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February 20th, 10:30 PM

A little town with no name, about 25 miles Northeast of Clarksville, Arkansas.


Hell Girl had heard the rumors. Something big was about to go down in the middle of nowhere, Arkansas. A small town that wasn't even on any map. It was maybe twenty houses, arranged in a nice cross with houses oppsite of each other, a single store in the middle of all that, and maybe three farms a bit further away. The town was surrounded by hills, with nothing but dust trails leading to it from other, more populated areas. There were a few trucks around, some with confederate flag decals. This time of the night, the town was silent. All dark. They had power from somewhere, sure, but everyone would normally be sleeping. But this night, all three barns were lit from the inside. Each of them had two people standing watch outside the doors.


According to the rumors that Hell Girl had picked up, this little town in the middle of nowhere was not as innocent as it seemed. They were a cult of some sort. Or at least tried to be. Had grown out of some trailer park, then decided to go start their own place. And this night they were trying to bring forth their demonic master. So, Hell Girl had called in some help.

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Samael rarely talked to his daughter - 'Tanya', her mortal given name, or 'Hell Girl', the hero name she gave herself - but he had to set aside that distance every now and then. Demon lords played chess with their unwitting followers and what he perceived to be a big move was coming up. In her hellish dreams she walked with a man who she knew was her father. Though he took on a human form.


"You're going to the butt crack of nowhere, Arkansas." They were sitting inside a burning building, drinking tea. Everything, however, felt fine."You've faced a demon before, but never of those scope. I'm not saying they're better than me." He calmly sipped the buring liquid as both of their skins began to slough off. Tanya felt the pain, but could not move. "But you will need allies. The one who disappears. And the one who runs fast." Visions of Pacer and Talon appeared before them. "They're your acquaintances, yes?" She instinctively nodded slowly. "Good. Contact them." He exploded. She exploded.


Waking up with a quick jolt, she rose up from her bed in a cold sweat. She could finally vocalize the sheer agony with a the most guttural shriek she could muster from her very healthy and intact lungs. After a few breaths, she... didn't know where either of them were. Talon 'didn't sleep', but she didn't know if that was flexing or he really didn't. Mona, Pacer could be anywhere. Literally anywhere. Lucikly she had the latter's digits. She invited Pacer to any Monster Blast show she could. Hittinng the speed dial, she probably didn't even have to wait for the ring. If the speedster was even awake.


As for Talon, she hated making up evil spells on the spot, but the psychic resonance on her gave her a signal to him. A psychic distress touched his mind. He knew it was her. It felt like death. And perhaps it was. She never knew how the evil on the fly worked.

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Talon was busy. As ever. When sleep wasn't necessary, boredom was a great foe, but duty was a great resolver of boredom. He stood atop one of three would-be thieves, his expression carefully schooled to be slightly sardonic and disbelieving. One of the two remaining thugs drew a gun from his vest, aiming it at the cowled hero.


Whirling his battle staff, he hurled it at the thug, taking him in the gut. "C'mon, gents, it's not even midnight yet, and I don't think you guys have lost your keys. Why don't you walk away- huh?" Abruptly, he felt a presence in his mind - vaguely familiar. That was... Hell Girl? Why was he thinking of her now? Nevertheless, it was highly unnerving, and he stood still for a moment, only snapping back to reality as the final thug made a rush at him, only for him to duck and use the potent magnets in his staff to call it back to his hand, whereupon it cracked handily into the back of the thug's knees, knocking him down. 


Refocusing, he gave the man a solid thwack on the temple with his staff before calling the police to come pick them up. Shaking his head, he swiftly used his cowl's datalink to hack into one of the smartphones, and he called the number that he recalled finding for Hell Girl. Best to be sure in this sort of thing, I guess.

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Mona Simms was not in a cellular service area. There was this lake she really liked in Indonesia, but the nearest cell tower was literally miles away. Fortunately, Pacer had to share the seflie she took there, so she got the voice mail about five minutes later at her favorite carryout place in Jakarta. She was on the other side of the world, and also had to get her full costume, but two minutes after that she was abruptly appearing in front of Hell Girl. "Yo. You rang?" Doors? Walls? What were those? "We gonna punch bad guys again, or...because you don't look dressed for a gig." Yes, the superhero Pacer was literally in Hell Girl's apartment. Why? How? She was very, very fast. And knew American area codes more or less by heart.

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It wasn't difficult to get a group together, it seemed. A dark vigilante of the night, a speedster that could outrun the wind if she tried. A formidable group, it seemed.


Hell Girl would not be able to share much of the threat. She knew roughly where it was, and that they would be dealing with some cultist activity, or something along those lines at least. What they were trying to summon, who they worshipped, even what they called themselves? Nothing of that at all. The butt crack of nowhere indeed, to deal with some no name cult. But maybe they would be more dangerous than it sounded.

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