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  1. The mage looked up, brushing a strand of hair from in front of her eyes, and tucked it behind one ear. She hated how the meeting fell apart, and she should have seized control of the situation a lot earlier, but she was always reluctant to do so because she never knew if it was what she wanted to do or what her mother trained her to do. Still, in this one small matter, she would take the initiative. "I will permit use of my Sanctum," she said. "It is secure."
  2. Arcana Intergalactic Sightseeing One by One
  3. "Some think that about Daedalus," Abigail told Davyd, "But it is only a partial truth." The young mage was dressed with the assumption that at some point they might become weightless, so she eschewed the long skirt she preferred to a snug pair of jeans and a tighter fitting shirt. She still carried her satchel with her, and her silver medallion glimmered in the artificial light. She opened her mouth to add more but fell silent, looking out the window and into the vastness of space, suppressing a small shudder.
  4. "Mia," Abigail said, her voice soft and gentle. She had set her book down on the table, and had her forearms resting on it, hands clasped. "Please, calm down and have a seat," she said, smiling at the other girl. This wasn't the closed off Abigail the others usually saw, and she waited patiently to see if Mia would sit or not. Regardless, she continued on. "Eira died," she said softly. "She got better, in a sense. And I know it doesn't excuse her.. over exuberance.. but she doesn't mean anything mean by it." 'And look," she continued, "The world is vast, and threats will come from not just space or under the Earth but from different planes of reality itself. And if we're there we have to handle it, because there aren't enough of us to go around. It won't always be perfect, but it's better than the alternative."
  5. Abigail chuckled to herself and shook her head at Eira. "Some, but I don't think they understand." Her eyes narrowed though at Leroy's comment, and she gave him a very pointed and considering look. Was that luck, or does he actually know? She thought to herself. The crown of three flames blazed above her head for a few heartbeats more before flickering away. And she got very interested in her notebook again ignoring Mia's threat.
  6. "I kill it," Abigail said not looking up from her notebook. "And I protect the citizens." "Transmute it to mist, shunt it into another realm, or just burn it ash." It didn't sound like boasting, the young mage spoke quietly and earnestly. "Could easily create barriers, teleport the citizens to safety or, again, just annihilate the threat." She looked up now, the crown of three flames burning above her head, her eyes glowing a faint green. "I don't need any of you." She paused, blinking at Eira, the glow fading from her eyes. She hadn't really paid much attention to the new girl when she had come in, but now.. that accent.. the mannerisms.. the voice. "Wait, Eira?!" Abigail exclaimed. "When did you get here? Does Kimber know?"
  7. The door to the library's meeting room opened and closed quietly and one of the last members of Orange Squad stepped inside with little fanfare. She glanced at the assembled, and gave the ones she knew a small nod and faint smile, but then cocked her head curiously to regard the newcomer. The curiosity lasted for only a moment she she shrugged one shoulder and settled down in her seat, setting her book bag down on the ground and fishing out a notebook. She withdrew, as she always did, into her notebook and pointedly ignoring everyone around her. Occasionally she'd stop to brush a bit of her dark hair out of her eyes and tucking it behind one ear.
  8. .... so what you're saying is I need to make Ringdown.
  9. As people discussed their families, their upbringing, and the pain they witnessed or themselves felt, Abigail set her sketchbook aside and gave each one her quiet but undivided attention. It was clear from her expression--and the crown of three flames that flickered above her head--that, as the others spoke, she was wrestling with her own thoughts and feelings. She barely heard what Judy said before she opened her mouth, giving the other girl a small apologetic smile. "I'm not from Canada," she began without preamble. "I'm not even from Earth, Prime or otherwise. I'm from a realm called the Netherworld, where the ruler did not permit me to have a childhood." "From the moment I could crawl I was being turned into a weapon against my father, to breach the Master Mage's defenses and allow Una to conquer and subsume Prime into her realm. It was better for me to be.. incomplete." "I never thought about who I was attracted to before. My feelings and desires were something I was never really encouraged to explore before. Since coming to Prime, I've learned a lot. My father has died, and someone else is the Master Mage now, but my foster family has helped me through some things." "One of them is a literal ghost," she added brightly, smiling a bit before her expression turned introspective once again. "Liz met her," she added, blushing slightly as she looked at her roommate. "Like I said, I never really thought about attraction before, on a personal level. But then that giant Krampus attacked the Academy and ... like Ash, I like girls too." She sank back into her chair, and hoping nobody noticed the parts she deliberately left out at the end.
  10. Nick


    "This is the Black House, then?" Abigail Storm asked, striding up to the rest of her squad. She was wearing knee-length black velvet dress with long sleeves and a white collar, some black wedge-heeled shoes and black tights. Her hair was done in two Danish braids, she had on black lipstick and an understated a smoky eye. Her ever present medallion was still there, with its strange symbol only those deep into the magic community would recognize. Or avid fans of the late Eldritch. "Looks lovely."
  11. Arcana Amygdala Rainbow Connection Ardent Blue Fox Chance Nightingale Willow
  12. Abigail was quietly seated, keeping to herself and doodling in her sketchbook when her roommate entered the classroom. The young mage peeked out over her book but otherwise said nothing, her cheeks heating slightly. It had been quite some time since the fight with the Giant Krampus, the cocoa and her sisters helping the sorceress puzzle out some of the distress she was feeling. Something she still never brought up with Liz because, frankly, Abby was terrified of saying anything and potentially ruining their friendship. So she gave her roommate a small smile and a nod in greeting, gave some of the other new arrivals a similar gesture, and then turned her attention back to her book.
  13. Arcana gave Rosa a curious look, but nodded. "I haven't experienced the first two examples, but I understand what you're saying." She drifted over to where Doctor Throne was seated and settled on the edge as well, looking down at the city as dreamed about by it's residents, and then shifting her gaze up to the stars above. The stars looking down on the young mage made her a little uncomfortable, though she couldn't fathom why, and hoped that her discomfort wasn't noticeable. "It was my mother that put you up to this," she said after a long period of silence. "This isn't Daniel's style, my father is dead, and Phantom is cryptic but not this cryptic."
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