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Millenium Mall, Midtown, Freedom City

December 1st, 2020

9:34 PM


The sky was clear and dark above Freedom City on this particular night. The half moon shone among the stars, illuminating the night.


Micah had been the one to first catch the news of a new movie coming out for the Christmas season, and he had suggested to Pan they should see it. Pan had brought Eira, and Eira had brought Lulu. The movie's title was "The Forever Boy". It was yet another retelling of the story of Peter Pan, and of course, they had to see it. It had all been very exciting, dark and gritty. A boy abandoned in Victorian London, found by Fae and whisked away to Neverland, flying and fighting pirates in great flying pirate ships, joined by Wendy and her family. Spectacular, visually impressive, but it didn't offer much new to the story. The climatic final scene had Peter Pan and Wendy teaming up to fight Captain Hook as his flying ship sailed across the sky above London, almost colliding with Big Ben, Tower Bridge and other sights along the way.


As they left the mall, Pan was talking excitedly about it, holding hands apart while he mentioned how something was much smaller in real life.


And above, in front of the glow of the half moon, a pirate ship sailed through the sky, towards the Millenium Mall.

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Lulu certainly appreciated the invite to go to the movies, even though it was always weird watching Pan and Eira on a date, a bit like two aliens who'd watched several 80s teens comedies and were trying to get it right. But they clearly loved each other in their own fashion, and enjoyed spending time together, so who was Lulu to judge? It was also nice getting a chance to hang out with Micah. For whatever reason, in the vicissitudes of school life, they never seemed to have a chance to just hang out; there is always some horrible disaster going on whenever they were together. 


The movie was fun, if rather predictable, which wasn't always a bad thing; Lulu really liked the swordfights and Tinker Bell the most.


Once they were outside, Lulu leaped around a bit, brandishing an illusionary sword before she remembered Eira couldn't see it, and then it discreetly faded away; it didn't feel right to flaunt her powers in front of someone who was 'mind-blind'. She then happened to look up in the sky and see the massive flying ship.


"What in tarnation...?"

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Forever Boy


Pan had seemed to enjoy himself during the movie, seated between Eira and Micah, excitedly motioning with his hands and having to be pulled down a few times at a particularly exciting scene. 


As they left the mall, he was helding his hands out, slowly stretching them out to the sides to show how the Crocodile in the movie had been much too small. "See, the Crocodile is a great beast, not some scaly lizard! It was much, much too small! If it were to get its fangs into the Hooked Man, all of him would be gone, not just his hand!"


Tinkerbell in the movie had been tiny, but fierce. A blonde haired woman with wings clad in green, the source of Peter Pan's flight, the one that taught Wendy to swordfight... and perhaps Pan's friends would notice how he had made sure not to mention her at all.


Or perhaps they were, like him, stunned at the sight of the flying ship approaching from above.


"Oh." For a brief second, Pan seemed crestfallen. Then his face lit up into a giant grin. "Sky Pirates!"

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Micah had found the movie entertaining enough.


"Most versions make the Crocodile maybe two or three times the size of a person. Hence Hook having just the hook-hand, not being a hook. That last fight was pretty gre-"


He stopped as the others noticed the ship in the sky; it took him only seconds to see it as well. He sighed.


"Right, of course. Irony. Y'all need me to give us cover to change?"

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"That actress playing Wendy was obviously costumed to target steampunk fetishists," muttered Eira, who had enjoyed Pan's company and perhaps also that of her friends but had not seemed to enjoy the movie very much at all - though it was hard to feel too bad in Pan's company for too long when he was so thoroughly enjoying himself. "Deplorable people lusting after a past where they would be thoroughly lost," she added, before smirking at Pan and saying, "You must be glad you live in a place with computers and proper sanitation now, yes?" She looked up at the pirate ship and scowled, her good mood seeming to fade. "They would come now, when so many are away with the Krampus Crisis!" She bit her lip, her skin seeming to shift in colors from pink to silver, and silvery wings erupted from her back and out the rear of a T-shirt that was really too thin for Freedom City in December anyway. 

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The flying ship approached fast, heading straight towards the theater. As it came closer, the group could see pirates hanging off the ship, dressed in a weird anachronistic combination of what you would expect a classic pirate overlapped with strange patterns and lines and modern military wear with designs not entirely unlike Pan's uniform. Their yells and cheers could be heard as the ship turned hard, quickly firing their cannons.


A pair of cannonballs flew through the air, leaving faint sickly green trails behind before they slammed into the ground near the entrance to the mall. They slammed into the ground, but caused little damage. Then they opened up, glowing with a sickly green light. In seconds, pirates began to appear from the glowing, rushing towards the mall's entrance.


Or rather, towards Pan.

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Micah sighed as the others started to prepare themselves. 


"Eira, I'm going to trust that you'll keep us from going viral. Guard your eyes and ears, I'll delay the ship."


He pulled out a pair of sturdy goggles and slipped them over his eyes, then pulled off his jacket and shirt in one smooth motion, revealing his sleeveless "extracurricular uniform" from Claremont. The young weather controller crouched down, and wings of emerald light unfurled from his back. The air rippled, and suddenly Micah was gone. The trail of emerald motes behind him traced far into the sky in eye-blinks, a faint roar-crack indicating he'd broken the sound barrier already. He passed by the pirate ship and slowed a few hundred feet past. 


Crackles of lightning surrounded him for several moments until he stopped, some quarter-mile above the descending magical pirate ship. For a moment, everything in the air seemed to still...


Until there was an almighty crack of thunder, and a storm of energy rushed out. Lightning bolts so thick it made the space around Micah seem half-solid, burning so bright that the crew of the ship would need to cover or avert their eyes to have any hope of retaining their vision, accompanied by a rolling barrage of thunder-booms that were sure to assault their ears and rattle their bones. After an eternity of a few seconds, the vicious storm died away, and the green mote of light that was Thunderbird hung unsteadily in the air above the ship.

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Forever Boy


While Micah flew towards the ship, golden dust shimmered across Pan's form, revealing his uniform and mask. He looked to Micah, then to the others. "The cannonballs bring the pirates here. We need to destroy them, or the entire crew will reach the ground."


He was gone between the blink of eyes, leaving nothing but a trail of golden dust behind as he moved towards the cannonball the furthest away, dodging the pirates on the ground along the way. Pixie Dust gathered into a golden two-handed hammer in his hand while he moved.


Stopping right above the cannonball, he quickly slammed it into the cannonball. As it fell into pieces, it released a wisp of faint green smoke.

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