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U.F.O. (PL10/12) - RocketLord (Bronze)

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Power Level: 10 (185/195PP)
Unspent Power Points: 10
Trade-Offs: (Abduction Beam) +4 Attack / -4 DC, -5 Defense / +5 Toughness


In Brief: Ancient Praetorian scout drone, returned to service after disappearing during early Communion skirmishes. 

Catchphrase: "Incoming."

Theme: Space Oddity - David Bowie


Alternate Identity: Universal Field Operative 777 (Public)
Birthplace: A manufacturing plant somewhere in the Delaztri Empire.
Occupation: Former Praetorian scout drone; Praetorian.
Affiliations: Praetorians.
Family: Uncountable similar units, all lost.


Age: Unknown (DOB: More than 2000 years ago)
Gender: N/A
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 330 lbs.
Eyes: N/A
Hair: N/A

U.F.O. looks just as the name would suggest: Like a flying saucer, silver in color at the top and black at the bottom, basically two discs stuck together, with a small "head" at the top. The head contains a black display that runs all the way around it, which changes to show different images, most often showing eyes in various colors, and a pair of silver antenna on top. In this form, U.F.O. will always be flying, as it posses no other form of locomotion.

The two plates can split apart, with the lower black part being U.F.O.'s feet, attached to white "boots" and black legs that end in a white lower body, connected to a silver ball that makes up U.F.O.'s body. The silver upper plate and "head" rests on this ball. A pair of thin metallic arms connect to white ball-like objects, on which sits five black fingers, allowing U.F.O. fine manipulation.




Once upon a time, the Delaztri Empire spanned the Milky Way Galaxy. The mighty Praetorians were their guardians, standing strong in the face of danger and strife, and yet, even the mighty Praetorians could need help, from time to time. Thus, the Delaztri Empire created the Universal Field Operatives, or U.F.O.s for short. Small, expendable scout drones, the U.F.O.s were used to support the Praetorians and the Delaztri Empire at large, be it to scout enemy territories ahead of a  Praetorian strike, seek out new civilizations to add to the empire, or simply explore space, charting great star maps for the Delaztri Empire. It would be no big loss if an U.F.O. was lost, whether to combat or the ravages of space. After all, they were robots, remote controlled or running on advanced algorithms, but with no sentience of their own. They could easily be replaced.


One such U.F.O. was assigned directly the Praetorians, as were many of its fellow drones. U.F.O. 777 proved to be made from sterner stuff than most others, however. It proved more resourceful, hardier and quicker than similar units. Maybe it was a newer model, and the Praetorians had never been informed. Maybe it was a defect in its building process, which had turned advantageous for this particular unit. Maybe it was simply pure luck. Whatever the case, the U.F.O. unit endured where its fellow units did not, and some of the Praetorians began to show some affection for the unit.


As the Communion attacked, the U.F.O. drone were with the Praetorians, aiding to the best of its ability. It fought in several skirmishes until, finally, it was sent on a suicide mission to bring down a Wedge Vessel. While the drone succeeded in its mission, it was believed lost, and the war continued without it. Though heavily damaged, the drone had survived, and the war waged on around it, as its self-repair processes tried to get it back up and running. Scavenging what it could from the derelict Wedge Vessel as it floated through space, the drone finally incorporated Computronium. And so, the first spark of sentience was born, and as it grew, the drone realized its folly, as it began to hear the commands from the Central Intelligence. To avoid being used against the Praetorians, the drone placed itself in an inactive mode. Better to be sleeping than to hurt the Praetorians.


For millennia, the U.F.O. drone slept, as the Computronium expanded it. Maybe the Computronium alone was the catalyst, maybe the drone was bathed in the light of strange stars or passed through weird areas of space, but it grew, and it evolved. It slept and it dreamt. Dreamt of the Praetorians, dreamt of it battles. Emotions developed, thoughts grew. Finally, one day, the the signal stopped. The Central Intelligence was shut down, and finally, U.F.O. could awaken once more! No longer a mere drone, but a fully sentient being, U.F.O. set out to explore the universe.


