to grab again. He won't get the -2 defense in exchange for +2 to hit this time as I kinda have the impression that he should try to be as defensive as possible. 


He will also try to feint as a move action (9... would have been better with skill mastery at 15, but I was hoping for some luck)


The grapple attempt isn't doing that much better with a 17 to hit, but maybe?




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  • 2 weeks later...

He's gonna pass that Feint no matter what, and that's a miss.


Matt unleashes an electric area effect. DC22 Reflex Save followed by DC22/DC16 Fortitude Save vs Stun.


Then @Avenger Assembled is up!


27 - U.S.Archer - KO

16 - Watchdog - 3HP - Bruise (x1)

10 - Nightscale - 3HP - Unharmed

9 - Matt - Unharmed

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TOU save for Nighstcale: 2....  for a grand total of 10.

I guess I'll Hero Point it: 2 Again. At least it becomes 12+8 = 20 so he is just bruised.


EDIT: I misread your post Rocket. It was reflex + stun, not damages. So I guess it would be: 


Reflexes save for Nighstcale: 2....  for a grand total of 10.

I guess I'll Hero Point it: 2 Again for a grand total of 20 still fails.

Stun Save: 25 phew...


I think that Nightscale is going to try and grapple again as he doesn't want to hurt Matt. 


Feint as a move action: 16

To hit: 28 (Can I score a crit at a grapple attempt?) 

Grapple check: 34


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