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Starlok (PL12) - Shofet (Bronze Reward)

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Power Level: 12 (185/186 PP)

Unspent Power Points: 1
Trade-Offs: N/A


In Brief: A countess from a vampire-like alien species out to protect the galaxy as part of her noble duty.

Catchphrase: Starlok hungers!

Theme: Mannfred von Carstein Theme - Total War Warhammer 2


Alternate IdentityOri-Bath of House Nos, Countess of Lugo (Public)

Birthplace: Castle Lugo, on the night moon of Nokton

Base of OperationsThe Pale Rider
Occupation: Aristocrat
Affiliations: House of Nos

Family: Ney-Var (father, deceased), Ka-Har (mother, deceased), Ven-Ruth (brother),


Age122 (DoB: May 26, 1897)

Apparent Age: Mid-20s.
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Alien

Height: 5’08”
Weight: 140 lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair: Dark blue, long


Starlok’s appearance, to an Earthling, immediately calls to mind the wicked vampire. Her skin is pale grey, her eyes blood red, her ears pointed, her fingers ending in black, razor sharp fingernails and in place of canines, she has fangs. Yet there is the touch of something alien to her as well: Her long, widow’s peaked hair, though normally appearing black, is revealed to be actually a very dark blue under the right light; her skin lacks any blemish, not even a mole; her pupils are actually a subtle starburst shape rather than round.


Starlok stands 5’08”, with a lithe, athletic figure. Her face is angular, with very prominent cheekbones, with a thin upper lip and a pointed nose. She is fond of makeup, wearing black eyeshadow and similarly coloured lipstick in most occasions, even when she is going into battle, and is fond of wearing golden rings and necklaces. When in a civilian context, she dresses richly, favouring long, flowing gowns and fashionable jewelry in colours like dark purple, mauve and burgundy.


When dressed for battle, she dons the Panoply of Nos, which takes the form of a golden girdle, a similarly coloured open-top helmet that frames her face adorned with what looks like bat wings, and a sword made of blood red metal. This is accompanied by a midnight blue leotard, thigh high red boots, and a black opera cape with the collar turned upwards so that it reaches up above the back of her head.


Ori-Bath was born as a scion of House Nos on the night moon of Nokton, the daughter of Count Ney-Var and his wife, Ka-Har. The oldest of two children, Ori-Bath was raised to become the next Countess of Lugo, a prestigious position that her younger brother Ven-Ruth made no secret of coveting. Only separated by a year, Ven-Ruth constantly jockeyed for favour, but both Ori-Bath and her parents ignored these attempts.


For over a century, Ori-Bath remained convinced of her succession. However, in that time, her brother’s bitterness had grown. Secretly, Ven-Ruth made alliances with other houses and built up forces to strike when the time was right. The chance came when Ney-Var decided to abdicate and allow Ori-Bath to ascend as Countess. On the day of her coronation, Ven-Ruth struck. Both Ney-Var and Ka-Har were struck down, but Ori-Bath herself managed to survive. Taking with her the ancestral Panoply of Nos, the ancient gear necessary to hold the right to rule, she fled aboard one of her family space-ships, the Pale Rider, and took off into space.


Adopting the title of “Starlok”, a sobriquet once used by the founder of her noble house, Ori-Bath fled into the wider galaxy looking for support to reclaim her rightful lands. In doing so, she has occasionally deigned to act as a hero to whatever people she has been near, partially out of a sense of noble duty and partially because she knows that she needs to build respect to gain the aid she needs.


All the while, her brother and his allies send hunters after her, knowing that without the Panoply of Nos, Ven-Ruth’s rule can never be legitimate. Forever watching her back and yet always moving forward, Starlok must contend with much if she is ever to reclaim her lands and return home.


Personality & Motivation:
As befitting a noblewoman, Starlok is a very haughty woman. She has an exceptionally high opinion of herself, and an even more exceptionally low opinion of most others. Her reasons are many - her noble blood, her impressive intellect, her appearance. But even if she had none of these, her personality is such that she would still hold herself in high regard. Bruises to her ego only strengthen her resolve to prove herself better than her enemies, of which she has many.


