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Rise of the House of Usher

The House of Usher returned to Freedom City in 2020, first coming into conflict with the Raven Family and their allies during August of that year. With the House of Usher having quickly established a powerbase, can the Raven Family and their allies stop them once more?


The storyline is still ongoing. The narrative will be updated as it progresses.


Players characters

  • Arrow IV
  • Ghost
  • Sparkler
  • Raven Family, the
    • Madame Raven
    • Nevermore II
    • Raven III
  • Rebound

Notable NPCs

  • Bowman IV
  • Devil's Advocates, the
    • Cueball
    • Born Loser, the
    • Buddy
    • Cueball
  • House of Usher, the
    • Anthony Usher
    • Bernard Usher
    • David Usher
    • Francis Usher
    • Vivian Usher



  • August 18th, 2020: The House of Usher reveals itself during a planned playdate for Bowman IV and Raven III's sidekicks Arrow IV and Nevermore II, brutally beating Bowman IV in the process. While Francis Usher is captured and left for the Freedom City police, he soon escapes.
  • In between: The House of Usher's influence spreads throughout Freedom City, with several minor skirmishes between them, the Raven Family and other heroes.
  • Late February, 2021: After Ghost and Sparkler defeats the Devil's Advocates, the House of Usher frees and recruits the biker gang as their enforcers.
  • February 25th, 2021: A normal patrol for Madame Raven turns into something else entirely, as she and Rebound ended up fighting Bernard Usher. While Bernard eventually fled, he seemed to develop a crush on Madame Raven.
  • March 6th, 2021: Raven III and Nevermore journeys to Kingston, into the shadow of the Doomforge...

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