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  1. "OK," the gambler said, dropping his eyes from the ceiling back to Rosa. "I'm your man." He rubbed his chin. "How much time do we have, and what do you know about the other players?" He briefly toyed with the idea of taking out the players before they ever reached the table but he wasn't sure if the tiny, and energetic, woman in front of him would be open to that. She didn't seem the type. He thought about reaching out to rest of his.. whatever the hell they were. Might be too conspicuous though, so he dismissed the idea.
  2. Nicola grinned then pulled her shirt up and over her head, casually tossed it aside, and then leaned in to continue the this that Anna wanted to do. ... The sun had reached its peak hours ago, and the vampire watched the afternoon shadows slowly cross the ground over the shoulder of Anna. She was snuggled up against the blond, at some point they made it to her bedroom, and just luxuriated in the warmth of Anna's skin. I could get used to this, she thought. "So," she breathed into Anna's neck. "What do normal people do when they go... steady?"
  3. "Makes sense," Chance mused, leaning back in his chair and gazing at a spot on the ceiling. "Death has a way of warping what crosses its path. Mix in superstition that eventually becomes belief and you get yourself a talisman of sorts." He snapped his chair back up, and favored Rosa with a smile. "I imagine you want to.. liberate.. this deck and ensure it doesn't fall into the hands of individuals of dubious character?
  4. "I have not, my dear Doctor," Chance said, leaning back in his seat and watching Rosa pace. He couldn't help but smile at the energy and enthusiasm on display. "Please, educate me. You will find I am a most eager student." His thoughts briefly turned to another card game played a long time ago, one that altered the trajectory of his life--for good or ill--forever. If this Dead Man's Hand was anything like the Hand of Fate, then there was significant cause concern.
  5. Chance grinned at Sophia. "Oh, is that all?," the blond languidly asked, raising an eyebrow at Xavier. "I thought when you'd call in that marker that it'd be for something a bit more... oh I don't know... fun?" Chance shrugged and made a vague gesture encompassing the club. "You're free to rest your weary and harried heads here, of course." "It's not just the club around here that is mine. Give me a list of what you need, and an hour--two tops--and I'll see it done."
  6. "Ah." Chance stood up from his leaning position and gestured at another employee to take over. "Right this way Doctor Thorne," the blond said, as he moved out from behind the bar and indicating that she should take the wine with her. He lead her to a set of stairs that lead up to an office that overlooked the club. It was richly decorated with memorabilia that seemed old-fashioned compared to the club's modern stylings--there was even a set of old revolvers in a glass case! The office was also conspicuously empty of anyone but the blond barkeep and the good doctor. "Tell me more about this poker game," Chance said, settling into a chair behind his desk and indicating a seat in front of it. "Just how high are the stakes are we talking here?" From the way posed the question, the higher the stakes the more interest he had.
  7. Eve said nothing from her place at the table, occasionally she turned to look at someone as they spoke or glance expressionlessly at Tarva, but the bulk of her attention was focused on the report in front of her. On the tablets screen was the current headcount as well as supply tally, but despite Eve's attention she wasn't really seeing it. Instead her eyes were unfocused, and all she could do was fidget with her wedding ring.
  8. The blond barkeep turned around and gave Rosa an appraising look, and he broke out into a smile that lit up his green eyes. "What sort of proposition would you have for Mr. Lebeau?" he asked, turning back around to pluck a bottle of wine off the rack and pouring a glass that he set in front of Doctor Thorne. "He is a busy man," Chance continued, resting against the bar. "I am sure you understand that he won't see just anyone."
  9. Ardent + RefPoint Blue Fox Another Castle Chance The Aces and Eights Job Nightingale French Stuff Willow
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  11. "Oh, that." Chance chuckled, and waved a hand dismissively. "I keep the suspicious drug storage freezers elsewhere. I find it is easier to maintain the appearance of a legitimate and respectable business if one actually is a legitimate and respectable business." He flashed Alice a smile. "But yes, Pier 6 is mine, and thank you. I am quite pleased with her, even despite her lack of secret freezers full of illicit substances or underground gambling dens."
  12. "Hmm?" Chance said, casting a glance over his shoulder at the people that showed up behind his bar. Xavier he knew, the others, he did not but he just rolled he shoulder in faint shrug and turned back to watch the his patrons depart, the door closing and locking behind the last one. "Yeah, I guess so. Only started half-past something-or-other and I'm still standing," he said, downing his drink and turning back to the bar with a grin. "Luck of the Devil, I guess." He refilled his drink from the bottle he left on the bar top, and with glass in hand gestured to Xavier. "Help yourself. I imagine, if you're dropping in at such late hour, you could use a drink."
  13. The vampire looked thoughtful, and then gave Anna a faint smile. In a quick (though nowhere near as quick as Anna) and fluid motion, she straddled the older woman's waist, pinning her back against the couch, her shirt riding up and gathering around her hips. "Hey," Nicola quietly murmured, then leaned into to briefly kiss Anna. She took hold of the blond woman's arms and put them around her, settling them at the small of her back. "I can be addictive," she said after she broke the kiss. "I'm just being careful, for your sake."
  14. Pier 6 was a nightclub nestled among the warehouses of Bedlam's docks, which despite its location maintained a modest reputation of a safe space where people from all walks of life could mix and mingle, engage in discreet business, or simply drink and dance the worries of the city away. The industrial aesthetic of brick walls and exposed steel combined with leather seating and wood surfaces gave the club a contrasting, if comforting interior. But none of that mattered at the moment, for it was closing time. The patrons of Pier 6 were disgorging into the street and Chance had settled back behind his own bar with a drink, toasting another relatively quiet night.
  15. Nicola pulled back a little, gave Anna a thoughtful look, and then shook her head. "You're sweet," she said. "But you know I'm not talking about villainous or criminal acts." She frowned slightly, and then shrugged. "Not in the traditional sense, anyway. But more that, fundamentally, humanity is food to my kind. And involving yourself with me opens you up to significant risk." "Not from me," she added quickly, "I won't, um, bite unless you want me to."