Yet, for all her belief of superiority, Starlok believes strongly that she has an obligation to ensure the safety and security of those around her, a noblesse oblige. This is still tied into her ego - the helpless masses needing the aid of someone competent and regal - but it’s there. She bristles at the pointless mistreatment of others, and is completely and utterly honest to the point of bluntness. Unafraid of combat, she will gladly put her life on the line to defend the common people, even if this is mostly because she’s too arrogant to believe she’ll ever die.


Starlok loves to be theatrical, and is prone to making grand proclamations and refer to herself in the third person. When people don’t take this seriously, she takes notice and becomes annoyed. She demands respect, and only becomes more theatrical the more it is denied to her.


Powers & Tactics:
Starlok is a frontline combatant, through and through. Wading into combat with her Blade of the Blood Drinkers, she hacks and slashes her way to victory. Should she be disarmed, or simply very injured, she switches to her claws, which allow her to drink the life-force of her enemies and restore herself. Preferring straight-forward combat, she primarily uses her flight to bridge the gap between herself and enemies, rushing forward to hit them with her sword.


Power Descriptions:
Though she appears humanoid, Starlok’s biology is very different than that of H. sapiens. Her flesh contains thin layers of non-newtonian fluid, which when combined with bones that possess natural carbon fiber and redundant organs like a second liver and heart make her body more resilient than many species in the galaxy. Her eyes are specially constructed to see in the dark, combining hyper-sensitive photoreceptors with cat-like reflectors. What appear to be merely claw-like fingernails are instead an important part of her digestive system, combining enzymes with efficient muscles to drain the blood of others and filter out important nutrients like Vitamin D even as it enters the bloodstream.


However, she also faces some complications. Her species is native to the dark side of a massive moon, and as such she is effectively allergic to daylight, and other intense light is similarly damaging to her skin and eyes. Silver is as toxic to her as arsenic is to humans, due to its extreme rarity on her homeworld. The non-newtonian fluid in her flesh is also slightly flammable, and thus fire hurts her more than other substances.’


She is supplemented by the Panoply of Nos, a set of armour and a sword that have been designed to enhance its wearer to even higher levels. The girdle, also known as the Girdle of Es-Tep, projects a gravitic field that allows her to project a force-field of gravitic energy, which simultaneously allows her to take flight into the sky. It also releases pulses of energy into her muscles, stimulating them to the point that they allow her to perform amazing feats of strength. Her sword, the Blade of the Blood Drinkers, is made of a strange red metal that is profoundly sharp and sturdy, allowing her to hack through even the toughest enemies, while her helmet, the Helm of Nos, empowers her natural senses and notifies her of danger.


You Fool! You Worm!: Starlok is of a grandiose disposition, and sometimes cannot help but remind the enemy of how superior she is to them. The GM can award her a hero point if she wastes her turn monologuing rather than doing anything productive.


The Peasants are Revolting: Starlok is an aristocrat through and through, and sometimes she cannot conceal her contempt for the lower classes. The GM can award her a hero point if her snobbery ruins a social interaction.


Starlok Hungers!: While she can be sated by normal food for a time, Starlok’s primary mode of sustenance is the life essence of others and she will become weak if she goes too long without feeding. The GM can award her a point to give her a -2 penalty to all physical stats until she feeds on a living thing.


Nobless Oblige: For all her snobbery, Starlok firmly believes nobility comes with duties like protecting the lesser folk. The GM can award her a hero point to force her to drop what she is doing to protect the imperiled.


How Dare You!: Starlok has an ego the size of a large nebula, and it is easily bruised. The GM can have award her a hero point to have her focus on an enemy who has insulted her, or to forgo her turn out of spite if another PC offends her.


A Countess Should Keep Her Word: Starlok is painfully honest, and will always keep her word even if it would benefit her to break it. She is similarly almost pathologically unwilling to lie, something which has caused numerous problems for her in the past. The GM can award her a hero point whenever her honesty causes problems for her.


