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  1. A liquid spill has made my keyboard very tempermental will be back tomorrow after it has yet another day to dry.
  2. If the Water Walking is not limited to while running, Singularity can stand on water. If that's what you want that's fine. But, otherwise you could up the speed or put something else in the slot with the PP saved by limiting it to while moving.
  3. Why'd I hop on his plane after him? Dalir had told Amir when they met that he didn't drink. That was true then. And it was true now. But, rather than take the moment to place himself in further contention with the man whom he viewed as a father in name only he simply shook his head. An alien invasion was far outside of his comfort zone. And the last thing he wanted was to be compared to the man sitting across from him who looked to be perfectly comfortable. At least at this moment. Booking a magic show in Santa Fe, complete with a stand-in to mock Amir was another matter. But, Dalir couldn't let his inexperience show. It was an Entertainer's job to keep the crowd lively. Even when dealing with...robots. He wasn't really sure what omegadrones were. But, alien robots seemed to make sense. Considering he was barely three when the Terminus last made an appearance it was about as interesting as learning about the USSR. Which was to say not very. A decision he found himself regretting in this moment. Perhaps reciting Durud for the prophet wasn't a bad suggestion.
  4. Thaelia's gods weren't quite so hands on. They were probably looking on somewhat bemused by the whole affair. Not that her mortal family had sprung to action either. Granted, the Atlantean military didn't quite move as fast as the self-proclaimed Daughter of the Seas. But, a day was more than enough time to mount aid. Had they heard of the situation. Truth be told her role as an ambassador often left her isolated from communication with her family as Atlantis would be wary to keep an open line of communication that could be hijacked. "I am acting as the Praetor. Master at arms not drills." Glamazon corrected Dreadnought in the military title she had given herself for the child fighting force. Before spreading her arms wide open. "Welcome small ones. Steady your heart, for today your hearts will be tempered into steel sharper than any blade." Ignoring the fact that the makeshift sticks weren't even sharpened or shaped like swords Thaelia was clearly into her role. It was one she wasn't unfamiliar with having undergone the same drills underwater herself. Still, it was a production. Glamazon wasn't what one would call deceitful. In fact, asking her to tell a lie was akin to asking the ocean to be dry. But, she had no intention of sieging a fighting force with children or the like either. But all good Atlantean children knew tag just wasn't as fun as military drills. And up until know the Surfacer children had not diverted from that mentality either.
  5. Foreshadow set four glasses on the table next to him with an open bottle. Well, open was a rather generous description for a bottle which had been shattered halfway to the top. But, it was the one the prescient Acrobat had chosen. "I've been doing some redecorating, you like? Personally, I think I used a little too much red. It really clashes with my decor." Foreshadow joked as he began pouring scotch from the broken bottle into glasses. "It's more convenient to pretend to be drunk to sneak into a place than to actually be drunk. All smoke and mirrors, y'know? But, what use is a fifty-year-old single malt scotch in selling the fancy lifestyle when its container is down to bar weapon status?" Erick Sloane was born the year of the last Terminus Invasion (that he knew of). To him, they were just the campfire story to pass around. Sure, Erick knew Galstandard thanks to David deciding to learn the language after he captured an Omegadrone working for the mob. That still limited his alien involvement to training his Belgian Malinois, Caesar, to respond to commands in an alien language and tracking down computronium smuggling rings throughout Europe. Dodging bullets over entropic energy blasts was what bred familiarity to Foreshadow even to this day. The invasion was swift and without warning. Unlike the Communion which gave enough preparation for all of the Vanguard to mobilize. This time Foreshadow found himself operating alone, much like he started in Freedom City. Really, he wasn't sure if his message was going to attract anyone. Much less his chances of keeping them after they heard just exactly how many droves of Omegadrone were spotted near the Nuclear plant. Not that it would have deterred him from heading to the plant alone if need be. He was just glad that it hadn't come to that. Pursing his lips he smiled with renewed resolve. Normally this would be the part where there was a formal exchange of figurative business cards. But, if someone wore a mask or in this case helmets. That was all he needed to know about their willingness to put their lives on the line. Besides, it wasn't as if the Omegadrones had shown any degree of subterfuge past cloaking thus far. So the likelihood of getting stabbed by one of these three was slim to none. "So, who wants to do something crazy today?"
  6. Tagging @TheAbsurdist and @angrydurf too having just seen you put the thread up just in case they weren't aware either!
  7. "Our lines of defense grow most favorably. The children wish to be called the Rangers of Power. The name is nonsense yet it pleases them." The look on the children's faces made no secret of the fact that she had somewhat mangled the name they wished to go by. Causing a mixture of giggles in response to her very particular choice of diction. "You, on the other hand, do not look well." Thaelia glanced at Braugher's injured arm. As possibly the last person in the area with a scale of how grievous an injury was Thaelia was not sure of the level of concern she should have for the sight in front of her. So she asked, "How do you fare? Your iron steed appears to have seen better days, I worry you pursue a fate most calamitous with an injured sword-arm." In her Claremont Attending youth, it would often be Mali who drove the group around in their free time. With a somewhat comfortable pocketbook, the experience certainly colored how the Atlantean viewed what a car in good condition was. And that ambulance was far from pristine. Not helped by the fact that Glamazon usually treated vehicles as makeshift weapons. Leaving the service vehicle looking much like the aftermath of what happened when she got a hold of one.
