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  1. The momentary blur of Pacer gave Tanya hope. If anyone could find a missing person it was the cosmic speedster. A split second later, that hope was dashed. She groaned, though the new guy might be of some help. "It would be my luck that he's kidnapped, yeah?" She 'cleared' her throat, putting back on the voice as it slipped for a second. "Well, looks like we have a lead then don't we," she stopped looking confused for a moment, "I don't believe you've mentioned who you are." She smiled, "entrance was cool though." Pulling a phone from under her vest, she tapped out a message to inf
  2. I'll give you a HP if you don't solve the mystery right away, Pacer
  3. Hellfire Mote Hell Girl quickly assumed her 'normal' form. Despite looking like a person, the wings, hooves, and tail were a dead give away. Still, she thought the costume individual had a right to question. Not everyday a demon lady comes out of nowhere and beats up cultists. Though there were some 'publications' that made those types of stories, but besides the point. Her wings folded behind her and she put her hands on her leather clad hips. "So, he's not with you then," she said looking at him, but talking to Pacer. "I am Hell Girl," the crackling echo of her voice emphasized her name, li
  4. She has 4 toughness. Rolling a 20 would not save her, if minions could do that.
  5. http://orokos.com/roll/706111 24 Toughness Seeing as you have base 25, he falls over
  6. Taking 10, as they are minions, and hitting him automatically. DC 18 Toughness. http://orokos.com/roll/706071 But he's got a Force Field
  7. When the dumpster slammed into the bus, Tanya and the semi-complete band were not ready. She held on to her guitar for dear life not to drop it. Couldn't lose something else today. Looking outside, she saw the dark robed figures yelling at someone on their roof. Was it Pacer? She came out of nowhere and knocked one of them out. She wanted a piece of this action now. "I'll be right back," she said as she twisted her hands into an arcane symbol, "door to door cultists need to get off our lawn." Chanting a few words, she turned into a ball of hellfire with wings and fists, and went t
  8. http://orokos.com/roll/706060 Acrobatic Bluff doesn't matter as the knife hits Talon clean with a 28. Be glad minions can't crit. DC 19 Toughness Also, with +4, Learned can't ever hit +15 defense.
  9. GM Seeing her fellow robed figure go down seemed to quicken the knife wielder's reflexes a bit. She wasn't preternaturally fast like Pacer, but she seemed to dodge every blow that came from Talon. "Antisocial? We weren't the one spying from rooftops. What business do you have with the demon?" With a flip, she was behind him, "don't tell me with your words," she whispered into his ear as the knife plunged into his back, "bleed it on me" Learned saw the fall of Brother Nero with shock, and anger, "Brother Nero, you'll have to go back to the lake! But first, let me take ca
  10. Seeing as he has 3 defense, he takes all 5! That means he cannot pass it without a 20. Being a minion, you dont get that chance and thus he drops.
  11. Mystic "Learned" moves the Martial Artist"Knife Wielder" on top of the bus Knife swings and hits with a 24. Talon needs to make a DC 19 Toughness Powerhouse "Brother Nero" uses his immense magical strength to try to knock Talon off the bus. Knife is going to be in the way though. DC 16 reflex for Knife and Talon. if they fail they do a DC 16 strength or dexterity or acrobatics http://orokos.com/roll/705849 Even though she rolled a 1 on the reflex save, she has +12 acrobatics and evasion 2, she cannot fail the trip check
  12. GM The three robed figures were not amused at the insults to their wardrobe. "We of The Broken do not take our positions lightly," the female said pulling out a knife as she looked over to the male voice one, "Learned, lift." Learned lifted his hands and spoke what could only be described as mumbo jumbo to Talon's and Pacer's ears. The knife-wielding woman landed right in front of Talon and slashed at him with a very ornate knife. The one with the grumble voice picked up a full dumpster clean off the ground like it was a basketball and checked it at the bus, shaking it Talon and t
  13. http://orokos.com/roll/705840 They rolled pretty decent. Pacer 31 Martial Artist 21 Mystic 18 Powerhouse 18 Talon 6 Hell Girl next round and last
  14. Just in case it need be said, Initiative for Talon. Hell Girl will join the fray once the mess gets loud. So as soon as the goons start tearing things up to beat up Talon. All stat blocks are from the sidekick section of Instant Superheroes One is a Powerhouse, one is a Martial Artist, one is a Mystic.
  15. GM "Brother Nero," a voice called out, "you've finally made it." Three robed figures with apparently no skill at shutting up menaced the alleyway. "Our Broken Leader said the demon would be here," a female voice spoke up, "she definitely is of interest if Our captive speaks truths." The third robed figure grumbled out something that the other two did not understand. Looking at them, he pointed to the top of the bus. "Oh, it seems we have a peeper," the male voice said with a laugh, "Brother Nero you'll be recommended for your keen vision when we find the demon."
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