ABILITIES: 10 + 4 + 16 + 20 + 10 + 6 = 66 PP
Strength: 20 (+5), Lifting STR 40
Dexterity: 14 (+2)
Constitution: 26 (+8)
Intelligence: 30 (+10)
Wisdom: 20 (+5)
Charisma: 16 (+3)

COMBAT: 8 + 8 = 16 PP
Initiative: +6
Attack: +12 Melee, +4 Ranged

Defense: +12 (+4 Base, +8 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed

Grapple: +17/+21
Knockback: -6/-12

SAVING THROWS: 2 + 8 + 5 = 15 PP
Toughness: +12 (+8 Con, +4 Force Field; 8/10 Impervious)
Fortitude: +10 (+8 Con, +2)
Reflex: +10 (+2 Dex, +8)
Will: +10 (+5 Wis, +5)

SKILLS: 52R = 13PP 

Diplomacy 7 (+10)
Intimidate 16 (+19)

Knowledge (Galactic Lore) 2 (+12)

Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) 2 (+12)

Languages 3 (Nokton [Native], English, Galstandard, Lor)

Perform (Oratory) 7 (+10)

Pilot 8 (+10)

Search 2 (+10)

Sense Motive 5 (+10)


Enhanced Skills:

Notice 4 (+9)

Attack Focus (Melee) 8

Dodge Focus 8

Equipment 12


Improved Initiative

Jack-of-All Trades

Luck 2

Status (Nobility, Wealth 2)


Equipment: 12PP = 60EP

The Pale Rider (Vehicle; Spaceship) [60 EP]

Size: Colossal [4 EP]

Strength: 75 [5 EP]

Defence: 2 [0 EP]

Toughness: 13 [0 EP]

Features: Communications, Computer, Hangar, Living Space, Personnel


Damage 10 [Extras: Ranged] [20 EP]

Flight 10 [10,000 MPH] [20 EP]

Super Movement: Space Flight 3 [Intergalactic] [6 EP]



POWERS: 25 + 12 + 2 + 9 + 3 = 51 PP


Device 6 (Panoply of House Nos; Flaws: Hard to Lose; Power Feats: Restricted: Bloodline [House of Nos]) [25 PP] (Multiple items)


Damage 7 (Blade of the Blood Drinkers; Power Feats: Mighty, Penetrating 3, Takedown Attack) [12 DP] (Physical, Slashing, Piercing)


Flight 3 (Wings of Nos; 50 MPH) [6 DP] (Cosmic, Gravitic)
Force Field 4 (Invisible Armour of Estep; Extras: Impervious 2; Power Feats: Selective) [7 DP] (Cosmic, Gravitic)

Super-Strength 4 (Micropulse Muscle Stimulation; Flaws: Sustained) (Cosmic, technology)  [4 DP]


Enhanced Skill (Integrated Sensors: Notice 4 [1 DP] (Technology, Computational) 


Drain Constitution 8 (Thirsting Talons; Power Feats: Progression 4 [20 minutes]) [12 PP] (Alien, Biological)


Immunity 1 (Perfect Telomeres; Ageing; Power Feats: Innate) [2 PP] (Alien, Biological)


Impervious Toughness 8 (Natural Resilience; Power Feats: Innate) [9 PP] (Alien, Biological)


Super-Senses: Darkvision (Hunter’s Eyes; Power Feats: Innate) [3 PP] (Alien, Biological)


DRAWBACKS: (-2) + (-2) + (-2) + (-5) = -12 PP


Vulnerable (“Fire” effects; Frequency: Common. Intensity: Minor) [-2 PP]


Vulnerable (“Light” effects; Frequency: Common; Intensity: Moderate) [-3 PP]


Vulnerable (“Silver” effects; Frequency: Uncommon; Intensity: Moderate) [-2 PP]


Weakness (Daylight; Frequency: Very Common; Intensity: Moderate [-1 Constitution; Time: 20 minutes) [-5 PP]

