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  1. Sorry, if there's questions, take it to my PMs.
  2. With the new House Rules there is one announcement I'd like to make. I am using my Bronze award to create a PL12 slot. I am retiring the PL7 slot character Endeavor, which I will rebuild as a PL12 slot character (Gadget... change of slot, change of name!). I will be posting up Gadget here in the coming week. Oh, and uhh, can I get a Character Edits 2019 thread? Extra Large?
  3. Torpedo Lass volunteers for sea duty! Also Levity is willing to take the call if there is a crisis in mid-air. Not only can she fly to get into an aircraft, she can fly it if the pilot's unconscious. Once I get Sakurako sorted out she'd be happy to take a call to handle any high-tech missions.
  4. Okay... I think it's time to get back into things... gonna post a couple vignettes here today and tomorrow, then start looking for threads.
  5. Well, I've had a massive family tragedy here. I gotta work things out on my end but... I need some stability and this was one of the places where I had that... I need a distraction from time to time after all.
  6. After assessing what I get out of this site, and what I wanna do, I think I'm going to take a sabbatical. A few months.
  7. ok, getting back to kicking the tires, and lighting the fires.
  8. I'm going through a mental rough patch and I think I need a few weeks to sort myself out. This means I'm probably missing the start of the one event thread. Hopefully someone can get into my slot.
  9. I'm going to have to pull out of the thread I asked to join... I'm having some problems on my end.
  10. When it comes to the lieutenant meeting thread, where there are some HVTs about to get pummeled... might be the perfect sort of thread for Torpedo Lass. Former military experience would come in handy.
  11. Taking some time off, sorta need it. Nevermind... feeling a bit better.
  12. Levity Skyjam (2) Torpedo Lass Edison vs Tesla 2k17 (1)
  13. Torpedo Lass almost felt sad for her... Almost. "Seems this wannabe Edison really capitalized like his namesake back in the day." She said with a sigh. Something in the back of her brain started to rattle, but she couldn't quite place it. "This place is a bit nice. Although I'm never bothered by the cold, I don't mind a place where I can take a dip that feels summery." She said, stretching out. "Maybe if we can learn some of the secrets of the place we could get some sort of advantage?" "That and if Edison is hunting heroes like you say... you could get some brownie points in your favor. Mind like yours... a place like this... getting into the whole "bad girl" business doesn't suit ya." She said. "There's more than a whole world that could use genius like yours... whatcha usin' for a power source? You'd make a mint if you could push the right suits in the right direction." "I'd have to deal with less enviro-terrorists if there were less smoke-stacks involved... Something that would just grind up Ol'Eddy's gears eh?" Torpedo Lass still wanted that re-match with Tundra... BADLY. Hopefully this chatter might just start working out... but at this point that feeling in the back of her head was starting to get a bit louder...
  14. No Sense Motive or Know: Tech skill at all. So naked Int and Wis rolls. Wisdom Roll (+2): 1d20+2 5 Intelligence Check (+2): 1d20+2 14
  15. Sailor


    Levity nodded. "Yep, you got a clear signal. Everything in this darned plane is 100% fake... I got a feeling the people in here are too." she thought. She leaned against an empty seat and pulled out a foil-like pack that should contain a life vest, but once she opened it it turned to dust. "The Captain is of the thinking he's been plopped into this situation, but until it's clear he's an unfortunate person caught up in this and not something else I'm thinking this whole thing is nothing but some paranormal facsimile. And a rather Fischer Price one at that... Your assessment only seals the deal." "What flicks my nosecone is we have to be sure we're the only two people here... and I got a feeling if we rattle that cage we're going to be in a world of hurt... or at least me. You're the one who handles this stuff on it's level." "Might be wise if I follow your lead and be your wingman." She looked at the captain, then back to Sha'ir. She wasn't scared... she always seemed to people that she was never afraid at all. But she did have that knot in her stomach... but she processed that differently. She fought through. There was something her mom always told her before she died... "Being brave isn't not being afraid, it's being afraid and doing what ya gotta do anyways." The expression on her face was determination... even if the whole world was getting stranger and more dangerous around her. But she wasn't smiling.
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