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@Sailor There's no roll for slowing or stopping the Peregrine. But a Sense Motive roll wouldn't go amiss. As well, a Knowledge(Technology) roll would get something since she's been around defence contractor products for so long.

@olopi Notice, Sense Motive, Knowledge(Arcane Lore)/(Philosophy, Religion) might be handy.


DC10 Fortitude roll to avoid a -1 to future rolls.

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@olopi @Sailor The people in the plane look like they're doing pretty well and not dealing with any kind of ear-splitting screaming directly into their brain. Which might actually be better than it travelling through the ear canal, but who knows? Nobody there is a medical doctor and while the pilot does have some experience with first-aid the finer details by necessity were not covered under his training. Really it's the obsession with productivity, with things being done now, this very instant, that's responsible for the greatest threats and atrocities of history. 


Which brings us to the weather. Nobody inside the cloud of psychedelia can really tell what's going on outside, but it's probably not great. That time of year on the west coast is often a miserable slog of grey and drizzling rain broken up by clouded days with chill winds.


As for Sense Motive, Levity notices that the people aboard are more uneasy or wary than frightened or happy or truly neutral. The voice over the radio sounded perfectly sincere, if unclear.


I apologize for forgetting Levity does not have that skill, Sailor.


Arcane Lore indicates to Sha'ir that this dragon might be onto something. At present, nothing around them is strictly real. Not even his own senses are, precisely, worth trusting. Also this dragon might be one of the Chinese water dragons, the ones who manage the flow and change of the seasons and souls through the cycle of reincarnation. Why one is here raises rather serious questions.


And this cloud, whatever it is, is some kind of personal Hell.


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I'm gonna make a post here, but I would like to ask to make a notice check.


Namely I want to identify the make/model of the aircraft... in particular to glean an era of which this plane was made. If possible also get to see what style of clothing the passengers are wearing.


Orokos... Really? Notice: 1d20+10 13 Ain't feeding you another HP for now... sorta need the last one I got. Broadside of Barn info is pretty much all I'd see I'd think...

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The pilot is clearly experiencing something *very* different from what Hakim and Anne are. If he can't hear the piercing screams right in his ear(which, for some reason, talking through is *perfectly fine*), and didn't notice his entire plane and every piece of technology on his plane turning into unworkable facsimiles and thinks his radios work, he's just not operating on the same frequency as Levity. 

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