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A Bug's Life (looking for threads!)


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So I'm looking for threads for Ditra Fifty-Five, my new space-based character. She is one of the Nameless, a race of cyborgs designed to overthrow the Lor Republic, before they went 'native' and more or less assimilated. They were exposed during the Incursion, and now are trying to find their place in a galaxy that doesn't trust them.


Ditra ('Deet' to friends) is a PL9, and would probably do best in social or investigation type threads, though she does have a sweet built-in blaster.

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Ditra doesn't necessarily hate the Lor, but since she does face discrimination from them, she often doesn't like what they do. She's typically based out of CoVic Station, but she can leave there from time to time.


Bliss is one of the Voidrunners, right?  I thought there was a Guidebook listing for them, but I guess I was wrong; who are they and what do they do?

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