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Raven Family Values

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So it seems that I've inadvertently created a little Raven Family with the introduction of Madame Raven, so lets lean into it as create an extended Raven family to rival the Bat equivalent.


So if you have a Raven or Raven adjacent character let me know before and we'll try and keep track of everyone and maybe arrange some family related threads.


The Raven family so far:


Raven III (Aleksander Nakani)

Madame Raven (Callie Summers)

Watchdog (Ashley Tran)


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Well, depending on how you define "Raven adjacent" Tsunami could qualify, as her family is part of the criminal organization of Dr. Sin, which brings her in very closely with both Duncan and Callie Summers.

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Depending on how "Century For A Dame" progresses, Strix might be Raven-adjacent soon, in a Huntress black sheep who only gets called in when things are good and truly pear-shaped sort of way.


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