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Once the issue with the kids was taken care of, Danica relaxed enough to pop back into her shell, stand up, and look around. The alive wooden elephant was still very weird but way outside her expertise, and they were all home and safe and...


"Oh no!" she exclaimed in dismay. "My Segway is still on the spaceship!" She'd been preoccupied at the time by being scooped up by elephant trunk and hadn't even tried to hold onto the machine that would've been much too heavy for her anyway. She put her hands over her mouth. "That thing costs like a thousand bucks and they aren't even making new ones! My parents are gonna flip out!" 

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"You can try," Pan responded to Ashley's very good friend with a wicked grin. 


He listened to Judy's explanation thoughtfully, nodding along the way, his eyes darting between Ashley and Fa'Rua. 


"Yes, yes, the being that were to take care of the children were not quite emotionally invested in their well being. Perhaps your space force should look into that, yes? Child endangerment by potentially higher beings should be punishable, no?"


At Danica's outburst, he raised his hand up, pointing to the sky.


"There is only one thing we can do, Danica, my friend: We must rescue your mount!"

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Whirling the flashlight in one hand before returning it to her belt Fa'Rua flashed a smile to Pan, "Well I guess you're alright then but I got my eye on you."  she replied to Pan with a laugh and nodded reassuringly to Ashley, "With the diaspora there are ships of all kinds we've gotten pretty good at tracking down this sort of thing."  she said with a hint of sadness.  "We'll get them home."  She reiterated, "Might need to get your full report later though."  she warned flirtatiously.


"If you don't feel you'd be safe with your parents we can find a suitable family member."  Jolan assured the boy with a soft smile only to have his words of comfort interrupted by his sister shouting over her shoulder, "Then your parents are already in the system it'll be easy."  The monk let out a small sigh, "We will ensure you are returned to your people regardless the Lor Republic is not in the habit of absconding with peoples children."


Fa'Rua's eyes narrowed at the mention of the Sterlarian.  "This does seem like their kind of action."  She sighed and flashed an apologetic smile Judy's way, "No offense but that side of the family is a bit,"  she paused looking for the English word, "Douchy?"  she suggested looking to Ashley for confirmation.  "Most Stelarains are not emotionally invested in anything that isn't doing what they want in any given moment."


Jolan frowned at Danicas distressed outburst, "Ah that is unfortunate,"  he offered with genuine concern, "We can file a missing property report for you, it is unlikely but should it fall into Republic hands we would be able to return it."


"Slow you're roll there hoss."  Fa'Rua held a finger Pans direction to pause the boys impulse.  "If there was a stellarian on board they and the ship are long gone."  She nodded to Ashley, "Even if it's taking the ship with it it'll travel faster than almost anything we have available."  unless Fa'Rua knew the destination and ported them there that was.

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Ashley grinned at Fa'Rua, wanting badly to tell her that it was so cute when she used Earth slang, or maybe to shut her up by kissing her on the mouth. "Okay," she said, trying to keep her cool as the giant elephant lumbered to a stop in the spot where it had stated the day's journey. Comrade Frost had stepped back down below at the arrival of the alien spaceship, so she felt freer to talk than she might have been otherwise. "Here's what we'll do. We're gonna let the experts handle the kids; and I know the Lor will get them back to their families. Danica, we will find you the best damn Segway money can buy. Pan, we are maybe not ready to go back into space yet. Judy, we need to get you back under cover, so I can-"


The elephant reached its spot and gave a long, deep rumble in its throat, and then settled down into its foundation - and abruptly stopped moving. There was a feeling of a long, content sigh, of something coming to rest, and then they were on top of the building again. Just a building. 


On the plus side, Lucy was cleaner than she'd been in a long, long time. 


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"But..." Pan stumbled over the words a bit, looking up and gestured with his hands towards Danica's feet, then towards the sky again, his hands almost trembling as he was clearly struggling with the letdown.


"But... adventure?" 


He sighed, and shook his head.


