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Evil Time of Crisis


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You are from Anti-Earth. A place where everyone is evil. You are a villain. Everything is 'great' until reality blows up. That kinda sucks. You may be evil, but you like having reality to be evil in. The Norn, an all powerful being who cannot interfere herself, pulls you out of reality to save reality from destruction. Again, you're evil, but not omnicidally so. It's nice to have things to push around and take things and do things evilly.


I'm looking for interested parties on being the bad guys. Don't worry about who it is. If we're short staffed, or over/underpowered, I can adjust on the fly. This will be in the noncanon forum.


If you are interested, put forth a character you wish to play and how they fit in this world.


Freedom is called Empire City. There's sections dedicated to it in Worlds of Freedom and Iron Age.


Bedlam is called Paradise, and is possibly the nicest place in America. Doesn't mean the villains don't have their hands there.


Emerald City is called Wonderland. People aren't so much villains there as much as they're 'people with powers'. Your Neutral city with Evil tendencies.


If you wish to add something to the Bedlam/Paradise or Emerald City/Wonderland narrative, I'm all ears as those are my interpretations of them right now since they dont have canon sections.

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Sounds fun. Any of my characters you think would be best for what you got planned powerwise, I can use!


Dust Devil, then. He could stand being used some more. He is a petty thief that was killed near the Magic Mesa, which raised him as its enforcer in the outside world. He is pretty much ignoring his charge, instead using his newfound abilities to become and even greater thief.

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Red Moon, in this world Eclipse LLC, is a private specialist in manipulating and changing the memories of potential enemies. Of whom, depends on who's doing the paying. She's contracted to oversee the Wonderland Project, a Crime Syndicate experiment in controlled opposition, where heroes can fight villains without any real risk to the existing order, and at a profit to Syndicate collaborators. Her job is mostly to carefully prune and edit the awareness of the cities' populace, creating a docile environment where 'heroes' can be manufactured and directed without getting any bright ideas. However, that doesn't take up all of Eclipse's time, and she can travel almost anywhere from her lunar fortress, carved from the ruins of Darkside City.

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In this reality, Selena Kwon was recruited into her current role at The Academy after the gang she was part of in San Juan made the mistake of hitting one of the Syndicate's minor holdings.  After being shipped off to Empire City she became a quick study in her classes and attracted underlings and allies.

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On 12/23/2018 at 4:20 PM, Crimson Beguiler said:

@KnightDisciple This will be starting after the first of the year. So do you think anything's changed in six years?




Hm. Offhand, I can't think of big changes. Probably a few more scars and trophies. Gabriel's sheet hasn't changed much, thus neither has Morningstar's. He's pretty content to be undisputed King of Ireland. 

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