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  1. This was not an entrance, this seemed more like an intrusion. At least the glass was in place. 'Ferdie' was cold. And possibly crazy. Well, not to his own admission. She wanted to say so much, but he had the floor. An angel? Granted she was half demon, and didn't doubt they existed, but she had never seen the holies up close and personal. When her mother asked for a reading of the area, she hook her head, "nope. Nothing here. Yet?" She grinned mischievously, "though I've seen weirder. Like a ranting and raving man who almost broke our door. He better have a good lawyer. I mean what will the neighbors think? We invite loonies in our house? Tsk. And this is the guy you wanted grandchildren from. I'm sure all the little buggers will be high as a kite." Aaliyah knew her daughter's rapid fire delivery was all in jest but seeing as it was in front of the guests. Tanya would have kept going but her mother's stern glare. She rolled her eyes, "shutting up now."
  2. Going through the motions every year. Christian holidays, that is. Everyone showed up to see if Tanya would explode or melt at the mention of Merry Christmas. But she stuck to her kind of folks during these things. Or at least the type. Those around the neighborhood who she'd known forever, mostly. The new people would gawk, or at least, try to get her to burst into the aforementioned flames. But she was enjoying herself at the moment. Her holiday dress, made of red silk and white frills, had a cloak to hide her wings under. Not that she wanted to hide them. Just that her mothers events precluded the way she loped around the house usually. Also the cloak gave her a good place to hide her silver flask. A gift from Jack, her fellow band member. Why wasn't she with them tonight? Because being home on Christmas Eve, and being on Santa's nice list (which she hoped she was, doing her hero work!), meant you got presents. She heard her mother's angelic voice. It meant something was going to happen. It didn't matter if she meant it or not, but with her mother was lilting, something was going to happen. Ferdie. That had to be the most unfortunate nick name ever. Still, the lawyer guy she had heard of didn't sound either good or bad. Kinda square. She took a swallow of liquid pride as she walked to the door and stashed it before opening. "Merry Christmas, Mr Keller," she said greeting him in what sounded to her like her mother's tone of voice, "and welcome to our soiree. I'm Tanya. Nice to meet you." And other such small talk.
  3. Serena was always good with the gigs. Sure The Fens was a beat up area of town, but as long as they were playing, Tanya didn't care. She would play for anyone who'd listen. The extra cash didn't hurt. The cold however. While she wasn't a weenie about it, cold was not her thing. Her solo shred was coming up. Serena could wail like some kind of angelic banshee. "Three, two, one, and," she counted to herself. It was her turn. Brandon and Jack supported where needed, but her guitar wailed. The criminal element was unknown to her, but she kind of expected it in Freedom, no less this area called The Fens. Her being a hero, she was ready for whatever form it took. Except now. Any crook dumb enough to interrupt her.
  4. Heartbreaker

    Power Chord!

    Hell Girl was thrown off easily by the other hero. It was supposed to be a con, but hey, she didn't know that. "Bee Keeper, uh, sure," she said quietly, "that's cool. I could use the help yeah." She gestured out to the club, "see, I was going to go for the 'getting on the inside' thing. As, if I've heard right, there are some me-looking people after some drugs here." She looked the bee woman up and down, "I don't think we've formally introduced. Name's Hell Girl," her voice echoed on her introduction, "and you are?" She hoped the bee woman was on the same line as her. It would be good for a back up plan if she got in over her head.
  5. It wasn't meat, but Tanya wasn't going to be rude to the person giving her free ice cream. Free is and forever will be the best price. "Thanks," she said poking into the ice cream with a finger and putting it in her mouth to taste, "mmm, mhm," she nodded. "So, is this the procedure for it all? The stories I've read are like 'villain does stuff, hero beats up villain, hero bounces off into the sunset'." Though the comics she read were more than that. She enjoyed the tales you had to show ID for. For various reasons. It was easy to write a beat-em-up, but the stuff beyond that was so interesting. She hoped to be in one of those one day. Or even a beat-em-up. "If we can scarper away from this," she pointed to the lady on the ground, "I need sustenance. The ice cream is good though," she took a bite.
  6. Heartbreaker

    Power Chord!

