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Road Warriors: Gold Rush!


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Freedom City Central


Wading Way


21st of march 2018


Wading way was a nice neighbourhood, anyone you asked would tell you so, lots of strong local businesses operated out of there so there was a lot of opportunity for work and a strong economy, resilient even in the face of the rampant meta-human events that seemed to be perpetually going on around the infamous city of heroes, which thanks to the wealth and affluence of its occupants seemed to weather the storms of energy blasts and super strength backed blows better than other neighbourhoods.


They had been enjoying a nice run of good weather as of late, perfect infact for taking ones lunch out to the various civic parks or even just to the bench around the corner from your workplace, it had all been going so well, but then, it usually was before something kicked off.


That in this case a bright red steam locomotive ripped through the air with a thrumming cascade of light and strange energies, was something novel but hardly unique in the face of day to day occurrences, many watched none nonplussed it it slid across the ground smoothly, held aloft on a cushion of light and air and pulled up outside the bank.


A scant few moments the doors flung open and a crowed of extremely similar looking cowboys, far more than one would reasonable expect to fit into the cab of such a vehicle, raced from the street into the glassy front doors of the wading way 3rd national bank.


It was going to be one of those days it seemed.

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Selena checked the clock on her cellphone for probably the dozenth time in the last ten minutes before looking up at the skyscraper her mother was currently interviewing within.  Trying to take her mind off the stress her little jump forward in time has caused for her family she pulled from her backpack a small steel fidget spinner and, with a small burst of her powers, set the toy to spinning.


After the third or fourth repetition as she sat on a park bench, the strange red locomotive rushed down the street.  I am never going to get used to this, she thought to herself, watching pedestrians stop and stare while motorists swerved out of the way.  Within seconds of seeing the cowboys rush into the bank, Selena was moving briskly for a place to change into Gauss.

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"Whoa! Another day in Freedom City!"


Rev had been with Selena. She had wanted to get out of the School. There was a lecture on ethics and philosophy that, by her judgement, could not have been more dry if Captain Dry had set up a Drying Machine on a particularly dry day in the desert. 


Even still, that was bizarre. 


"Its a little bit totally awesome, isn't it?" she asked Gauss. 


"But, you know, its probably something we should do something about. You know, like phone the police or the detectives, or take photographs or something. Something like get in there and stop the robbery and be awesome?" she suggested, hoping that Gauss would agree heartily to the matter. She didn't know Gauss that well, but as far as she was concerned Gauss was awesome until proved otherwise. Even if proved otherwise, she would probably awesome. 


"What do you think? Do you think we should stop the robbery, or do you think the robbery is something we should stop?"

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Following the floating locomotive hot on its trails the young heroines arrive long before the rapid response of freedom city's redoubtable police department, though their sirens are faintly audible in the distance, it would not be long untill they arrived on site.


Looking into the foyer of the bank through its pristinely clean glass front you can see group of what looks to be no less than six instances of the Same cowboy dotted around the banks foyer, some with futuristic looking versions of Single action revolvers kept trained on various members of the banks staff and clients as others hurriedly moveing the contents of a vault, the door of which is slightly melted and still glowing a dull red.


Amidst it all two very different individuals stand out, a man and a woman, both red haired to the other eerily similar cowboys salt and pepper and wearing similar though differently coloured attire, red to the others blue shirts, black vests all around, though the man and woman both bear strange imitations of sheriff badges the man carrying a variant of the sci-fi six shooters in each hand and the lady with a longer, rifle like device, albeit tipped with a pale blue crystal at the end of its barrel.

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"Who are these guys, clones? Robots? Or is it something clever with mirrors?" asked Rev to Gauss, trying to work it out. She was pretty sure it wasn't mirrors. But then again, people could do some pretty neat things with mirrors, as SFX had shown her. 


"And those red heads! Who are they? And in any case, what are cowboys doing here? They aren't filming Gunbusters 8 are they?" she wondered, trying to see if there were any camera's around. 


In any case, the course of action was clear. 


She burst into the Bank and stuck her fingers up as mimed guns. 


"Stick 'em up, its a robbery! I mean, its a stopping a robbery!"

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"No, I don't think they are.  That would be too simple.  Man, mom's going to be pissed...," Gauss replied floating behind Rev, her white cape billowing in the breeze she pulled up short as they passed the bollards in front of the bank and an idea struck her.  As Rev made her way up the steps Gauss raised one hand palm up towards the short steel cored posts and the chains between them.  Exhaling slowly as focused on her power, she clenched her fist and the objects began shaking, the chains rattling and pulling towards her.  After a few seconds of struggling the concrete shattered and the bollards came rushing at the flying teen before being redirected towards the vehicle the anachronistic bank robbers rolled up in, blocking the entry into the cab under a pile of steel and cement.


Task complete, she fished a couple steel spheres from her belt and flew into doorway of the bank where her friend had the criminals covered.  "Now might be a good time to drop the guns, you're not going anywhere."

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The eerilee similar cowboys don't even seem to flinch or look up from what tasks they're attending too when Rev Bursts in, but the red headed couple certainly take notice and with a brief glance at each other and a small slight nod between them, the man suddenly speaks up.


"Ah reckon things ain't gonna go that way lil' Law miss! you an' yer deputy ain't gonna take us without a fight..." sheathing his twin weapons in their holsters as he talks "but since ahm of a sportin' mind lets have a little ol' game of quickdraw,.....ready?" his face obscured as it was by a red bandana shifts enough to reveal with big old smile he has on.