For years, U.F.O. wandered space, exploring, learning and growing, until one day, it felt something. Something it had not felt in more than two thousand years: A Praetorian signal, a beacon that beckoned it home. Without question, U.F.O. charted a new course: Straight for the new Praetorian base.


Personality & Motivation:

U.F.O. is faithful and very protective of the Praetorians. It was built to be in their service, a task it fulfills to this day. While being a sentient being is rather new to him, it has learned from its past experiences from before it gained sentience, and it is far from the newborn child one might expect a newly sentient robot to be. True to its old programming, U.F.O. spends much of its free time exploring a galaxy that has changed much in the millennia that has passed since it entered its inactive state. U.F.O. is easily awed by great feats or sights, but will often downplay its own contribution, some times struggling with no longer being a mere drone, but its own self, which can also lead to him remaining out of discussions, unless directly addressed. It will often try to emulate those that it admire, be it through affecting their manner of speech or attempting to copy the way they stand and move.

For some reason, U.F.O. likes making corn circles in his spare time. He claims that it is calming, but is not quite sure where he picked up the habit.


Powers & Tactics:
U.F.O. is a robot drone built by the Delaztri Empire, who has since gained sentience. Its powers are all built in components, though a number of them have been improved during the time it has spent on its own. All of the powers are technological in nature, and while the standard U.F.O. drones were able to choose what abilities to use either through remote control or advanced algorithms, U.F.O.'s sentience lets it use these abilities faster and more freely.

In general, U.F.O. prefers to stay mobile, rapidly moving across a battlefield, always attempting to stay out of reach of its foe, if possible. U.F.O. will rapidly switch its extra power between different systems, whether it is to strengthen its defensive fields, boost engine power or create a stealth field, allowing it to move undetected, all depending on the foe faced. Offensively, U.F.O. tends to play a supporting role to others, if at all possible.

If caught in a situation that calls for it, U.F.O. has been known to increase flight to light speed to use hit and run tactics.


Power Descriptions:
U.F.O. is capable of flight, preferably when folded into its "Flying Saucer" configuration. While able to travel at 50 mph at standard power output, reserve power can be diverted to allow U.F.O. to travel at near light speed, even allowing rapid space travel. The built in language package contains a database of all known languages, as well as software designed to rapidly learn any new spoken or written languages that U.F.O. encounters, allowing it to communicate with just about anyone. 

As a robot, with a body built from several diffferent alloys, U.F.O. is immune to most effects that would affect biological creatures, such as poison, the need for sleep or food, the ravages of the environment and much more. Curiously, while one would believe him to be completely immune to mental effects, U.F.O. is merely highly resistant to such effects, possibly as a result of his still growing sentience. Using materials around him, or even just if given enough time, U.F.O. can repair most damage to itself, if it is left functional after sustaining damage, at least. U.F.O.'s sensors offers the robot 360 degree vision, at much greater range than normal vision, and allows it to detect and analyze radio waves in its vicinity. 

Though a standard feature of all U.F.O. drones, U.F.O. has improved the output of its electromagnetic force field greatly, protecting it from much greater damage than previously. By redirecting additional power to its shields, U.F.O. can even make the shields even more effective, as well as provide radiation shielding.

Additional uses for U.F.O.'s power reserves include communication via radio or data using its radio senses, as well as a stealth suite of effects that creates a field around U.F.O. that renders it invisible to visual, auditory and radio senses. 

Finally, U.F.O. is equipped with a number of weapon systems, including light blue laser blasts for attacking foes directly, an "Abduction Beam" in a red color that temporarily captures foes in a pocket dimension and finally a Tractor Beam, which allows U.F.O. to push, throw or grapple foes or other targets from afar using an electromagnetic field. The Tractor Beam is a light green beam that creates a similarly colored field around captured targets. 


