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  1. Pace may have slowed down some, but it's been fairly steady.
  2. Arcana spun away from the roof edge, and bounded toward Masque. She pushed her hood back, the enchantment that obscured her face fading away, and she had a wide smile for her roommate. "Liz, you are so cool!" she said, impulsively wrapping the other girl up in a warm embrace. As the mage held onto the hug, looking over Elizabeth's shoulder, her actions dawned on her and she felt her cheeks warm. If I don't let go she can't see, she thought awkwardly.
  3. Abigail shrugged. "They have something to do with one of Prime humanity's myriad efforts to annihilate itself," she said to Leroy. "The museum is right there, if you're interested. Admission is free." "But, no, my father had more important things to worry about." Which isn't to say he didn't lend some support during the second world war, but he was more interested in the magical threats that arose during that conflict. Like her mother.
  4. The crown of three flames, burning above Arcana's head, flickered and vanished as she centered herself and thought about the battle before her and Masque more carefully. "It is a very good trick," she said, her tone at once both approving and admiring. "Let's give him something else to worry about so our friends are safe." Magic surged around the mage again, ethereal sand and stone flickering into existence and swirling around her as she stepped up to the roofs edge. While she held her hands low to her sides, the ground started to rumble and quake under Krampus. As she raised her hands to the sky, that rumble became a roar as the ground exploded out from under the giant. Krampus' feet sank deep into the earth up to his knees as giant fists of stone reached up from out of the ground and clamped around his arms and pulled them wide, leaving Krampus exposed and vulnerable.
  5. Abigail will use extra effort to power stunt Snare 10 off of her Arcane Arsenal array. She will use a Hero Point to Cancel Fatigue. Arcana will All-Out Attack + Power Attack Giant Krampus with Snare 10. All-Out Power Attack, Snare 10, vs Giant Krampus: 1d20+10 27. That should be a DC 25 Reflex Save as the very earth turns against Krampus.
  6. Arcana Giant Krampus 2: Krampus Campus With Black Curtains Ardent Blue Fox Chance Nightingale Willow
  7. In order to make sure the Refs accurately count all your IC posts and award you the due amount of power points, please post with a list of all the threads in which your player character, NPC or sidekick posted IC this month (including the News forum). This topic will automatically close on the seventh day of the following month at Midnight EST. Also list any threads which you are GMing. GM posts count as double and can be assigned to whichever of your characters needs a 'push'. When you make your list, post a link to your first post for the month for each IC thread so we can jump right to it. When you start a thread, make sure IC is the first tag and topic prefix of the In Character thread, and OOC is in the first tag and topic prefix of the Out Of Character thread. It's not required, but additional tags including the major players and locations are viewed as a courtesy. Please list your threads in alphabetical order. Please clearly note any threads in which you are both player and GM/running an NPC. Please list your threads in a timely manner. Extending the deadline one week into the following month is already a grace period. If you've done any "extracurriculars" -- artwork, HellQ, 20 Questions, NPC, vignettes, guidebook pages, etc. -- please be sure to list them along with your active threads. For more information on ways to earn power points, see Character Advancement and Awards in the House Rules section of the Guide. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in your post counts being postponed or skipped completely. If you missed the deadline, see this thread.
  8. Abigail smiled at Corinne gave her a small nod of thanks, watching her briefly as she walked away. "Ah, no Dani," she said turning back to Danica, shaking her head. "My foster sister lives in the Castle. I still go back to Ottawa when I'm not here at Claremont. I can't quite bring myself to into my father's place. Not yet, anyway. Not while I still think of it as his, you know?" She rolled a shoulder in a faint shrug. "Anyway,. the first floor of the castle is public access and a good part of it is the Allies of Freedom Museum, yeah. The rest of it is... quite modern on the inside."
  9. Abigail cocked her head to the side, folding her hands behind her back. "As far as pickup lines go, that one is pretty good," she said, her tone a bit dry but the edges of her mouth were curled up into a small grin. "I'll have to save that one for later." She was still looking curiously at the older woman, and then shrugged, letting the spell she was crafting to dissipate. "Who put you up to this?"
  10. Nick

    True Sight

    Reflexively Abigail reached up to cover the medallion. "It was my father's," she said after a moments hesitation. It took an act of willpower to unclench her hand from the Modrossus, and return it to her mug of coffee. She made it almost seem natural and unforced, but there was a stiffness to the young mage's actions. "He passed, and so it passed to me," she continued, eyes downcast. She shook herself, looked up at Veronica and put on a little smile. "What would you like to know?"
  11. Abigail glanced up from the puzzle and over at Judy. "One of my sisters is a ghost," she said in a very matter-of-fact tone. "The other is possessed by a spirit of avarice, but she's got that under control." The corners of Abigail's mouth turned up into a faint smile as she thought about Kimber and Becky, two people (along with her adoptive father) who have made the young mage's life on Prime livable. "You know that large skyscraper downtown, with the castle on top?" she asked. The Dutemps building was a bit of an oddity, even by Freedom City standards, but some of the kids at Claremont haven't really had much opportunity to go into the city. "They live there. Well, Kimber does. For a certain flexibility with the word live." She sighed, made a slight gesture with one of her hands and the rest of the puzzle pieces moved and snapped themselves into place on their own. Then she spun and turned back to Corinne. "Ah, good. I could use a snack."
  12. Arcana was simultaneously pleased, and disappointed, in the enchantment that obscured her face. Pleased because it hide the admiring look gave her roommate who was some brave to spring into action in pajamas and a robe, and disappointed because Masque couldn't see her smile at the idea of working together. Still, a nod worked. "Launch it," the mage suggested and soon the wisp was sailing unerringly toward Krampus. Flame swirled around Arcana and she reached out toward the wisp, feeding it with fire. The wisp grew in size, in luminosity, in heat. Still power flowed into it. Stone was ripped from the ground, pulled from the cement and ripped from the building, feeding the wisp that had, by now, grown to resemble a ball of fire and molten rock, the heat of it creating a howling in the wind as it passed. And then it hit the giant, exploding against it's skin.
  13. Abigail yawned, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she quietly walked down the hallway toward the bathroom. It was the middle of the night and the young mage was having trouble falling asleep, having tossed and turned since she and Elizabeth turned in. She paused a moment, listening to the silence of a dormitory at rest and spared a small, quiet smile at the thought of her roommate. Despite herself, Abigail found herself warming to the other young woman and she was finding it a bit difficult to remain aloof. She sighed when she reached the communal bathroom. Cupping her hand under the sink she splashed some cold water in her face. Might as well stay up, she thought to herself as she looked at herself in the mirror. Most of the night had passed and it wasn't like she was feeling any more tired.
  14. Arcana and Masque are going to perform a combined attack. Arcane Blast [Combined Attack]: 1d20+10 20. Which I am sure misses, and we can't have that. So I will expend one of Arcana's HP to reroll this. Arcane Blast [Combined Attack] [HP Reroll]: 1d20+10 29. Better.
  15. Arcana Una's Inferno Giant Krampus 2: Krampus Campus With Black Curtains True Sight Ardent Blue Fox Chance Nightingale Willow
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