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Chrome's Initiative is +2, 13+2 puts him at 15.

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Firebreather: 6 + 20 = 26

Psychic: 0 + 17 = 17 

Gorilla: 2 + 3 = 5 

Electroman: 15 + 4 = 19 


Our initiative count is: 


Firebreather: 26

Hyperactive: 23, down 1 HP 

Electroman: 19

Psychic: 17 

Chrome: 15

El Huracan: 13 

Miracle Girl: 12 

Argonaut: 8 

Gorilla: 5 


Firebreather will take this opportunity to Inspire her teammates, giving them +4 to all  all attack rolls, saving throws, and checks for the rest of the round. 


Hyperactive, the jetpack is a smaller target than the gorilla himself and so harder to hit - go ahead and roll to see if you can make contact with him. 

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You left MG out of the Init order; she should follow right after El Huracan,

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attempts to taunt Miracle Girl as a move action: 22

You can go ahead and roll to beat that if you want, you'll have to roll super-high, though! 

attempts to blast Miracle Girl: 

http://orokos.com/roll/534827 = 14

Unfortunately, Taunting doesn't do a blessed thing to her Defense, so that misses! (Normally her lack of Uncanny Dodge would render her flat-footed at this point...but I think it's a stretch to say she's not prepared for combat here!)



Will go ahead and drop a Mental Blast on Hyperactive. 

DC 25 Will save there, Kolo.




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Chrome's going to try and Rush the pyro standing on top of the plane. First, though, stunting off Cybernetic Enhancements.


Enhanced Strength 22


That brings his Str up to 30, which should be +10. Then he's going to try and run at the pyro. That's going to be a Charge followed by a Rush, so he'll be at +2 ATT/-2 DEF for this round. 13+12 means 25 to attack, then opposed Str checks. His Str check is 10 + 2 for movement powers. 12+9 is a result of 21 to try and move the pyro.

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If you win the opposed Strength check, you push the opponent back. Read the amount by which you won the check as a rank on the Time and Value Progression Table, that’s how many feet you push the target back. So winning the check by 7 pushes your opponent back 100 feet, for example. You can’t, however, exceed your normal movement speed, so any additional distance is ignored.


I think that hits Chrome's maximum at 70 feet. Pushes Pyro off the plane, at least!

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Heatvision attack on the telepath: 1d20+14=16


Are you serious? Second lowest possible roll! DC 21 Toughness check if that still hits.


EDIT: at Rav's suggestion, an HP-fueled reroll: 1d20+14=25


That's more like it! Let me know if he makes the save, AA.

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