More Than Machine: While U.F.O. has developed sentience over the last two thousand years while inactive, it is still comparatively inexperienced in social situations, and always willing to try to please others.

Lost In Space: U.F.O. spent a lot of time alone after awakening from its inactive mode once the Central Intelligence was defeated, and its databases has perfect memory of the years it spent alone on the derelict Wedge Vessel before that. U.F.O. positively dreads being lost on its own again.

Space Invaders: The U.F.O. drones were used in great number by the Delaztri Empire. While seeing U.F.O. might be a source of relief or hope for some species in the galaxy, the opposite can hold true as well.

Dreams of Electric Sheep: U.F.O. is still somewhat freaked out by the concept of dreams, and that it actually dreams. Any effects related to dreams will cause U.F.O. great distress, and it will generally have a harder time seeing the difference between the dream and reality than others. Suitably dream like effects, such as illusions, can also make U.F.O. question whether is is dreaming or awake.

Former Drone : U.F.O. is a robot, and true to its origin as a drone, it does not look particularly like a living being. Some might not believe that it is a fully sentient being, potentially dismissing it, or worse, considering it expendable.

Abilities: (-2) + 6 + (-10) + 6 + 6 + 0 = 6PP
Strength: 8 (-1)
Dexterity: 16 (+3)
Constitution: - (-5)
Intelligence: 16 (+3)
Wisdom: 16 (+3)
Charisma: 10 (+0)

Combat: 8 + 4 = 12PP
Initiative: +7 (+3 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)
Attack: +4 Base, +10 Weapon Systems Array [+4 Base, +6 Attack Specialization]
Defense: +5 (+2 Base, +3 Dodge Focus), +0 Flat-Footed

Grapple: +3 (+4 Base Attack, -1 Strength) / +14 (+4 Base Attack, +10 Tractor Beam)
Knockback: -0 / -7 (with Force Field)

Saving Throws: 0 + 7 + 5 = 12PP
Toughness: +15 (+0 Con, +15 Force Field)
Fortitude: --
Reflex: +10 (+3 Dex, +7)
Will: +8 (+3 Wis, +5)

Skills: 40R = 10PP

Computers 10 (+13)

Knowledge [Galactic Lore] 10 (+13)

Notice 5 (+8)

Search 5 (+8)

Stealth 10 (+13)

Feats: 15PP

Attack Specialization [Weapon Systems Array] 3

Dodge Focus 3

Environmental Adaption [High Gravity]

Environmental Adaption [Low Gravity]

Environmental Adaption [Zero Gravity]

Evasion 2

Favored Environment [High Altitude]

Favored Environment [Space]

Improved Initiative 1

Move-By Action

Powers: 6 + 6 + 15 + 30 + 5 + 6 + 26 + 6 + 8 + 22 = 130PP


Comprehend Rank 3 ("Language Package"; Understand, speak and read all languages[6PP] (Algorithms, Software, Technology)


Flight 3 ("Flying Saucer") (Flight Speed: 50 mph, 440 ft./rnd) [6PP] (Technology) 


Force Field 15 ("Defensive Shields") [15PP] (Electromagnetic Energy, Technology)


Immunity 30 ("Robot Body"; Options: All Fortitude Effects) [30PP] (Non-Biological Lifeform, Technology)


Immunity 10 ("Robot Mind"; Options: Mental Effects, Flaws: Limited [Half Effect]) [5PP] (Non-Biological Lifeform)


Regeneration 5  ("Self-Repair Functions"; Options: Recovery Bonus 5 (+0), Feats: Regrowth) [6PP] (Technology)


Subsystems Array 8.5 (17PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 4, Dynamic 5[26PP] (Reserve Power, Technology, Additional descriptors for each)

DBPImpervious Toughness 10 ("All Power To Shields") [10PP] +  Immunity 5 ("Radiation Shields"; Options: Damage Type: Radiation[5PP] {15/17PP} (Electromagnetic Energy)

