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  • 2 weeks later...

I didn't notice AA reply to the IC thread for some reason...


Luke is gonna use his telelocation power to look for his friend. I can't use the dice-roller from work, but I'm gonna add a search roll and edit if needed once I'm back home later and I'll edit it in

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There seems to be some conflict. He is trying to do something, but doesn't seem like he wants to do whatever that something is. He is staring pretty intensely at Judy, though.

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let me know if I got to roll for Luke to try and grab Matt (I'll once I get back home later in the afternoon). In any case he will interpose if he tries something hostile toward Jay or anyone else in the crowd.

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Ok, I was thinking... Nighstcale's telelocation power only works with his friends\family\close connections in general and he used it to track Matt in the crowd. Did it point to him, or did Luke just spotted his face in the crowd (suggesting that this could be a 'fake' Matt)?

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