    Drugs are bad, kids. So says the half-demon with a penchant for drinking like a fish. But at least alcohol didn't give you superpowers (ones you didn't dream up anyway) or light you on fire (if you drank it). Still, minidemons peaked Tanya's interest. The sight of the Hell Girl in the club after midnight got the patrons swarming. Of course. In their coded lingo, she knew what they were asking for, but she had none. Still these here her leads. She looked at the supposedly savvy 'creatures of the night'. The nineties called, it wants it's culture back. "Ladies and gents," her voice echoed with gravity, "I have not what you want. Maybe release from your mortal coils, but I too am looking for the same thing you are. If you find something, bring it my way and you will be rewarded."
  7. Tanya breathed a sigh of relief that this was over in a blink. Still, food, specifically these ribs, was what she came here for. She sighed. "Good, good," her voice 'normalized'. "Thanks again," she looked to Pacer. Her tail went back under her skirt. Her wings folded behind her. She crossed her arms and shrugged, "I'm not expecting bad publicity. But Demonic Woman Beats Down Crazy Turnip Woman is gonna be buried in some print medium if it even gets on the social media networks." She smirked, thinking about some weird duo names, "hey, how fast can you run? Like I can be in Freedom or Emerald instantly. Bedlam if I really wanted." She looked down to the downed villain, "did you know that hellflame cooks vegetables without heat," taunting her subdued enemy. "Oh right," her voice went normal again. "Citizens arrest. Gotta keep this legal."
  8. Teleport then Intimidate her into surrendering 26 on Intimidate
  9. With another baleful intonation of demonic words, Hell Girl was standing next to the woman on the ground and Pacer. "Whew," she said with a sadistic grin, her tail unfurling from under her skirt. The brown fleshy appendage slapped against the turnip costume, "so, do you surrender?" The spade on the end of her tail poked The Nutritionist in the face, "I don't want you to surrender," her echoing voice said with an intoned threat, "but seeing as you are out numbered and look like you're about to pass out. It would be wise." She looked to Pacer. "Ever heard the story about the turnip who left the garden? The got beet up. I'm sorry, that was corny." She laughed and then looked down to the woman on the ground. Her voice went from playful to deadly serious, "find better things to do with your life."
  10. Hell Girl can be any of those places but space. The Bedlam character is right up her alley, with mysticism and supernatural things. But I see Hell Girl as a fun type, so teaming up with Triakosia would work too. Just up front, I'm here on the weekends, and try to be here on Tuesdays (almost likely) and Thursday (depending on work) 630PM to 930PM Central time.
  11. "No," Hell Girl bellowed as the crazy woman was getting away. She could not fly fast as cars (yet). But what she could do was quite more easier. Demonic words flowed from her mouth, sounding like death with a singing voice. The car lifted into the air by two giant dark hands.One held the car aloft while the other opened the door, then both of them shook the car dumping the woman out on the street before smashing the weenie mobile to the ground. Hell Girl smiled at the destruction and looked to Pacer, "well," her voice echoed, "sitting duck for you."
  12. 17 to Move Object on the getaway vehicle 26 to do it again didn't need to Standard action to grab car and lift it 30 feet in the air, Move action to open the door. 33 Opposed Grapple to shake her out Possibly spending HP to do so.
  13. Heartbreaker

    Hell Girl

    She needs posts! Take a look. She can be anywhere in the continental United States and English speaking Canada. Technically she can be in Europe if she blinked across Russia or southeast Asia, but I don't think she's took that thought to heart yet. But hey, could happen! She's up for supernatural mysteries, rocking out, or just chatting. Also, she's a fit for all three main cities in some way. Gimme something to work with and I'l work Will be here all weekend. Tuesday night, 630 to 930. And maybe Thursday night 630 to 930 depending on work flow.
  14. 18 on Reflex 15 on Fortitude 20 to grab not needed! 21 26 to Intimidate +5 for doing it standard So instead of doing it as a move action, she's going to intimidate as a standard action. Since the attack roll to scare her was not needed.