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Through the Mirrored Glass and Back Again

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Here is the OOC for this.


Hero Points

Arcana - 3

Masque - 2

Ouroboros - 1

Veronica - 3



Arcana - Fine

Masque - Fine

Ouroboros - Fine

Veronica - Fine

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House Rules Post


Considering this would be a combat thread its success is determined most of all by pace.


If we are to see this thread until completion there are a few things I'd like to try which would keep the pace. All these points apply to combat.


1. There shall be a time limit of around a week after a GM post for all IC PC posts to be written before I write the next GM post. Same time limit for non-combat posts if nothing is happening but we're waiting on PC turns.


2. If you aren't feeling up to an IC post, just tell me what you are doing in Discord or OOC, then either I or you could roll for your action. I would need a.) the different actions for your turn and b.) the general intent/tactics of the PC for your turn. 


3. I shall remind the next person to post in either Discord, if I see you active, or in the OOC thread, if not, a day or two after the last IC PC post.


4. I reserve the right to control your PC for the round if you do not post within the time limit or do #2. I shall try to adhere to the Powers and Tactics portion of the PC's character sheet.


5. If the there is no IC post for the PC, I'll just write down their actions in the GM post, Rule of Cool and all. You can tell me if you want it described some specific way.

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Quick question on the IC - for clarity of descriptors/etc, were they all transferred physically and whole into the suit's world, or just their minds/souls (and a projection of their belongings)?

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Give me a Craft (Art) or Knowledge (Arcane Lore) roll to see what Veronica could parse. You could also roll Knowledge (Technology) or Craft (Structural). The skill will determine what you get.

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The area, looked at through your senses, isn't as empty as it would seem at first glance. The whiteness hides within it bands of magic, shifting and seething in grid-like patterns. The "ground" you stand on. The "sky" above you. Like two chips placed on over the other with you in the middle, they and magic stretch from horizon to horizon. Arthur Whitfield too is saturated in this glowing grid magic, though more lay hidden which you cannot parse at the moment.


The best analogy you could give would be as if you were inside the links you manipulate between your trinkets. This is a binding. A glue that holds many, many things together.


(OOC: Take a hint that could be used for later, but I won't remind you of it.)

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Knowledge Arcana for Salvos Rep 1d20+20=26


Activate:  Super Senses 8 (Mage Sight; on Magic Awareness [Visual]: Analytical 1, Counters Concealment 2, Counters Illusion 2, Tracking 3 [All Out Move]) [10PP]  

Knowledge Arcana to get a read on what's going on in/with the suit.  1d20+20=33  

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