DAPConcealment 8 ("Stealth Suite"; Options: All Visual Senses, All Audio Senses, All Radio Senses, Feats: Close Range) {17/17PP} (Stealth Field) 

DAPCommunication 16 ("Radio Communication"; Options: Radio sense, Feats: Subtle) {17/17PP} (Radio)

DAP: Datalink 16 ("Data Communication"; Options: Radio sense, Feats: Subtle) {17/17PP} (Data)

DAPFlight 17 ("All Power To Engines"; Flaws: Distracting) (Stacks with Flying Saucer) (Flight Speed: 25,000,000 mph, 200,000,000 ft./rnd, aka near lightspeed) {17/17PP}


Super-Movement 3 ("Space Flying Saucer"; Option: Space Travel) [6PP] (Technology)


Super-Senses 8 ("Built In Sensors"; Options: Visual Sense Type [Extended 2, Radius 2], Radio Sense [Analytical, Extended 2]) [8PP] (Radio, Sensors, Technology)


Weapon Systems Array 10 (20PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2[22PP] (Technology, Additional descriptors for each)

BPBlast 10 ("Laser Beam") {20/20PP} (Laser, Light, Heat, Piercing Damage) 

APDimension Pocket 6 ("Abduction Beam"; Extras: Range [Ranged], Feats: Accurate 2) {20/20PP} (Dimensional)

APTelekinesis 10 ("Tractor Beam") {20/20PP} (Electromagnetic, Impact Damage)


Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP

DC Block





Attack bonus



DC14 Tou (staged)



Laser Beam

100 ft.

DC25 Tou (staged)



Abduction Beam

60 ft. 

DC16 Ref (staged) / DC16 Will to escape 

Trapped in Dimensional Pocket


Tractor Beam

100 ft. 


Grapple initiated

+10 (attack) / +14 (Grapple)


Totals: Abilities (6) + Combat (12) + Saving Throws (12) + Skills (10) + Feats (15) + Powers (130) - Drawbacks (0) = 185/195 Power Points

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The Radiation Shields part of all power to shields is overcosted should be 5 not 7pp looks like the cost is correct for the whole array slot so probably missed in an edit pass.


I'm not sure datalink gives you much that radio communication doesn't.  It is effectively a communication effect flawed to affect only computers with some invisible voodoo extra that lets it get around the 'Must have a means of receiving your transmission' restriction.  I think just radio communication would let him do computer actions over the connection with a possible restriction the computer needs a radio receiver of some kind, and with or without data link not being able to interface due to no wifi should be worth an HP.  The Kludgy way Kenson et al built the green chapter powers is a continual personal frustration but not forbidden so you can keep it if you like for simplicity's sake.


Also on the suggestion range, rather than the extreme range (distant interstellar) on communication area extra with selective and subtle feats might be more useful so he can communicate with more than one receiver at a time and subtle makes it effectively encrypted so it can't be listened in on.  But single burst transmission could work too.


I don't know if you've already been looped in but we kinda side eye dimensional movement with attack (dimensional pocket) as one shot and out of the fight can be abused.  But it's not specifically forbidden.  If it ends up being abused it might get another look but that is unlikely to be an issue.  Most uses of the power currently are at low rank more as a "Clean up" after the fight is over kind of use Replacing some ranks with progression might get you more capacity for people/things not able to resist depending on the intent for the power.

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Fixed the PP for Radiation shields.


For now, I'll keep both Radio communication and datalink. I've lowered the level of both and given them the subtle feat. I might make a change with the area extra and selective at some point, but at least for now, my idea is that its just that, a quick burst transmission.


I had not been told about the issue with Dimensional Pocket, but I'll be sure to do my best not to abuse it. If I do, let me know. My main idea was just that, as a clean up at the end of the battle, or potentially a way to get one enemy out of the way for a short while.

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