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Everything Is Temporary (OOC)

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As discussed in discord, Pan will do a stunt for some Postcognition off his Tricks array, so 28PP to play with:


Super-Senses 9 (Visual Postcognition, Audio Postcognition, Time Sense) [9PP] Enhanced Trait 2 (Search +8; Flaws: Limited [Can only be used when perceiving events with Postcognition]) [1PP] Quickness 9 (Flaws: One Type [Mental], Limited [Can only be used for skills related to Postcognition]) (Mental Tasks x1000) [3PP]  {13/28PP} (Descriptors: What Happened Here?, Magic, Pixie Dust, Enhanced Senses)


Just in case you don't like those limited flaws, there's plenty of PP left over.


Making a Notice and a Search roll to see how much he finds out. 


Notice: Taking 20 at x1000 mental speed for a total result of 35. If you'd rather I don't take 20, then 25

Search: Taking 20 at x1000  mental speed for a total result of 30 (or 22 if you don't like the enhanced trait for Search +8 in the stunt). If you'd rather I don't take 20, then 29 (or 21 if you don't like the Enhanced trait for Search +8 in the stunt)

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Yep, wasn't sure those would apply either, was more of a limit on myself so Pan couldn't just use it for everything anyway! I'll do an IC for what Pan does after getting an IC from someone else, maybe with someone telling Pan what's happening, so I avoid double posting.

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Pan gets a very clear series of images: 


<a glowing shape cuts a circle into the wall and flies through> 


<fire curling around his fingers, the dark-robed man looks around the room before spotting the urn> 


<he nods and scoops it up in his arms - looking more like a postman picking up a package than a cunning sneak thief> 


<with that he disappears through the hole in the wall, where there is a faintly audible pop like a soap bubble some time after that> 

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Right, since the flaw on Quickness doesn't apply, the Quickness ranks should stack with his regular Quickness for a total Quickness 13, or x25,000 speed for mental tasks.


Gonna use that for taking 20 on as many checks as you'll let me, in order: Notice, Search and Investigate, with results being 35, 22 and 22.


Super-senses that might apply: Accurate hearing

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So this is what Lulu brings to the table:


ESP 5 (Sense Types: Auditory + Visual, Range: 5 miles, Extras: Action [Free], Duration [Sustained], Simultaneous, Feats: Rapid 3 [x1,000, 18 seconds / 3 rounds to Search a 5 mile diameter area, 6 minutes if Taking 20], Subtle [DC25 Notice])  {34/34} (Telepathic)


If she has the time, she'll take 20.

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Alright, first a question: Do the sniper rifle make any sound? In that case, Pan got Accurate Auditory senses with Danger Sense and Uncanny Dodge, which would let him keep his dodge bonus and make it a miss. Is there something he can see? If that's the case, he also got Visual Uncanny Dodge :D


Assuming that's not the case, and to keep things going, gonna do a TOU roll: 17

That's a bruise, assuming none of Pan's super-senses or uncanny dodge kicks in!

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Right, so, Thunderbird is mad. He has enough sense to figure these guys aren't just straight-up murderhobos, but they shot his friend.


Move Action: Go airborne for a better vantage point. 

Free Action: Switch his Array to "Stir the Storm", aka his Weather Control.

Standard Action: Set said weather area (since it's Independent) such that it's 200 feet past Pan's dust. So Pan summons 250 feet of dust, and I summon 250ft of weather, and 50 feet of each of those are inter-mingling. I don't know offhand how many effects I can pump out, but here's my priority order: Reduced Visibility [Precipitation], Distraction, Hamper Movements [Wind], Hamper Movements [Icy Surfaces], Cold. Here's the power. 


AP: Environmental Control 6 (24PP, Mix-and-Match Environments: Cold, Distraction, Hamper Movement (High Winds, Icy or West Surfaces), Heat, Reduced Visibility [Precipitation]; Extras: Independent [+0], Power Feats: Reversible [Maximum Radius 250ft]) [25PP] (Weather) ("Stir the Storm")


Thunderbird will be ready to move next round, with the hope that everyone else starts moving this round. 

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