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  1. Torpedo Lass Torpedo Lass vents her vest and heads under at a depth where the churning she would cause at her speed is minimized, until she pulls around back where she swims up to grab a rail on the stairs leading into where the cruiseship's tenders are located. Usually such boats would be set up and ready for excursions, but out at sea they're stored high and dry. The chamber where the boats are kept closed up. Luckily the stairs were down, as always, for anyone who has fallen overboard. Climbing up was a cinch before pressing herself against a wall as she starts working on opening the door to get into the interior of the ship. A turn of a hatch lock and she was in. Inside the tender storage she hides behind some boxes and starts coming up with a plan on how to sort out this situation. "Obviously the pirates are dressed the same as the crew possibly. I'm starting to think heist. With this many rich people on board the safes would be a tasty target for someone who is bold enough... but how in the world did they get on? I'm going to have to get a lay of the land here..." She thought to herself. She walks over to another door. "Just coming at these guys won't work, they've scattered among the decks like a disease. I need something to get them... wait!" She grinned. "Life boat deck. Head up there and deploy a life raft. That should set off some alarms. They'll send some people down to check things out certainly." "First to the engine room though... gonna have to see the situation there. Can't cut all power... but making sure the crew is okay there can give me a foothold on this ship, and people who can give me more information." She slowly opens the door, looking for markings she was trained to find that point in various directions... namely to the Engine Room, and the nearest muster station for abandoning ship. She started to have a suspicion those spots might be watched more closely.
  2. I'll go around the back where the tenders are usually stored and gain access there. I'm going to go under the surface and swim over to whatever access is available there. Stealth Check: 1d20+5 12 Not a good sign, but over 10. Hopefully the noise of any machinery covers things.
  3. Is there a possible way for TL to climb aboard?
  4. Torpedo Lass Torpedo Lass... a name that hasn't popped up in news papers for a while. For some people it even seemed Torpedo Lass vanished. Mary Masterson though was living her life up to the attempted invasion last year. Maybe it was to relax and try to live a normal life, maybe not. But here she was 20 nautical miles out from a fresh distress call. Floating at about 50 feet depth. It was hard for her to hold that location... considering she sinks like a rock and the changing temperatures and salinity of water in that location was an annoyance having to send air in and out of her dive vest. But there it was, the call back to action. She was aware of this themed cruise ship. She thought it was cute but not her style, but that wasn't a problem. The problem was there were people in trouble... Pirates? In these waters? "Always something new in this line of work" she thought as with a kick of her legs, and surged to the location of the ship at best speed, coming to a stop within visual of the cruise ship. Filling her vest to keep at the surface like an experienced diver, and also to make sure she didn't churn the water around her treading water. She pulls up her goggles to get a view of the scene around the ship. Keeping note of the cruise ship's waterline.
  5. Present and accounted for. Taking a read. (Also posted. On scene, assessing the situation.)
  6. Of course. I'll be watching!
  7. So... out East there's tales of a brave mariner who is willing to protect Freedom City from all threats, and out west there's tales of a barnstormer with a heart of gold. Thing is... they've been quiet for a while. Time to change that. Anyone looking to get someone into their threads from Emerald City or Freedom City? Torpedo Lass' retirement was nothing but a rumor, and Levity can be anywhere she's needed. Having a fast plane for cross-country commutes helps). Who's interested in running?
  8. Tiff did it again! After a bit of thought Torpedo Lass won't be retiring. Endeavor will stay archived. Planning on getting Levity and Torpedo Lass active this month.
  9. Tiff Did it! I would like to have all my character roster except for Levity retired please. I think the only way I can get back into things here is a fresh start. 2 years from the last thread I can remember is... a bit long. Too long.
  10. On second thought, I'm dropping from this. TL stays in Freedom.
  11. Torpedo Lass will be (when not getting into capers) working with NOAA and the Coast Guard identifying navigational hazards off the coast as well as assisting the US Navy when needed. Her Address will be in Vibora (PO Box) but she will be living off of a old oil derrick that she's converted into her home base. And yes, she commutes by swimming. Very, very fast.
  12. "Stranger Things" is a apt description of Emerald City.
  13. Sorry, if there's questions, take it to my PMs.
  14. With the new House Rules there is one announcement I'd like to make. I am using my Bronze award to create a PL12 slot. I am retiring the PL7 slot character Endeavor, which I will rebuild as a PL12 slot character (Gadget... change of slot, change of name!). I will be posting up Gadget here in the coming week. Oh, and uhh, can I get a Character Edits 2019 thread? Extra Large?
  15. Torpedo Lass volunteers for sea duty! Also Levity is willing to take the call if there is a crisis in mid-air. Not only can she fly to get into an aircraft, she can fly it if the pilot's unconscious. Once I get Sakurako sorted out she'd be happy to take a call to handle any high-tech missions.
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