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Rolling a combined Notice for now: 13

Nobody noticed for now.


Let's see some Initiative rolls for the infiltration phase, now that the action begins.


Nevermore: 6


And Charlie's obviously letting Arrow take the lead here.

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And to make it a bit easier, here's a map of the building as you can see it so far. Remember Bowman counted at least 12 enemies, so far you've got eyes on 9-10.

The x's are enemies. The grey boxes on the ground floor are containers.

You're currently in the office on the first floor. Which is the second floor, the one with the catwalks. Because I went with the weird Danish floor numbering where we go ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, etc.



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Hm. I think Raven will take a round to:

-Configure his Gadgets to this:
Electroshock Gauntlets 
 Stun 10 (Extras: Linked [Martial Arts] Flaws: Daze) [10PP] (Electricity)

-Move up to the door on the North of the Office and carefully turn the handle to open it slightly. Aka, no longer latched, but it's still basically closed.

-Stealth Check: 22.


We'll call that his turn; prepping himself for combat, and clearing the way for the others to more easily move out. 

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Arrow will burn a Hero Point to add a new Alternate Power to her Device/Trick Arrow Array.


Stun 4 "Injector Arrows" (Extras: Range [Ranged], Sleep [+0]; Feats: Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Subtle 1) [15] (Piercing, Poison) 


Move Action: Go forward from wherever she was in the office and fully open the door she she can have a clear shoot of the dude directly north of said door.

Standard Action: Attacking aforementioned dude north of the door with the above subtle Stun 4 power. I got a 30 on attack and a crit to boot! With the crit, that's a DC 19 vs. Fort for the north X. Not sure if it's a surprise attack as well.


If needed, the Stealth Check is 27.

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Was going to do this yesterday but Unseen Servant was down for a bit, then I got sidetracked....


Raven is going to move to the East guy quietly and try to punch him with his stun-gauntlets.

Stealth: 32.

Melee Attack: 23. I'm guessing that's enough to hit him. That'll be a DC 24 Toughness save vs the punch damage, and a DC 20 Fortitude Save vs the Stun effect (limited to Daze). 

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