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  3. She wrinkled her nose slightly. "Your description of me is... certainly colorful," she said, looking thoughtfully at the helmet. "I'm not an artificer," Abigail said leaning back in her chair, the word yet hanging in the air unspoken. The young mage seemed more relaxed with this smaller, more intimate group. "Not to say I am uninterested in helping, I just want to you understand where my skill set lies."
  4. "It's fine," Abigail said, glancing across the way to the game and brushing a strand of hair away from her face. And it was fine even if she was nervous being around so many folks; too many people she didn't know yet, unsure of who to trust. The bottle of water frosted in her hand and she forced a smile at Pan. "Tell me about where you're from."
  5. "I'm a vegetarian," Abigail said not adding that the smell of cooked flesh tended to kill her appetite. Nobody needed to know that, or the reason why that was. "So if I were to have a burger," which sounded unlikely from her tone, but not completely outside the realm of possibility, "it wouldn't even be meat to start. Maybe made of lentils, though they're doing some interesting things with pea protein and lab created heme." She shrugged, "Dijon mustard, some onions and arugula. Simple."
  6. Abigail had never bowled. She'd also prefer to not be here, in public, in a group of people she didn't really know. Which, she realized, was the entire point of coming out here tonight, so she COULD get to know these people. The young mage carried her sketchbook with herself anyway. Just in case. "You can go eat," she said. "By the looks of the menu, and smell of the place, there's nothing here for me."
  7. Nick

    True Sight

    "I will do this then," Abigail said with a determined nod, causing her pendant to glimmer in the florescent light. She leaned against the counter, watching the coffee shops lobby and keeping Veronica in her peripheral vision. "You and yours seem very well traveled," she said trying to make it sound as casual as possible. "What's the most interesting thing you've personally come across?"
  8. The young mage had oriented her sketchbook sideways and had started to mark out a panoramic scene that included the game on the beach and the kids in the water. She had started in on adding some detail, being careful with her shading since she forgot her conte crayon back at the dorms. She sighed though when the boy Lulu had been making eyes at strolled up and blocked some of her light, not to mention her view. Good time to stop I guess, she thought to herself setting her charcoals and sketchbook aside as she vacated her seat. Leaving Lulu and Adam behind Abigail wandered over to the cooler and fished out a bottle of water.
  9. Abigail shrugged slightly. "You're not wrong," she said to Danica. "And maybe I will seek out the Furions after Claremont; it would be good to have some purpose." She recovered the books so they were no longer floating, and chuckled at Pan. "The question is often not whether someone could do something, but if they should do something. Start with cheese on your burger," she suggested. "Work your way up from there."
  10. "Nothing we couldn't handle," Nicola said, relaxing back into her seat. She was relaxed and fed--she almost had a real body temperature--and was just looking forward to being on the road regardless of what trouble they do or don't run in. Then she sat up, frowning and started to fish through the pockets on her jacket frantically before giving up after a few moments. "Damn," she murmured, "Supposed to have travel mix somewhere. Must have left it on the nightstand."
  11. Nick

    True Sight

    "Sure, I'd like that," Abigail answered. Her demeanor subtly shifted as they had left Claremont and entered the coffee shop. Veronica could she was still guarded, but it seems that what she was guarded about shifted slightly. "I like to draw too," she added. "At first it was just a means to replicate some things I had see, transferring them from one book to another. But later it became just a fun way to pass the time." She looked thoughtful for a moment. "I had thought of putting a sketchbook and a few markers, pens and such in the common area. So could all draw or write something and kind of commemorate the year." But she shook her head, "Too weird though, right?"
  12. "For me, prison," Nicola answered. "Afterword I joined a convent." "That didn't last as long as I expected," she continued after a moment. "Later I went back to stealing so I could eat." She glanced at the bottle of wine and sighed wistfully. She couldn't drink that and keep it down. Curse her peculier diet.
  13. Abigail was still quietly laughing and shaking her head slightly, causing the pendant around her neck to glimmer in the sun, when Lulu started to settle down next to her. "Oh, by all means," the young mage answered her squadmate. She settled into her chair a little deeper, opened up her book and with a small gesture produced a charcoal pencil. She did nothing right away, just quietly observing those on the beach and in the water. One doesn't rush these things.
  14. Nick

    True Sight

    Abigail thought of her early life in the Netherworld and her own training, how the fear of dying was somehow less compared to the fear of failing mother. "That sounds fascinating," she said, genuinely interested. "I would like to see some of those journals, if you're OK with that," she added. "I enjoy learning about new places." Makes it easier to go unnoticed if you don't appear to be a tourist, like you belong. The young mage's hand reached out and opened the door to the coffee shop, holding it open for Veronica.
  15. "Admittedly, a hearse would be pretty neat," Nicola said, sliding into seat on the passenger side. She had her sunglasses on even though Lucy said they'd be stopping before Daybreak. People generally found the way she looked at them unsettling, which was a reasonable response from something that was effectively food. "So, what's our first destination?" she asked once Lucy settled into her own seat.