DC Block

ATTACK                   RANGE                   SAVE                                      EFFECT
Unarmed                 Touch              DC 20 Toughness                       Damage
Thirsting Talons    Touch              DC 18 Fortitude                           Drain Constitution

Blade                      Touch               DC 27 Toughness                       Damage




Abilities (66) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (15) + Skills (13) + Feats (36) + Powers (51) - Drawbacks (12) = 185/186 points


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A melee attack only requires a single rank of Mighty to get the character's full Strength bonus; the ranked version of Mighty is only necessary on ranged or perception attacks. As such, you're paying too much for that sword and those talons.


Double-check the notation on the powers; at a glance, the Panoply's power cost is correct in the powers line but incorrect on the power itself, and the Toughness is correct on the power but incorrect on the Powers line.


Innate effects are generally something that you are, not something that you do; +Innate Immunity to aging makes sense, since it's a basic property of the character's makeup. Innate attacks (like damage, or drain) are a lot more iffy. That drain is absolutely something I could see being nullified by any power that can prevent the sucking of blood, for instance.



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So I read in the book that I had to buy up Mighty to match my Strength bonus if I had any extras, like my penetrating and vampiric there. Is that not the case? The Panoply is also the wrong one in the powers, I think, since it has the Power Feat to bring it to 29. I will bump off the innate from my natural weapons, as well. 

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There is an optional rule (Under the Hood: Strength and Mighty Damage, Ultimate Power page 39ish) about balancing Mighty against modified touch-range Damage powers. I don't think we've enforced that here, though, if for no other reason than it would be a severe pain on bookkeeping.


It's an edge case, though, and I'm willing to believe I missed a caveat somewhere. If you know where in the book you saw that, and it wasn't the Under the Hood bit, let me know and I'll take a look.

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Mighty: You can add your Strength bonus to your Strike rank to determine your melee damage when using your Strike. The total damage is still limited by the campaign’s power level. Any extras applied to your Strike damage must also be applied to your Strength damage (increasing the cost of your Strength) in order for your Strength bonus to stack. So, for example, if you want your Strike to be Penetrating (a +1 modifier), you must also pay the cost of a +1 modifier to your Strength in order to add it to your Penetrating Strike.


This is what I was referring to, from the core book under Strike on page 100. I think I still misinterpreted it, but this is what I was trying to abide by.

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Aha! That rule applies explicitly to extras, not feats. By way of example, imagine that you have, say, this power and Strength +4:


Damage 6 (Feats: Mighty) [7pp]


This hits like a Rank 10 damage power. If you want to add feats to that, fine, add feats (their cost is never based on the rank of the power!). If you want to add extras, which are supposed to scale with the power's effective rank, you'd have to buy them as if they're going on a Rank 10 power, not a Rank 6 power, so they'd be more expensive than normal.

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Alright, with your advice I have made some extensive edits.

The first and foremost is that I fixed the Mighty Issue. In the case of the Blade of the Blood Drinkers, that was simply a matter of reducing the points, whereas with the Thirsting Talons, I simply changed it to be purely Drain Constitution while also removing the original vampiric damage power. Drain Constitution now is not Innate anymore, as well. I also reduced my Enhanced Notice by 4 ranks to give me another PP, allowing me to bring my Panoply down to Device 6.


That freed up a lot of points, so I raised my Wisdom to 20 (an extra 2 points earned from not having to spend as much on my will saving throw) which allowed me to rearrange a lot of things, including my skills and adding to my Feats. Starlok now has Luck 2 (instead of Luck 1) and Improved Initiative to make her even more effective in combat. 


The new values for my Ability Scores are 62 in total, while my saving throws are down to 15 point cost, my powers now cost 51, and my feats are up to 35. I added 4 ranks to Intimidate and them simply moved around some other things, so even though I now have search, I am only at 13 PP in skills, up 1 from my previous 12. So, with all of that, I think she's ready for you to look at again.

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