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  1. Neither, I'm jumping back on to the bow of the ship, with the nose behind me.
  2. Torpedo Lass "Oop... looks like they want a fight after all." She grabbed her vest and with a step back she jumps away, landing on the bow, the nose of the ship and the open sea behind her. Putting her vest on she saw the pirates scurrying up on to where she was. "I can do this all day, boys! What I want is your commanding officer on deck right now! I want to Parley!" She shouted. "At this point neither of us are in a good position. So it's time to figure out what the hell is goin' on!" Time to find out what they want... if they attack the goons should be easy enough, but she wanted it from their commander's mouth what they want. "Just so you know I can be reasonible, but all I care about is this ship, her passengers, and crew. Whatever reason you guys are attacking ain't worth harming any of them!" She did the last buckle of her vest. "Let's see how they respond..." she thought.
  3. Here comes the OOF. Initiative: 1d20+10 12 Not good.
  4. Torpedo Lass "Oh isn't that cute." She muttered. She looked over the mast the chain was secured to... some radio stuff, but the radar domes weren't connected to it... possibly one of them would be a sattelite transmitter so there could still be comms, but she wasn't sure. There wasn't really time to look up the blueprints. She took off her vest and clapped her hands like she was knocking dust off of them. She took a few steps back. "Secure the ship, then we deal with whatever is delivering these goons." She thought before crouching. "If you can't cut the rope, break off what it's attached to..." In a sudden burst of violent force from her super-dense leg muscles she lept forward tackling dead-on into the mast, spearing it effortlessly like a collision with a bridge, sending it swinging away from the cruise ship. She rolls into a wall on the top deck bumping her head. She rubs the top of it with an eye semi closed. "Well... stealth is no longer an option." She went over to the hatch knocking it open. "THIS IS TORPEDO LASS, SURRENDER NOW OR I WILL USE FORCE! SHOW ME SOME HANDS!!!" She shouted, getting ready to jump down. It's showtime. One breath and she is going to go on the offensive.
  5. Here is my plan. I am going to smash and send overboard that mast that the chain is looped around. The goal? Take that chain and the ship it's attached to out of the equation. Then I can sort out the cruise ship. I'm sure at some point whatever was behind that shimmer... will want to make it's presence known.
  6. I'm taking a week to recover from illness. I'm starting to feel a bit down in general. Not sure if it's my depression coming back or not. If I don't feel back up to posting then I might be retiring from the site. I think I might have forced it before I was ready.
  7. Torpedo Lass "Oh hello mate. What do we have here?" She looks at the chain, scratching her chin. "You have got to be playing." She looks up the chain into the sky. It stopped at 100 feet. "I could secure this ship all I wanted, but this would still be here..." She decided to walk over to the chain and see if there was a way to disconnect it from the ship before climbing it. Of course holding on to the chain...
  8. Notice Roll (+10): 1d20+10 21 A 21 is decent...
  9. Torpedo Lass "No... don't put the prisoners in... leave them here, unbound and knocked out." She thought suddenly. She pushed the raft into the water then hopped down on to the raft after pulling out the crowbar she was using to keep her chain bundle set. It was easy to toss the chain to the side once that knot was undone. Once on the raft she looked up and calculated a jump trajectory for the bridge. Then went for it. Launching herself up about a couple thousand feet well above the cruiseship. When she came down it was an easy landing. The maintenance hatch was close, but she was going to wait... She quieted her breath, waiting for the sound of shouting... commotion... "Who's the real pirate now." She whispered with a smirk under her breath. "If whoever is leading this whole escapade is on the bridge it shouldn't be a stretch that if I clear out the pirates that they won't have much leadership. That and I would have access to the radio. There's no armed security on this boat... and it'll probably take some time for the Navy to bring a ship to bear that can assist... I can be in only so many places at once... better to make a statement. Break the back of this operation and the rest might surrender peacefully." She wasn't kidding herself. This might get nasty quick. But something hope is always there. This will be her operating point where she could jump to the bow or stern with ease. She pulls out a GPS from a pouch on her vest and switches it on, the hardware ID should ping off of someone's computer high-up. She pockets it, leaving it running. She takes a deep breath and starts working with the hatch. Once the pirates start getting agitated down below where she left the prisoners, she was going in.
  10. Torpedo Lass She was staying the course. Knowing that a couple of pirates might intercept her will just make things sweeter. All she really needed to do was to get a raft in the water and the Bridge should start having alarms going off in regards to just that. Heck... at this point she can work with things as they go. She had to do was get this can into the water and let the raft pop out... Unfortunately that would take a bit of time. She didn't let herself get lost in second guessing. Fair or foul in a few moments she's switching from infiltration to a loud and proud old-fashioned fight. There was a nagging shadow of doubt in the back of her head, though... there was no ship they arrived on. There was NO WAY they could get out here in anything smaller than a large sail yacht. IF there was no ship how did they get here? No... stick to the plan. And if that changes, improvise. The bigger picture will reveal itself soon.
  11. Torpedo Lass Every plan shot down... Well at least these four were going nowhere. She takes the chains and makes sure they're secured and set up in a way for easy carrying over her shoulders. Making darn sure they were disarmed of any knives, firearms, or other weapons. "Okay... with the ruckus I'm going to start? I don't think this section will be of their most interest. They're going to want to deal with me and call whoever that they can to assist. I want you guys to keep listening in on the bridge. I'm eventually heading there. If you hear me say "everything is going according to plan" shut down the engines and the power." She puts her makeshift package over her shoulders. "I'm gonna toss a life raft over then send these guys off in it. No worries I'll grab them back up once I sort things out here. Also I'm BETTING that'll set some man-overboard alarms off on the bridge as well as activate the raft's distress beacon getting the attention of the US Navy or the Coast Guard. These pirates I wager don't want people escaping. This will just complicate matters. Seeing a distress signal will bring help faster." She grins. "Anyways start securing this area as best you can. And don't worry, this ship isn't sinking with me aboard. Keep the power on as long as you can." She hops back up to where she came in and starts to take a different route to a nearby muster station where she thinks she spotted a couple life raft canisters mounted to the side of the ship.
  12. It was worth an ask at least... Just waiting on the engineers then.
  13. Question, do any of these pirates look like what they're wearing is in my size?
  14. Torpedo Lass She rotated her arm to loosen up her shoulders. "Can you close off the engineering section from the rest of the ship? Lock it down? If you can that will make it harder for them to deal with a complete engine shutdown. I'll let you know what that part of my plan entails, but once I ask..." She scratched her head. "Have you had any contact with the Bridge?" "That might change my plan a bit if it's possible to listen in on what is going on up there." "For that matter, are there corridors where engineers can move freely through the ship without coming into contact with passengers in the common areas? Those might be useful." "Finally I'm gonna need some chains... I'm going to restrain these four. They might work out to be part of my plan..."
  15. Torpedo Lass She was showing more and more for how tough she is, her greatest asset was her mobility. But this fight was over. Her eyes flared up with a phosphorescent blue-green energy. "SIT DOWN." She shouted as she moved her hands, firing off two bolts, one for each remaining pirate...
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