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October 10th, 6PM, 2019

Riverside, the docks, the cargo freighter Viper Star


At the captain's shout, the previously stunned and frightened crew dove under railings, slid back hatches or simply discarded bulky survival suits to reveal the sleek, glowing and deceptively-primitivist designs of Dakanan technology. The rustic sound of their propellor cut abruptly, replaced with the distinct thrumm of a daka-controlled propulsion system. The formerly-leisurely pace of the Viper Star noticeably jumped, the freighter turning to head for the North Bay.


"I'm sorry," Captain Imamba said, thoroughly looking it, "but we can't wait until everyone who needs our help can afford it. And I can't let loyalty to Dakana stand in the way of my duty as a thinking, feeling human being. Crew, attack!"


The crystal arcs crackled, red light flashed, and the air filled with the muted roar of sonic pulses  hailing down on the small group of students!

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"Congratulations. Y'all done PLAYED yourselves."


On Ben's forearms, and in several places along his sides and back, skin unfolded like flowers blooming, to reveal hidden orifices from which slid yellow tentacles lined from tip to base with tens of thousands of black ring-shaped suckers which clenched shut and flexed open again with every breath he took. The tentacles writhed and floated around him in every direction, stretching to dozens, maybe hundreds of feet in length, far longer than what could possibly have been coiled up in his lean frame.


"Smelled you guys comin' a MILE away. You thought you were just dealin' with some dollar-store spandex chump, BUT IT WAS ME, the Crime-Fighting Kraken himself, that's right, THE OUTRAGEOUS OCTOMAN!"


The mass of tentacles surged toward Captain Imamba like a squishy tsunami.


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Like a retro-style cartoon character, Octoman's rubbery limbs unraveled across the deck, whipping around Imamba too fast for the startled ship captain to do more than let out a "Whoof!" of escaping air from his suddenly-contracted lungs. He struggled fiercely enough for his shirt to tear, but he quickly subsidied at the feeling of steel-hard tentacles locking him in place.


"Octoman? He's just a legend!" shouted one of the crew, disbelieving, horrorified and gleeful all at once.


One of the others was about to yell something at them, when the last tentacle aimed at Imamba went wide. Striking a cargo container with a hollow THUD, the power and speed of Octoman turned it into a spinning, screeching, multi-ton bulldozer hurtling for two of the crew!


"No..." robbed of most of his breath, Imamba could only whisper as he stared at his two crewmen desperately, futilely, trying to escape their impending doom!

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  • 2 weeks later...

The two men had barely time to think about starting a mad lunge out of the runaway container's path before it was on them, screaming and scattering sparks.


Then it lurched, let out a final groan, and stopped. 


The crewmen poked their heads around its corners, shocked speechless at the sight of several of Octoman's limbs retracting away from the container, jetting purple blood from where the muscles had nearly snapped. There was a moment's profound quiet as the Dakanans digested what had happened.


Then one of them shouted "Hey, they're still trying to keep us from giving this stuff away! Get 'em!" And the moment peace was lost, the crew unleashing a hailstorm of guttural, almost animal roars from their sonic blasters! The shots made strange red tunnels in the air, and left a sharp metallic scent.


Sun Dragon yelped as one blaster shot him square in the chest, sending him flying back into the bulk of Dio, who'd only grimaced and spat angrily at his own hit.


And all the while the Viper Star was picking up speed, heading for open waters...

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  • 4 weeks later...



"Oops!" Octoman yelled as the wild flailing of his tentacles sent the shipping container tumbling toward the Dakanan renegades. The white eyes of his "mask" expanded to more than twice their normal size. He sent the tentacles that weren't wrapped around Captain Imamba surging forward, halting the giant metal box's advance. "RRRRNNNNGGGG" he grunted from the strain.


He breathed a sigh of relief when the shooting stopped, opening his mouth to say something. He was cut off by the angry exclamations of the crew and the renewed shooting a few moments later. "DUDE. REALLY?!" he shouted incredulously as he dodged the gunfire. "So you wanna PLAY? Fine. BATTER UP!"