"Fine, fine, I suppose. We shall stay here. But do not blame me if the segway somehow gains a mind and returns to terrorize Danica for abandoning it!"

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"That's not funny," Danica muttered, turning away and heading slowly towards the stairs. Usually she would wait til everyone else had gone down because going first meant people behind her had to wait, but she was not inclined to stand around with anybody right now. She guessed that for somebody who worked for the president's kid, thousands of dollars wasn't a big deal to have to pay, and for a kid who could fly, losing your walking transportation didn't matter very much. She certainly couldn't blame the Lor pilot just for telling her the truth about the likelihood of ever getting her scooter back. It still didn't mean she wanted to hang around with any of them at the moment.


'Look at the bright side,' her mom would have said, probably would actually say once she got done freaking out about the Segway, and Danica was usually pretty good at that! It was still good to be back on Earth, and nobody got hurt, and the accidentally-kidnapped kids would be going home. It wasn't like her scooter was a person, not for real, not even despite what stupid Pan said. It was just special because it had been hers and now it was gone for good, along with all its specially-chosen decals and familiar quirks and the awesome sense of freedom it had granted. She was going to miss it, was all, and it was going to be a long trip home. 

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Judy hurried down after Danica by dint of vanishing in a flare of rainbow light and reappearing next to Danica. "Chelone," she said, her voice full of sympathy as she appeared next to the tortoise girl. "Can Ah give you a ride back to the school?" she asked, offering her hand to Danica. "We can let the grownup heroes handle this one.


Ashley watched Judy from the top of the elephant near Fa'Rua, folding her hands behind her back as she waited for Judy's response. She looked over at her girlfriend and couldn't help smiling as she said "If you're catching a ride, sis, I think I'll head off with the space cops. Maybe I can learn a few things from them." 

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"But... I was not trying to be funny! We should try to get it back before it returns! Do you think it will simply forget being left behind?" Pan shouted after Danica. He sounded genuinely remorseful, looking after Danica and Judy.


With a heavy sigh, he seemed to give up, then called after them again.


"It is a thing that happens!"

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Fa'Rua watched the exchange between Pan and Danica violet gaze bouncing from one to the the other and raised a brow to Ashley silently asking if this was for real.  Yes the animate elephant statue coming back to rest she took in stride but this distress over the absent Segway and the earnest if delusional fear of it's sentient return was the step too far.  


Jolan guided the children to the ship and ensured they were safely ensconced with only a small backwards glance at the upset young avatar and a small nod of self assurance that her distress would be short lived.  He made his way back to Fa'Rua and Ashley looking between them with a bemused smile, "Yes Ranger Zal Na'ar I'm sure would be happy to liaise."  he said pointedly because being a mindful aesthetic monk did not mean one simply stopped harassing ones sister about the new paramour.


"Stow it Jolan."  came the rangers dry response and shook her head, "Uh that isn't a thing that happens right?"  she clarified with Ashley as the one thing she had learned about Terrans was that one should not assume their outlandish delusions were untrue simply because they were impossible.

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Danica was super-duper extra-ignoring Pan by now, growing her shell an entire extra foot in diameter just so her turned back would be sure to get the message across. It didn't matter if he was trying to be funny or just being ridiculous, she wasn't going to let him make her feel any worse. Maybe he'd seen Toy Story and thought it was real or something; he was a weird kid. "Yes please," she told Judy softly. "Let's go home." 

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Judy and Danica returned to Claremont together in a flash of rainbow light, where they had quite a story to tell to their classmates and teachers. 

Ashley reassured Fa'Rua that material objects didn't just come to life if you left them alone long enough, even on a really weird and often obnoxious planet like Earth, then 'played hooky' long enough to help hand off a group of pirate orphans out in deep space. She and Judy wound up confined to campus for a week when she made it back some 48 hours later. 


The Smith sisters couldn't stay too long in lockdown, though, it was almost November!

Eira did her best to explain to Pan that you had to make machines be sentient in this dimension, it didn't just happen. Most of the time, anyway. Maybe she could make it up to Danica by helping her with a new ride... 


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