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Found 11 results

  1. GM 11:00PM The Fens Freedom City, New Jersey, United States Thursday, January 11th 2018 Moe had drawn a lucky lot in working the closing shift at Joe's. The past forty minutes had been dedicated to cleaning up the inside of the diner essentially by her lonesome. With two trash bags in hand, she made her way to the alley just about ready to finish her shift. That was when she heard the scream. It was high pitched and definitely attention-grabbing. The Drunk Tank was essentially a college bar. And the sole reason students attending Free
  2. The Fen's were known for many things, violence, poverty, crime, and much more. However, one bright spot in an otherwise bleak spot of the city was Joe's Diner. Established shortly after the Fen's became associated with the theater district, it's combination of cheap mostly decent fare attracted an eclectic crowd especially after a show. It was then that the artsy types looking for authentic diner fare mingled with those looking to get something to line their stomach for a fraction of what they'd spend at some of the more well to do establishments. For most of the people in the Fens, Joe's
  3. Summer 2017 It was a beautiful summer day in Emerald City, Oregon - especially if you stood here on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, far from the noisy, delicious minds of the city and enjoyed the peace and solitude of crashing waves at the base of this seaside cliff. The beaches here weren't like the ones Sensus had known back on the Jersey coast, much rockier and colder, but they had a wild beauty all the same. "Excuse me, miss. Did you need some help?" Turning behind her, silhouetted by an east-rising morning sun, Sensus looked up to see Citizen - the mo
  4. GM January 5, 2018 The winter weather wasn't exactly forgiving. Record lows and snowfall were a strain on everyone's patience in sone form or another, and nowhere was it more obvious than among people who worked for Freedom City's social services. Homeless shelters struggled to find room for everyone, from adults to runaways... The situation was taxing enough on everyone that no one really noticed when vacancies opened up. A bed here, a room there... no one questioned it; rather, they were thankful that someone else could be housed, and the fairest assumption was that the prev
  5. Well. Here we are. We use orokos.com for the rolls, which will go here along with any thread related questions and commentary if you can't find me in Discord. As Rose already knows. And I'll be holding onto these Mistress of Despair Songstress (note: when I built this one, I was still confused about the difference between Perception Range and Perception Area. I'll be treating this one's powers as if they had the latter, as that was my intent. Of course, if you're not reading the sheets of your foes, you're now very confused. Ah, well.)
  6. The scene…well, actually, neither Valerie Cain (alias, among other names, the heroic Wayward) nor Yamazaki Moe (aka the vetted rookie hero Sensus) quite knew where they were. Or how they’d gotten to this random city street. The street was lined with restaurants, bars, and clubs of seemingly every possible variety, and tonight business was booming. Before either heroine could reflect on what was going on here, a door burst open to one of the music clubs. Sobbing people poured out of it in one of several ways; either staggering as if their muscles wouldn’t work properly, attempting to return the
  7. Hi gang! Cool Homosapien and I are looking for a GM to possibly run a thread idea we had to introduce our characters Sensus and Miracle Girl. The set-up is this: Sensus works at Joe's Diner, a legendary greasy spoon in the Fens just across Broadway from the Theatre District. It's the type of place where hip young theatergoers might go after a show for breakfast and coffee after midnight. Casey and three of her NPC sorority sisters head over to Joe's after catching a touring company of 'Wicked'. While they're there, thugs of some kind show up to menace the place. The thi
  8. For tidbits and stuff.
  9. Sensus Power Level: 10 (150/156) Unspent Power Points: 6 Trade-offs: -2 Defense / +2 Toughness, -2 Attack / +2 Damage In Brief: Emotion Vampire learning the ropes of being a hero. Just enough experience not to get killed. Catchphrase: "Don't be mad!" Theme: "Love Theme" Metal Gear Solid 4 OST Alternate Identity: Public, Yamazaki Moe Birthplace: California Residence: Downtown, Freedom City Base of Operations: None Occupation: Waitress Affiliations: Heroes Family: Mother, Haruka, 34 Description Age: 1
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