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And Carrion Beasts (OOC)

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Is the facility water-filled, or does it have air pockets?


Knowledge (Arcane Lore) check to determine if those graffiti sigils have any specific meanings/purpose?  (If I can Take 10, that gets me a 20.)  Or are they obviously just "DAGON RULEZ, POSEIDON DROOLZ" and the like?

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You were just beginning to think that perhaps Dalekos really is just a fine Atlantean patriot with no-doubt good reason for acting suspiciously when you stumble across the diary of one of the low-ranking soldiers in the encampment. Most of the early entries are mostly related to his distaste for such an isolated posting and how he'd hoped "Project Rebirth" would mean a little more action than this. Scattered through the later entries, though, is other things... 


Week 4 

"By the Gods, they fought us harder than I expected! Maybe they don't love their hellish spawn as we love our own children but they hate anything that comes into their territory. The ones that were left promised us a hellish revenge - but we made short work of them." 


Week 6 

"Catching the adults was harder work yet; fierce things! But the cells Above will hold them sure  - and then the big brains can get to work on them." 


Week 7: 

"All but two are dead, more's the pity - it means more hunting! But Dr. Laertes is _very_ interested in those that survived. We had no miracle, they didn't transform back to Atlantean - they're more like hybrids now, with a big-eyed and unwholesome look about them. But Laertes is fascinated; which means guard duty Above for me! At least there's another hunting party soon." 


Week 8

"An armored one, big male, quick as lightning! He actually escaped us, spoke in the Surface tongue - the General said not to worry about him, he was outcast. But the ones left of the adult prisoners, they seemed to know it. They're singing now, damn their hellish noises!" 


The other entries are increasingly erratic - until finally, by Week 10, he and some of the other troops are planning to silence "those filthy devils forever..." 

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He's not moving with any Stealth -- he knows they know he's there, and he expects that if there was anything they'd want to hide, they would've already done so.  But if he runs into anyone unexpectedly, he will try to keep his cards close to his chest, say he's there as part of his investigation, per Dalekos' instructions, but not let on any of what he's found.



1d20+1: 15 [1d20=14]

Not bad



1d20+3: 16 [1d20=13]

Very nice



1d20+3: 4 [1d20=1]


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You're able to fool the guard in place in the cells in the upper air-filled stories - it's Atli, looking tense and distracted as he paces. 

It does indeed look like Deep Ones were kept in these cells; you can see Lemurian graffiti etched directly into the metal by what must have been their claws. There's blood on the floors here too; dried into place by that alien substance air. You don't know enough to tell Lemurian from Atlantean, but you're reasonably sure both is up here. 


A lot of what's written on the walls looks to be invocations of the gods and what might be personal names. The clearest sentence you find says 


i am transformed by flesh of my spawn

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HGM: That is not going to get you much, but Thaelia will be able to follow the military craft as it heads into a nearby crevasse - one that seemed to be part of an underwater network of caves. Luckily the sensors on the craft seem to be guiding you properly. Or are they? Searching as you go, you're able to spot Atlantean military markings on the walls of the crevasse - seeming to indicate the way forward. 


But wait, who made these marks? 

Let me know if you'd like an IC GM post explaining this, @HGM

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