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Just Like Fire (OOC)

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trapped by hostile maskin. no skadtor. suggest manual action against dörrar or ventilator shaft. bring energi other than electricity 


The translations are: 
machine, injuries, doors, energy 


There is no message in the wingdigs

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Search check to find fuse box/access hatch/power cables/etc.: 30 (a nat 20!)


Knowledge (Technology) check to figure out how to safely disconnect the power supply: 20, minus whatever penalties he'd have for working with crazy Surfacer tech.  (He may just blast it.)


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Okay, Artificer's got Blast 5 with enough Accurate to get him to +11 on the attack roll, Improved Critical (19-20), and Variable Descriptor 2 (which he's setting to "saltwater").

Gonna up his accuracy a bit more by using the free Accurate Attack "maneuver," so that'll by +13 to hit with a Blast 3 effect.

And my roll is... 19 (total).

Think I'll go ahead and use his 1 HP to re-roll that.  And get a... 28 total.


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