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Her synthetic skin pooped and ripped at the shoulders, and her cybernetic arms revealed themselves for all to see. They were quite visible, what with extending out two dozen feet. 


They were shiny and chrome. They were chrome and shiny. 


"That will take a long time" she replied, as the pilot lights on each palm ignited. 


"But I can call it! JET...SET....GO!!!!!" she yelled, and on cue she stretched out her arms and threw a blossoming jet of fire right at the man's feet. 


The fire exploded on contact with the ground, releasing a fiery shock wave and sharp boom. 

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"Woah!" the redheaded man calls as he watches the skin meltsplode right off of Revs cybernetic limbs "now that is more Like it! Names calamity Carl by the..." he cuts his own sentence off midway and flings himself violently away from the epicenter of the incoming blast with the grace and fluidity of a Olympic gymnast and then come! even as the two eerilie indentical cowboys melt to stinking plastic slag puddles and shreds of torn material


"Hawt dog! We having our selves a shoot out! get inta cover boys!" he calls out to the remaining four of his animation minions! "we'll keelhaul this lil doggie!"

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One of the spheres the young magnetokinetic pulled from her belt on her way in circled her wrist in a slow, lazy pattern as she took aim at Calamity Carl, trying to adjust for his dodging of Rev's attack as well as trying not to strike the aforementioned cyborg girl's now very outstretched arms.  "Keelhauling?  You know, I was expecting more Sundance Kid and less Pirates of the Caribbean," she called.


With a flick of her wrist she sent the ball bearing flying forward, aiming for a kneecap and instead only slammed into a pile of goo that used to be one of the cowboys.

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and with that utter chaos broke out, lighting bolts clacked from futuristic (and sadly none magnetic) guns from all direction, three from behind, the minions guarding the civilians followed Calamity Carls order and got into cover peeking out to shoot their guns at the two heroines and missing widely, little scorch marks blackening the pristine walls of the establishment!


Carl however hopped briefly out of cover and faster than the eye could blink had pulled both his revolvers from their holsters and fired two impeccably accurate shots towartds both heroines catching them squarely in the limbs with two thin but amazingly accurate bolts of electrical energy and just as quickly he danced away behind one of the sturdier stone pillars holding the open plan's roof aloft.


Revs body surged with the rampant energies and threw her now unwieldy arms compensation systems off balance!


a final blast from The woman's rifle streaks across the foyer from behind the teller's desk and narrowly misses gaus's torso, this one is different however making the pillars surface writhe with electricity for a moment before it flickers out!

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Whilst Rev felt the electric blast, and felt it zing, it wasn't so bad. She could think straight anyway. 


Her arms, however, had an apparent mind on their own. With rapid spasms that swung that way. With tremulous jerks, they swung the other. And her legs buckled under her, unable to keep still. 


One arm swung straight up, punching the ceiling and letting some plaster dust - and plaster fall on her. The other swung into the cash desks, scattering glass and splintering wood. Between the dual impact and the loss of her legs, she ended up flipping into the air and landing flat on her back, completely winded, her limbs still caught in a tonic clonic seizure. 


"I'm shocked!" she gasped. 

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As Carl danced behind one of the support pillars, Gauss lined up one more shot.  Another sphere shot through the air, clipping Carl in the shoulder.  Unfortunately for her, the steel orb was stopped short by an, until now, invisible barrier.  With the impact, blue concentric rings spread from his shoulder.  "Of course he has a personal force field generator," she groused to Rev, shifting her focus to fortify her own defenses.

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almost as one  another massive volley of high voltage shots rang out many missing, some finding their marks with devestating accuracy.


Sensing that the heroes were off balanced carl called out "Im thinkin now's a time ta be making our exit darlin', keep em busy boys!" he called out to the automatons whom in acknowledgement trained their guns on the two prone heroes and fanned their weapons hammers relentlessly, creating a thrumming screen of energy between their masters and the young heroines!


For her part Samantha nodded to the affirmative and responded with a few gestures as she braced her weapon on her shoulder and sprinted over towards the pile of loot, a tap on her badge saw the pile vanishing in a flash of light and her skittering after Carl whom was for his own part dealing with gauss's blockage of their train ship in the exact same manner that Samantha had used to vanish the bags


Climbing into the cabin and and setting off out of sight in a whirr of energy and the dull churning of mechinery

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Rev forced her limbs to stop whirring and shaking, trying to click them out of their spastic seizures. It was an effort, but they finally started obeying her. 


"That was shocking!" she grumbled, and was not best pleased that her furious tremors had contributed to the cowboys getting away. "What is this, the wild west?"


Well, something suspicious was up. 


But the automatons were fortunately lined up to provide some release from the irritation. She clenched her metal fists, ignited a pilot light, and let loose an incandescent stream of purple hot plasma in a wonderfully pretty cone. 


"Lighten up, boys!" she grunted as she did her best to melt them down to slag. 

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Gauss struggled to get her own limbs to stop buzzing, flexing her fingers to try and restore feeling and function in the moments after the anachronistic duo had fled the bank.  By the time she was sure she would be able to speak again without her words getting garbled by seizing muscles in her jaw, Rev had already reduced the remaining robo-goons to little more than bubbling goo.  "That was both impressive and disgusting," she commented to her friend, trying to keep her boots out of the spreading plastic puddle.


To the rest of the bank she asked, "Is everyone alright?  Did anyone trip the alarm?"

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