  8. "THRUST!" The Atlantean princess known to the world at large as the Glamazon shouted at the top of her lungs. The twenty children lined up in front of her moving their wooden sticks in unison. Atlantean battle drills weren't quite as traditional a means of entertaining children as Hide and Seek. But, the kids were apparently enjoying the turn of events. Her eyes glanced over to towards the Ambulance downhill. Thaelia made it a habit to examine every vehicle. Thaelia couldn't see through metal, but her otherworldly sight could still see through many a matter of deception. If a vehicle were to hide an assaulting force she would be ready. In her opinion, security was the only thing she could contribute to the citizens. Thaelia was reckless, boastful, and overconfident. But, she was not a fool. The Freedom League Auxiliary member knew where her strength lied. And they were not in the realm of medicine, so she made no immediate attempts to near the ambulance. Such self-assurance left her not realizing the boon caused by her attempts to rile the spirits of the displaced. Which admittedly, aside from the children, the fact that Atlanteans were the last large invading force in the city had done her no favors in this endeavor. From the moment hell figuratively ripped open and those mechanical abominations flew through the skies Thaelia had dived ride into the thick of things. She had actually swum from Greenland without a second's hesitation. Without so much of a consideration of shutting her eyes and going to sleep. Whether the wooden sticks fashioned into pretend swords or trucks no longer in condition to drive up the hill. Not a moment had gone by that Thaelia wasn't carrying something the past day. "More explosiveness little ones! If your thrusts are too shallow the wound will not be mortal!"
  9. So @Avenger Assembled, @Electra , and @KnightDisciple. I took some liberties starting it in Foreshadow's Freedom City Base. Kept Vague what they could have learned in the past few days of the invasion. But, here you go thus begins Suicide Squad Freedom City edition. The totally safe mission to take out one of the three generators with a somehow less wordy title than this.
  10. Sloane Manor North Bay, Freedom City New Jersey Thursday, July 12th, 2018 4:02 PM Erick Sloane's beachfront villa in North Bay was far from untouched. The prior day's assault on Kingston left much of the surrounding upper-class neighborhoods in a state of disarray. And North Bay was no exception. Especially after an entirely new force from the Terminus emerged to fight against both the Resistance Force and the invading force. Ironically, it seemed as if for the first time in the history of Freedom City someone could make the claim that the Fens was the safest neighborhood to live in. Of course, most residents didn't have a sprawling underground headquarters in their villas. A team of heroes had been risking their lives gathering and spreading information and equipment covertly to the Resistance in the city. The latest transmission pinpointed where one of the power sources for the device generating portals into the city was. Unfortunately, said generator was currently guarded by what had to be one of the largest armies of the Terminus sighted thus far. To make matters worse it was positioned deep inside the Raymond Nuclear Power Plant. Which had seen extensive renovations by Daedalus of the Freedom League to convert the plant into a virtual fortress. In short, any attempts to destroy the generator would be a suicide mission. Foreshadow sent a recruitment transmission through his headquarter's computer with the hope that anyone nearby would answer the call. When Sea Devil, Singularity, and Cobalt Templar arrived they found piles of Omegadrone armors strewn throughout the sprawling manor. The inside of the home appearing as if an explosive had been set off with the stench of entropic energies wafting through the air. Having to step over the burnt and battered Omegadrones they would find an open bookshelf that at one point covered the staircase that led down into Foreshadow's Forebode. The computer's holographic display had a Power Pike sticking through it slightly covering the top leftmost point on the 3d layout of the Raymond Nuclear Plant. A hooded man stood in the center of the room his back turned to the staircase, a dark blue cape flowing in tatters.
  11. Sorry to hear that Sailor, take care of yourself. But, if you do find yourself feeling up to it, after all, let us know. Also, If we need another in Dakana, Dalir can spend some quality time with dear old illegitimate dad ASAD.
  12. Did Satan smell like rotten eggs? If so Óscar couldn't have helped but feel as if he had descended down yet another layered circle of Hell. But, that was the thing with the city. You could never hit rock bottom because things could keep getting worse. I don't know what the hell smells like that. But, it definitely wasn't a shooting. I guess I have no choice but to take a peak. Worst case scenario, Óscar would have to make a run for it he was spotted. But, the unfamiliar stench of sulfur with the all too familiar smell of death was not giving him enough information. Slowly as he inched near the room the first step was checking if the hotel window was open and unlocked. If not he could theoretically, fix that. It wouldn't be quiet. But, it could be done. That was, of course, counting on the windows not being barred. Sure, barred windows were a safety hazard. But, some owners would much rather protect their property than their customers.