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  1. Thorn Campus Calamity (5 posts) Total = 5 x 2 (new player bonus) = 10 2PP
  2. Nick looked around as he heard sounds of consternation from nearby. What in the world? he thought. Did someone disturb some ground bees or something? Don't start yelling and flailing, you'll only upset them more... "Casey, can you see what's going on over there? Somebody get carried away with some water balloons or something?"
  3. Am I seeing/hearing anything besides the outcry from the backpack-bereft students?
  4. Gotcha. Let's see if I did this correctly...
  5. So... I looked around for a "how to post a dice roll" tutorial and failed to find it. How do I do that?
  6. Do I do that here or in the IC?
  7. "Awp," Nick said, strongly resisting the urge to rub his leg. Holy crap, her volleyball spikes must be devastating, he thought. Somehow he had decided that she must be a volleyball player; to Nick, she just, well, she looked like a volleyball player. The mention of Fleur de Joie caught Nick up. She was the ultimate plant controller, almost like a dryad or something. "Man, it'd be great to pick her brain for an hour or three. Is she really cool? Have you met her?" 'Real life superhero,' he grinned to himself. "With a major like that, it sounds like you plan to
  8. “Nice,” Nick nodded at the photo. “I can't imagine controlling a monster like that. I have a hard enough time driving,” he laughed. “Yeah, I'm a Pac-northwest guy. I'm a college brat. Even worse, I'm an only child.” He chuckled around his last bite of sandwich. “But I decided it was time for a change, and once I knew what I really wanted to study, I came here.” Nick sat up straighter and steepled his fingers, something he unconsciously did when warming up to his favorite subject. “Definitely aiming for my doctorate long-term, but I have to get my master's thesis squared away. See,
  9. "Oh, no offense taken," Nick replied, wincing inwardly. "Healthy is as healthy does, right?" He raised his sandwich as if toasting to her. "I hope you'll forgive my nosiness." Glad for the turn of subject, Nick brightened. "Yeah, that's it. There's only a handful of companies growing algae farms right now, but it's a start. 80% of the water they use is reclaimed and used again, which beats the heck out of traditional agriculture." In between bites he added, "Mm. Really impressive you can go meatless, with your requirements and all. I'm always impressed when an at
  10. Nick's eyes widened for a moment, and he couldn't suppress a grin at seeing the bountiful spread Casey laid out. “That is certainly impressive,” he chuckled. “Do you need that much, or is your body just inefficient at processing food?” He took a bite of sandwich and suddenly realized that might have been kind of a personal question. Alarmed, he chewed quickly and washed down the bite with a gulp of water. “Sorry, I don't mean to pry,” he said hurriedly. “Sometimes my curiosity gets the better of my social skills. Forget I asked. Although... have you ever used algal protein? Dried a
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