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  1. Torpedo Lass She crossed her arms, watching their ship closely for a few moments. She then went to the Bridge of the ship, to check on whoever was there, and to get a hold of Engineering. "Hey guys still okay down there?" Looking around she scratched her head. "Would be easier to know who the captain was if everyone was in Navy uniforms... Who's the captain here?" All she needed... and wanted to do... was to make sure there was no one on the crew severely injured. If the ship was otherwise in working order would be a good idea to know where they were going. And to get permission to stay on board until the ship made it to port.
  2. Torpedo Lass She took the vest off the captain and puts it back on herself. "Well, stick to your end of the bargain and you got a deal." She puts the captain over her shoulders and jumps up near where the crew is on the cruise ship. "Okay..." Torpedo Lass gently lays the Captain down on deck. "...There she is, seems we got an understanding." Right now if they're going to leave without further threatening the Cruise Ship, she considers the battle over. Hopefully the Navy doesn't show up suddenly and considers shooting first. She doesn't want a fight this close to the cruise ship. "As long as this ship, passengers, and crew are unharmed, I can live with this arrangement." she says. Crossing her arms. Watching their every move, particularly watching the port holes where the cannons are, as well as the deck of the pirate ship.
  3. I don't got either, but I'll lean on Diplomacy since I'm not lying as far as I know. Keep in mind I did beat up their captain, and I did infiltrate the cruise ship without them knowing. Best you can get out of me is 20 off a naked roll. Diplomacy Check: 1d20 17
  4. Torpedo Lass Mary suddenly was quite satisfied with the result. She puts her vest on the pirate, turning a valve it hisses to life sending the unconscious pirate to the surface, keeping her head above the water like a proper life vest. She follows suit following up with her, swimming to the surface and dragging the pirate over to the raft she had left at the other side of the cruise ship and easily flopping her in, then swimming at a decent and sane speed to the other side, before getting into the raft herself. "Okay.... seems your captain's disagreement with me is sorted!" She shouts to the crew on the deck of the cruise ship. "Two options! Either you guys get on your little dinghy over there and take your drowned rat of a captain out of here, or once the US Navy shows up wondering why there's some distress signals that got broadcast from this location and they discover you guys messing about... well... I don't know what their mood will be." "And judging by the hull of your ship... I don't think it can take some anti-ship missiles from an F/A-18. I should know... former Navy." She says, crossing her arms, standing on the raft like it was nothing. "Your call." "If any of you want to keep causing trouble for this ship... well I haven't had this much fun in a while. But you can see I'm reasonable. Even saved your captain instead of leavin' her to the sharks." The side of her cheek smarted a little... but it was worth it. "WELL?"
  5. I think for now I'll take pleasure in a KO. Over for now.
  6. Torpedo Lass Torpedo Lass vs Queen Anne's Revenge (2)
  7. Torpedo Lass It did hit... sort of. As most of the rounds hit the water behind her but one hit her square in the face but then the round slides off her cheek... She points at the ship. "I HOPE YOU GOT LIFE VESTS, CAUSE YOU'RE NEXT!!!" She was starting to get angry... the adrenaline keeping her focus on the fight. There was something off about that hit she thought as she lept into the water where she KNEW the pirate went in. Time to press the new advantage. She goes in after her relish, and takes a swing, her fist glowing greenish like phosphorescence in the wake of a ship at night...
  8. Toughness Save: 1d20+8 10 And spending that hero point for re-roll... Toughness Save (Hero Pointed): 1d20+8 23 Stunned and Bruised Start of my next turn I'll spend a HP to shake off the Stunned condition, so just at -1 Toughness saves. And now she is in MY domain. Jumping in after her to keep the pressure on and now that I have full 3D mobility with my swimming it's time. Switching to PUNCHES. Hull Breaking Strikes (Touch, DC 25 Toughness (Autofire), Bludgeoning): 1d20+10 25 I got a feeling the pirate did something last round to make a roll that shouldn't have missed a miss, this should hit though. I should be at 1 HP now. (Started combat with 3HP, Got one from last round as well, spent 3 HP over two turns - Reroll, Cancel Fatigue, Recover). By rules you can spend as many HPs as you want as long as it's for different benefits.)
  9. Torpedo Lass She felt that tooth come loose... and it might have been more than rattlin' her bones that was done on that first hit. Now it was time to press the advantage! She lept at the pirate throwing two well practiced kicks, although she felt the second might not be as clean as the first... she really needed to start actually training with someone familiar with combo-style kickboxing. But now she was face to face with the captain. She knew that any shot on her position would hit the captain as well. That and they've not raided the boat completely yet... she hoped. But now this fight Torpedo Lass was very much interested in ending.
  10. Ok no more ms. nice sailor. Doing another jump but now this is to get into melee range. Then popping a hero point to pay for the fatigue of extra effort so I got two standard actions. Hull Breaking Strikes, and Hull Breaking Strikes again! Hull Breaking Strikes (as a kick) (DC25, +10 to hit, Bludgeoning, Autofire 1): 1d20+10 26 Hull Breaking Strikes (as a kick) (DC25, +10 to hit, Bludgeoning, Autofire 1): 1d20+10 12 The first one was pretty crisp, so I'll let the miss stand, although technically I could spend a HP to make sure it hit, considering that my HP for paying for the extra effort would be at the start of the next round but... again, the first was pretty darn crisp. I will be squaring up with her now to make it hard for that ship to fire on me (+4 for firing into a melee with a friendly involved).
  11. Torpedo Lass She had to get the knock-out quickly. Once this crew of pirates would start to go into disarray she could focus on that ship... If she can't give orders there will be an opening for a good old fashioned boarding. So she jumps again, This time throwing a knee that will hopefully land in the face of the captain, aiming to land at the stern. Might as well take a few pages from the boys in Naval Aviation and get some boom and zoom going.
  12. Well miss once, it's just a chance to hit again. Another move-by attack from the bow of the ship jumping to the stern while attempting a kick variant of the Hull-Breaking Strikes. Rolled a 22 this time. Random Roll ID is 852674399. Rolled 1d 20+ 10, with individual results of: 12. Total result is 22. Roll Validation
  13. Torpedo Lass Torpedo Lass vs Queen Anne's Revenge (3)
  14. Torpedo Lass "Well then, I hope you don't mind if I hit that... YEET!" TL didn't even hesitate... at least verbally. She jumped with all of her strength and threw the best punch she thought she could muster. All she had was air. Something didn't feel right about that jump when she took off. She lands on the stern, to think of her next attack. Hit-and-run superheroes she thought weren't part of the plan... or any sort of response to their piracy.
  15. Hull Breaking Strikes, Touch, DC 25 Toughness (Autofire), Damage (Bludgeoning), (+10 to hit): 1d20+10 15 Move: Jumping at the captain Attack: Hull Breaking Strikes I don't even think I got past her passive Defense.
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