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Ghule Reputation

Viktorya Steinman/Ghule


Gather Information

DC 10: Viktorya was a young woman who died at age 20. Her parents are Viktor and Gloria Steinman. 

DC 15: Her parents struggle to make ends meet, and Viktorya had a minor criminal record for theft and spent a few years behind bars. 

DC 20: A young woman with a similar description has been seen performing acts of vigilantism around the lower-income areas of Freedom City a few months after her death. 


Knowledge (Streetwise)

DC 10: Viktorya was a low-level thief who died under mysterious circumstances in 2021. 

DC 15: She spent her teenage years behind bars and was known as an aggressive inmate, frequently getting into fights. 

DC 20: Examining the court transcripts of her trial, Viktorya firmly states multiple times that she only steals to support her family. 


Knowledge (Arcane Lore)


DC 10: The superhero known as Ghule is a zombie, and her powers are magical in origin.

DC 15: Her abilities are the work of powerful voodoo, and the only practitioner likely able to create zombies of such significant power is Baron Samedi, so she has a connection with him. 

DC 25: Ghule is a lemure, an exceptionally rare type of undead created when the process of turning a human into a zombie is incomplete. As such, she straddles the line between the living and the dead, and is capable of developing new abilities on her own. However, she is vulnerable to magic of any kind. 


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