Octoman crouched down onto the deck, and then an explosion of air expelled from the bladders in his torso through all his new orifices launched him straight up in to the air. "BASES LOADED!" His tentacles swung Captain Imamba's body up in a wide arc over the deck. "HERE'S THE PITCH!" Like a pendulum, Imamba's body rested high up in the air for an instant, then fell back down in a reverse of the arc by which it had ascended, swinging toward one of his own crew members.


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  • 1 month later...

Red Lynx barely whipped out of the line of fire as the sailors took up arms and opened fire with the Daka powered blasters.  Spinning away he watched in first horror then awed surprise as Octoman dispatched the captain and managed to still save the crewmen from the sliding container.  These were no pirates or smugglers, at least not in ideology.  They were idealists, misled by some group into betraying Dakana.   "Fools but not mere criminals."  he muttered in frustration.   They deserved a chance for this to end peacefully.


He stepped out from behind the shelter of the crate where he had dived for cover and left his hands loose and relaxed at his side as he called for their surrender.  "You were beaten as soon as you betrayed our homeland."  he intoned menacingly, "Surrender now while you are still able."  the prince demanded.  

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One of the crew launched over a container, spitting with rage. "Surrender? After all the Lions' broken promises? Your word's hollow as your head, boy!"


Others emerged, also carrying weapons...only to toss them into a heap and step back, one of them calling out "He's right that we're beaten, Sen. Besides, captain's overboard, we need to help him and Zer!"


Looking back and forth in mounting outrage and dismay, Sen at last tossed his sonic pulser into the pile and joined the rest. "Us Serpents aren't the traitors, Lion," he told Red Lynx, "your kind are, traitors against all humanity!" His words drew angry looks from the rest of the Viper Star's crew, but not at the young hero.


What might have followed afterwards would remain a mystery, as just then the sky split open above the on-rushing freighter, releasing three rapidly-moving figures. 


One, a suit of armor designed to resemble a roaring red lion, darted above the disarmed crew. From the snarling helmet thundered a voice Red Lynx and White Lioness knew all too well: Baako, the impetuous young scion of the Hyenas!


"SMUGGLERS!" he thundered, voice cracking and roiling over the sound of the engine and rushing Atlantic breeze, "WELCOME TO THE GRAVE! FOR DAKANA!" Drawing back and bracing in mid-air, he unleashed a visible column of concentrated sonic waves, like but on a massively higher level of power than the hand-weapons briefly in use against the Claremont students!


Those very weapons vanished into a portal opened with a dismissive wave by another of the trio, a figure swathed in mottled deep blue from head to toe. With another flick of the wrist, a portal came into being in front of the Viper Star, growing slowly but surely.


A resounding thud at the stern was followed by a noticeable increase in speed, the ship turning slowly to better aim into the centre of the growing, shimmering portal.

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Ms. Thursday


"<Oh you got to be f*cking kidding me!>" Ms. Thursday loudly cursed in her native tongue as the situation got a whole lot more complicated, which was really saying something since she wasn't entirely sure what the Hel was happening in the first place. Not that it really mattered at this point. With the ringing in her ears gone, the Asgardian hefted her warclub to ready position and looked for a suitable target for smashing.


With the smugglers of the Viper Star apparently charmed by Red Lynx's verbal thrashing, Thursday sight her sights on the three new arrivals that had just made their dramatic entry on to the scene. Maybe Red Lynx or White Lioness could talk them down too. They seemed to be attacking the smugglers because of some weird domestic issue going on in Dakana, after all. For better or worse, Thursday didn't not think to longingly about this possibility and instead opted for her preferred method of intense negotiation: Smashing.


With but a scream of "Flaugun!" on her lips, Thursday Porrklubba activated in a flash of magical lightning sparks that quickly gave way to a small tempest focused around the Asgardian. A second later she and her weapon were off the ground and in the air, racing to meet the lion-faced drittsekk who seemed to be in-charge of the assault. With Porrklubba held firmly in her grasp, Thursday put a good measure of her strength into the blow as she slammed the weapon into the prince's armored side.





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